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  1. I know someone who would accept that challenge
  2. - Project discontinued for above reasons (prolly an internal solution one day) -
  3. NAME: Textures miss after switching to Fullscreen SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Everywhere REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: When you start the Game windowed and switch to Fullscreen by Alt+Enter for example the Textures will disappear until you restart the game. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Add that to the solutions list of missing Textures: Don't switch to Fullscreen from windowed
  4. How you like this table Layout for Decks: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks
  5. Updated Maps and Cards Only 87 Cards missing Edit: 56 Cards missing
  6. Wish granted, but you can't see colors. I wish WandX prices reaches 50$/token.
  7. +++ Updated missing Cards -> 189 missing +++
  8. Ye i was just not at the end of the process of updating^^ had to go, i now updated all data for the latest replay files. Regarding Maps, those without a -> "...." are missing, like Ascension, Introduction, Oracle... Easiest Solution would be to create a Deck with only cards i miss and play the introduction, as it is the fastest map isnt it? If you have more Suggestions -> https://discord.gg/NBY4FZ its easier for me to track the stuff
  9. I can easily add this kind of stuff yes. Updated Missing Map and Card Lists
  10. Unfortunately, replays of random generated maps are holding no information about difficulty, and their name is simply 'RandomMap'. So there is no way to make a specific type of random Map as Map of the Month, but what is possible, is to Mark specific replays as 'special' like fastest time on this Map this month, or fastest time ever, or fastest time with less teammates etc. Stuff like this, most downloaded, most commented,....
  11. Absolutely awesome ? Some other question to you guys, what else you need on a replay hosting site: Players, Deck of Replay-Maker, Replay Description, Playtime, Map, Difficulty, Rating, Date, #Downloads and Download Button. (Opponents Deck, can only be made manual and would only be a description of orbs used) Do you want a function to comment on each replay?
  12. Big Thanks to RadicalX for providing me a large scale of replays, i've updated the list of missing stuff. Need to watch every replay tho to get the deck list
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