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  1. I have an idea about this, because this may be a more important point than people realize. I love the idea of the free PvP decks, and I believe it is a strong step in the right direction in getting more people to play PvP. However, I also agree there may be some unintended consequences with this. Taking the idea of the necessity of a currency sink for the long-term economy in this post, what if there was a small BFP or Gold amount that players need to pay to access the PvP decks every week? You might think, whoa whoa, that doesn't make these decks "free" anymore! But wait. For exampl
  2. They can be found in the "My Documents\BattleForge\replays" folder. Replays are stored on your hard drive as a *.pmv file.
  3. There is nothing stopping anyone from buying more than one pack a day, but having a cheaper price for your first booster after 45 minutes of playtime allows people who can't play very long to have a decent level of progression, even with only 45 minutes of playtime. Those who play more than 45 minutes will progress faster up until all of their bfp reserves are depleted, but that doesn't stop them from progressing in getting more gold and getting more upgrades for their cards. I do agree that there should also be more incentives and encouragement to play more, as that'll only benefit the c
  4. Ah see, I thought it was in the rPvE section of the wiki, but it wasn't there.
  5. Super helpful, thank you!
  6. I searched the wiki and the forums, but I couldn't find anywhere a list of how much gold you get in 1, 2 and 4 player maps at each level, 1-10 (does it change with how many players you have? Ex. if you have 3 players instead of 4 on a 4 player rPvE, will everyone get more gold?) Curious if there's a list out there.
  7. I only started playing recently (played the original), so my cards are very low level compared to veterans who have all the upgrades and cards on the regular server. The recent PvP tournament was run in the test server, so there shouldn't be any problem with doing tourny's in the test server so everyone is equal. Hope I'm not being unreasonable!
  8. Hey Toggy, Is it okay to do the speedrun on the test server to have access to all cards & upgrades?
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