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  1. New All-Time Record Blight Expert by LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky = 10.27.7
  2. Lebovin i dont see a big problem with balance changes. I think everybody can choose if to play on testserver or mainserver.
  3. I never played this card because of THIS - thank you @LEBOVIN - made my day.
  4. PVE-Challenges are always nice :-). I think advanced mode opens the challenge for more players. Compared to expert mode its like playing in heaven^^. So some fun tactics still can be fast and more options are there to finish the map. More pve challenges in future with more specific restrictions can lead to a lot of fun. Especially like orb colour restrictions or more cards that should not be used. Also some challenges on expert mode still would be nice.
  5. Update for Passage to Darkness 5.3.4 - last "old" record from 2013 got beaten before the reset :-) Below 5 min should follow soon. Hirooo+Mynoduesp+SylarXXI+Pritstift+LEBOVIN+Acidxburn+oekoepa+Wanky+DeleriuM+Sheepmonster+Emmaerzeh+Treim
  6. Update for Ascension Expert 13.8.8 :-) Luschy+Emmaerzeh+Acidxburn+DeleriuM+SylarXXI+Treim+Pritstift+Mynoduesp+BlueBerryBoy+Damo+Wanky+LEBOVIN Also Update for Bad Harvest: 2.33.1 by Pritstift + Treim + LEBOVIN + Wanky
  7. If you dont have discord - also attached the replay again. Was my first trial - i mixed the starter cards for F/N and S/F - sure not perfect but this a way how you can do it - just with the given starter decks F/N and S/F its a way slower/much more difficult and maybe nearly impossible^^ oracle starter cards mix_36.15_first trial.pmv
  8. 100% No. Create your own ideas and dont steal from other players without their permission.
  9. Another Update: Its 12.16.3 now - played by myself.
  10. Increasing the charges for Inferno is already in discussion at the discord balance channel as far as i am informed. I support the idea to increase the charges for Inferno from 4 to 8. Cluster Explosion should not be able to attack air units - would be to strong in combination with Inferno and some other spells.
  11. In your post before you stated something general for the community but seems like you have problems to proof it in detail. Guns of Lyr is not a good example to say "an ultra expensive" deck is required to beat the map on expert. But i will come back to this later. In a lot of games you need to grind a lot to get the best equipment/items. Why this should be different for battleforge? Often i hear Amii-Monument makes everything to easy and its not really required. So for me its a good idea to add an archievement for this card. So the players can learn to beat maps on expert mode with
  12. Thats not true. You dont need any "ultra" expensive decks to finish maps on expert. On some maps you need teamplay and endurance. Please name all the maps where you need an "ultra" expensive deck and which cards especially? Its a good idea to add amii as a reward for finishing all expert maps. So you can proof that you are worth it even without amii.
  13. Update for Ascension 4/12 players: 35.41.7 LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky
  14. We would suppose also to add new rankings for the 12P-Maps. We want to avoid unnecessary cluttering of the 12P rankings. Thats why we would suppose the following classification of the rankings: 1) Passage to Darkness Due to the fact that all three maps are nearly the same we suppose the following categories to keep the overview: 3/12 = "1/4" on a single map 6/12 = "2/4" on a single map 9/12 = "3/4" on a single map 2) Ascension 4/12 to 9/12 like above. 4/12 because based on our current experiences it may be not possible to finish the map ascensi
  15. Back to business: Update for Drawen Riddle Solo: 12.50.8
  16. There is a big and old "enmity" between our and the mostly russian team. So if we would post our replays it would mainly be helpful for them. They are the only team that has the time and knowledge to learn a lot from this replays . They simply could stick the best out of both team tactics together. But after they never would post their own replays to us?! They dont even wanted to share MOTM rpve replays in the past....! So i dont will help to improve and maybe beat our times without a realistic change to see a replay from the other side to do the same. We invested years of gaming to devel
  17. Loriens what you are saying is not correct in the context mentioned from my side before: 1) Old batariel tactic It is true that the old russian team had a similar tactic but this tactic was just partially batariel and followed a different approach how to use him. I could post the old russian replay here and you can compare it with our video on Youtube - its completely different and also sometimes really chaotic compared to our clean strategy. I have no reason to lie - 100% true. The replay can proof this. Just to add we got the old replay from the old russian Team itself
  18. After the batariel tactic which is on youtube our team developed first ever the next level tactic with block and infernal machine. Was funny to see that an old idea which we were not following first was so much better compared to batariel :-). Later some other teams followed - where ever they got the information from. First ever used in June 2019 :-)
  19. Update for Mo: New-Alltime-Record: 09.59.8 Also please update for treasure fleet - even if its not my record any longer :-)
  20. Update for Behind-Enemy-Lines: 10.24.4 by myself.
  21. Update for Sunbridge 2-Player: 09.20.8 by Treim and Pritstift
  22. Update for: 1) Slavemaster Solo 19.4.6 by myself 2) Blight Trio 14.19.3 by Lebovin + Pritstift + Treim
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