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  1. You should have played the earlier versions of this map - this older versions were a real challenge on expert even with nightguard xD. There was nearly no energy in the beginning and so much income in short intervals - quite crazy^^. In the current version its possible to finish on Expert even for less experienced pve players if you have a match plan ;-).
  2. Thx Toggy for organizing this PVE-event. I think it was a good idea to bring some pure elements in this time. Hope some more PVE-events will follow ;-)
  3. Some old stuff you always will save on your computer ;-). If my old hard disk would not be broken i also would have tons of old replays too. But you see - in the past you had a lot of records. But right now all the times are on another lvl. - quite amazing how things developed with new Skylords Reborn and the same players just some years later.
  4. I added some times/data back from the old days of battleforge to this thread. Pure nostalgia .
  5. Nope --> another team was already faster ;-) Nice competition.
  6. More replays will be shared in the next days and the next upcoming balance changes will bring even more movement into the rankings. I still will track times here until its not any longer possible to determine the impact on current times in a logical way. There will be a certain point where we will probably switch to ingame rankings or season based rankings depending on the implemented balance changes. Be sure - a lot of surprises will be unpacked in the next time ;-). Stay tuned!
  7. Its supposed to be like this from my side. We had this kind of discussions several times, over and over again - its ok up to a certain point - but enough is enough. The post i was referring to was far away from reality and stated a lot of things that are not true and simply just wrong for speedrunning. I am here to clarify these points - but also my patience is limited if its just unobjective hate against speedrunners that stick with the game for years and developed hundred of different strategies by investing a lot of time in it.
  8. Buddel this post proofs you have no real clue about top speedrunning. There is more than enough skill in speedrunning. Just for your information - not every map is braindead like bad harvest. Even if you dont believe it - to get top times every second counts from the beginning and every step is teamplay and completely coordinated - there are a lot of details even for the parts of feeding. You never participated in any real speedruns (except some battleground) so you cant even rate the current speedrun mechanics and level of gameplay of it. For you to summarize the important points: -
  9. Not required - i agree with the posts that the community already posted in this direction.
  10. We can reproduce every time and may also can be faster. Its just the question of how much time you want to invest because of the points Treim mentioned above. In general we have reached a high lvl of speedrun-gameplay with our team and tactics - so times close to existing all-time records can be done quite fast ;-).
  11. Its interesting to see how the normal player thinks that a speedrun is working. To explain it a bit - to beat the map fast we just do what is defined in the scripts of the maps. So if there is just the goal kill the final boss we will try to find a way to kill the final boss fast - this has nothing to do with bugs. The speedruns we are doing are no comparison to speedruns of other games that really using crazy glitches and bugs...For sure there are some details for every map that can help you - may call it bugs if you want - but still with these things you will not able to finish the map and s
  12. Topic now tracked here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/7613-all-time-fastest-speedrun-rankings/
  13. Hello Speedrun Community, starting from January 2019 MephistoRoss kept track of the fastest speedrun times for each map. Some month ago he stopped to update the rankings and after this point the rankings were just rarely updated by members of the dev-team. Therefore i got the official approval to create a new topic with the same content that will be updated by myself. All matches were played on the highest difficulty (expert). The Battleground maps are different each month. If you have a new record - you are welcome to post it here. All-time speedrun rankings: 1-Pla
  14. Update for Nightmares End Solo : 30.2.8 Update for Convoi Solo : 07.02.5
  15. New-All-Time-Record Nightmares End Solo: 33.22.0
  16. New-All-Time-Record Ascension: 12:25.3 DeleriuM + DerNewYork + DieToPlay + Hirooo + LEBOVIN + Luschy + Michielos1 + Pritstift + Sheepmonster + SylarXXI + Treim + Wanky
  17. New All-Time-Record for the Dwarfen-Riddle:
  18. Back to business - new all time-record drawen-riddle 05.9.4:
  19. I dont know what is wrong with guys like you - i think guys like you are just pissed of that you dont have good mates to play with and develop own speedrun-tactics. All you can is attack us here and state that we are fearing the competition - these are empty words that just try to force a senceless discussion here. And just for your information - there are not just 4 speedruners - our team is just the most active one and we had nice competition in the last months with other teams. I hope there is another pve community challenge - you can take part and show us how good you are ;-). Replays
  20. I am totally bored to answer this again and again - if you would invest a bit of your time you could have checked the pages here before where this was discussed several times - so kind of selfish from your side to attack us here again without checking evten what was written here before. We have no contract or obligations to show our tactis to the community - there are rankings and we try to run for the best time because this our spirit! There are some teams and also sometimes some new that are willing to develop own and unique tactics. Guys like you come here and want to have every
  21. New All-Time-Record Drawen-Riddle: 05.30.4: New All-Time-Record Convoi Duo: 05.49.6
  22. Ok...You can start with Introduction :-)
  23. The map Introduction still needs to be updated: Treim did a new record this month. Congratulations M8 :-).
  24. New All-Time Record for Nighmare Shard LEBOVIN+Pritstift 07.13.0
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