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  1. letsplaytrib00n

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    you wanna say, at one day in future i have like all cards 5 times, and than i send 4 enlightments to my friend, or sell them, because i know i will get enlightment in the next boosters cuz its the only card i dont have 5 times? Sounds stupid
  2. letsplaytrib00n

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    if they do if they do, i hope the card isnt tradeable! Waiting for the release, lets go
  3. letsplaytrib00n

    Pve Maps Decks?

    Hi, i was looking around for some Decks for the pve maps, ingame i saw some guys with Lyr pos 2 or pos4, and i looked into it. But there are a lot of Maps and maybe you need some specials for some positions like mana wings, or the nightguard. I just want to Master all pve maps on expert for fun, but i dont want to join any games without a prepared deck. Maybe you got some hints. Looked into the expert video thread, but its missing informations like a card list

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