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  1. hunter8

    Promoting long time playing

    Titles for Skylords are a nice to have, but they only show how much someone has played. How about we reward Promotions? Gaining another Silver Rank 50? 100? BFP Gold Rank 200? BFP Platin Rank 1 Booster? And so on. For later Ranks the amount of Exp needed might need some adjustment, since its really high, because after reaching the last rank you should be able to continue your Exp grind for extra rewards. That would give players more incentives to play for longer if they have time, otherwise it would just be a nice to have. Rewarding more playtime helps getting more matches started, so less waiting time for other players. Another point is, that the playerbase is pretty small, which makes Marketprices very high. More packs more diversity and less costs of cards for newer players. Lastly, endgame needs a wide varity of cards and its a lot more fun playing around with different stuff. For the PvP side of the ranks something similar could be added, but i am strictly a pve player and have no idea about the pvp side.

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