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  1. NAME: The purple Bandit Lancer's ability does not give 15% damage amplification. DESCRIPTION: The ability is supposed to give 15% damage amplification. Instead, it only gives a flat 15 damage bonus to any attack or ability, not a percentage. REPRODUCIBILITY: It is always reproducible, for auto attacks or unit abilities. For example, a Nox Trooper will do 50 damage to a Mutating Frenzy, but with branding it will do 65 damage. A Magma Spore's ability will do 1080 damage against an Emberstrike, but with branding it will do 1095 damage. This also means for archers, each shot does 15
  2. Find really creative but viable PvP decks, and be good enough to use them. And beat RadicalX in a 1v1.
  3. Honestly, this sums up the fact that the people have clearly voted with their interests on the whole free pvp decks/collection debate.
  4. We've seen this topic appear from time to time, but I honestly don't think anything will satisfy players who don't like free PvP decks other than good intentions that will destroy the gamemode. I know all the new players I invited to the game would stop playing PvP if they had to grind 10's of hours in PvE first, and I know many others share the same view. It's honestly not a huge community, and PvP can realistically become unplayable with too few players. I don't think it is productive to tell the entire PvP community how to best play the gamemode they can already enjoy with no restric
  5. A team defense mission where waves get stronger each time would be pretty awesome! @Emmaerzeh How feasible would this be? I know there's a community map by Kaldra that does something like this for 1 player, and waves get harder. But it doesn't go to tier 4.
  6. You could if you want an all-around tower that does everything at t3. Paired with a skyelf sage, it's pretty good! Worldbreaker gun will still be your best tower at t4. I'd also recommend getting a Construct, as they can be used both offensively and defensively.
  7. Those are some of the most expensive cards in the game, not only for bfp, but also upgrading them. They are not necessary for defensive play.
  8. For what it's worth, I've introduced half a dozen completely new players to the game, and they all gravitated towards playing only PvP after a few co-op campaign games. None of them would be able to play PvP so soon without the free decks, so I am 100% against removing them as I firmly believe it would do more harm than good. Losing new players because they can't play a preferred game mode without first grinding for hundreds of hours doesn't seem right, does it? But, including something like a fee to rent the decks, like some have suggested here, wouldn't be such a bad idea. Then you
  9. Hey @delcarm For defensive play, I'd recommend grabbing skyelf templar for building heals in t2, and kobold engineer for stronger repairs in t3. Worldbreaker gun with a skyelf sage is amazing, and does an absurd amount of damage. Try it out! You could also pickup defenders to have a stronger unit on walls, who will do more damage to L-sized units which are your only threats aside from XL-units. A fun strategy would be to use White Rangers if you have only 1 chokepoint to defend, because their ability lasts forever and does AoE damage. If you want, you can experiment
  10. Currently, if a player plays 45 minutes and gets a booster discount, but does not activate it on that day, then the next day they are reset back to zero. Is it possible to keep the discount active until the player claims it, even if it is not the same day? This way, if someone forgets to buy a booster after a long play session, they still have the opportunity for their earned discount. May help a lot of new players with not getting penalized for forgetting to buy a booster on the same day.
  11. Damage reduction always worked on ice shields. Fun fact, Defenders with ice shield have around 3700 effective HP, making them harder to kill than a Juggernaut.
  12. Hey, I can send you some. Questions: Are you looking for only 1v1s at this time, or can also do 2v2/3v3 replays? And, do you need the players to be very good (few mistakes), or are okay with players making some mistakes and not playing optimally (not in the ranked top-20)?
  13. You'll see a lot less players in the game until the reset happens on December 18th. You'll have an easier time finding people to play after Dec 18.
  14. Some more ideas if we're brainstorming: Twilight Bombs: Every unit in the game will blowup like a twilight slaver upon death (neutral eruption upon death) Stone Skin: Every enemy unit takes 1/3 less damage (stoneskin [-15%] + wheel of gifts damage reduction [-20%] buffs = should be around ~32% damage reduction) Enraged: Every enemy unit has the "Rage" passive (Fire Dragon passive, because it's longer)
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