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  1. Was not expecting this absolute unit of a reply. Thank you very much!!!! Never thought of this. Will try once I get the chance
  2. Alright, I think I got the idea. Perhaps I'll go for a more hybrid pure frost deck. By the way, I only do PVE.
  3. Thank you for clarifying. I was looking at different Towers now, should I be getting Stronghold aswell?
  4. Hey thank you for answering! Finally got some insight! Would you recommend getting Core Dredge, Avatar of Frost and Mountaineer?
  5. Hello everyone, So, to start with, I really love defensive buildings and defensive playstyles like "Defending Hope" chapter kind of maps, and a REALLY love frost units. What deck would you guys recommend for a pure frost deck? Should I ad Nature/Fire/Shadow to it? If yes, why? In the picture you will find what I'm rolling with for now, not much, since i started 1 day ago. My preference would be always a defensive pure frost deck. Thank you in advance. *EDIT* This is my current deck as of, 26th December 2020: I'm still trying to fiddle with some nature cards here and there, but this is a work in progress!
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