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  1. Simply place the spawn building at another position that cant be so easily killed by fire stalkers or fire dancers over the cliffs. The building is well protected against air units but not against such high ranged units that just can kill it from far away. Killing the spawner before the waves spawns is ok for me but should not that easy.
  2. Due to unfair treatment of one of our speedrunning team member which is connected to a ban for the 3 next official pve/pvp events I will not participate in this event.
  3. Blight is the best example how expert-mode should feel. I am against any changes just to make the map easier for players that dont want to invest time to beat a map on expert mode. Point out clearly that you are under time pressure is sufficient for this map. You can already have great team support on this map to master it still below 20min. Expert mode should be for experienced players - most players play blight on expert and give it 1-3 trials and start to cry its to hard instead of thinking why they fail and checking the forum, youtube or discord for support. Making expert maps
  4. You can stop to spam this trash here now. Simply do your time post and wait until i have time to update the rankings or for rpve the month is over. If you want to have this kind of conversation do it on discord but not here please. My post was serious one to show that for rpve situation can change quite fast and that you cant force me to update every day this rankings.
  5. Nobody is salty here. But look at the rankings right now - situation already has changed :-).
  6. @Majora @Minashigo Hiko Please you can explain the meaning of this sentence for us? If i participate in different categories my times cant be all in the rankings at the same time?!
  7. Sorry this makes no sence for me. If i am the attacker and i am flying or running left side with a unit that has life weaving on it the enemy units will get dmg. So its a way of attacking units - because i could fly or run around the units and i also can kill them with it. So it should be not allowed. And if you dont want to deal dmg you should not cast this spell on your unit if you are in this area - thats the part of the challenge.
  8. This are the rules and so in consequence it needs to be checked. What would help is to give extra information of the used decks - so its more clear what could be casted from each player.
  9. I think this definition is not clear enough or life weaving is a special case in my opinion. Life weaving you cast on your own unit but you are able to damage enemy units a lot with it. So for me it has an offensive and defensive function. If i cast it on my own unit as an attacker and i go left side while getting damage and reflect part of this damage to the surrounding enemy units the challenge restriction is not fulfilled for me any longer. So how to handle this case?
  10. Will all the submitted replays-files shared to the community after the challenge is over? Would be nice not just to see some replays in the stream - i prefer to have the replays to check and analyse in detail. This was part of all the non official pve challenges before - so would be nice if you can upload after. Also remark from my side --> for this challenge there are a way to much different kind of runs you can do and get prices for sure. I understand that you want to realize that more players are able to get prices - but at the end you are just lowering the quality of the
  11. As far as i know (based on the same question to Minashigo in Discord) it can be destroyed directly after finishing construction of the tower.
  12. Thx to @Metagross31 for organizing the 3rd PVE Community Map Challenge and distributing some nice prices to the participants of the challenge. Nice to see some new names in the final rankings. But also sad at the same time that some well known "Speedrunners" were not/not again participating in the challenge. For this challenge there were a lot of options due to the four colloured gold expert challenge and silver advanced challenge in parallel. Anyway looking for more challenges
  13. I dont wanted to discourage others. Just showing that it is a more like simple challenge compared to speedrun-challenges in my point of view. Because you "just" need to have good tactic and you can mostly ignore the total speed because final time is not that important at all. I was participating in every pve challenge (campaign + community map) since Skylords Reborn is back - so you dont need to worry that i dont will share my knowledge with others. I am already finished with the tactic for this challenge ;-).
  14. Simply call it slowrun as much as possible :-D It will be not that insane - just create a run which is including as much points as possible and you can completely ignore time.
  15. You should have played the earlier versions of this map - this older versions were a real challenge on expert even with nightguard xD. There was nearly no energy in the beginning and so much income in short intervals - quite crazy^^. In the current version its possible to finish on Expert even for less experienced pve players if you have a match plan ;-).
  16. Thx Toggy for organizing this PVE-event. I think it was a good idea to bring some pure elements in this time. Hope some more PVE-events will follow ;-)
  17. Some old stuff you always will save on your computer ;-). If my old hard disk would not be broken i also would have tons of old replays too. But you see - in the past you had a lot of records. But right now all the times are on another lvl. - quite amazing how things developed with new Skylords Reborn and the same players just some years later.
  18. I added some times/data back from the old days of battleforge to this thread. Pure nostalgia .
  19. Nope --> another team was already faster ;-) Nice competition.
  20. More replays will be shared in the next days and the next upcoming balance changes will bring even more movement into the rankings. I still will track times here until its not any longer possible to determine the impact on current times in a logical way. There will be a certain point where we will probably switch to ingame rankings or season based rankings depending on the implemented balance changes. Be sure - a lot of surprises will be unpacked in the next time ;-). Stay tuned!
  21. Its supposed to be like this from my side. We had this kind of discussions several times, over and over again - its ok up to a certain point - but enough is enough. The post i was referring to was far away from reality and stated a lot of things that are not true and simply just wrong for speedrunning. I am here to clarify these points - but also my patience is limited if its just unobjective hate against speedrunners that stick with the game for years and developed hundred of different strategies by investing a lot of time in it.
  22. Buddel this post proofs you have no real clue about top speedrunning. There is more than enough skill in speedrunning. Just for your information - not every map is braindead like bad harvest. Even if you dont believe it - to get top times every second counts from the beginning and every step is teamplay and completely coordinated - there are a lot of details even for the parts of feeding. You never participated in any real speedruns (except some battleground) so you cant even rate the current speedrun mechanics and level of gameplay of it. For you to summarize the important points: -
  23. Not required - i agree with the posts that the community already posted in this direction.
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