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  1. 69.

    this could have easily been talked about in discord.
  2. 69.

    wha? how! It hasnt updated yet!
  3. 69.

    This is my 69th post. @Kiwi would be proud.
  4. This doesn't really show anything about customizing your cards. To me it looks like "merging cards" you should maybe rename the post if possible.
  5. There is no way to tell what tier a card is/there is no way to tell how many orbs it takes to summon the card. As some cards for t2 (2 orbs) have colourless meaning you can use any other orb to summon that creature. Take a look at the first ice orb, next to it you see a grey circle with the middle cut out, that is a colourless orb meaning you can use a fire, nature, shadow or ice monument to summon that creature. What we are saying is your new UI has no way of telling what tier (how many orbs it takes) to summon the card, to me it looked like the enforcer you were showing off as an example was a tier 4 card because of all the colourless circles.
  6. I hated the 2nd one. But the concept of the first one was amazing (have not read the books) oh and 5/10 for kung fu panda animated movie dont like it now, but my younger self approves enough to make it a 5/10 next up: Spongebob Squarepants animated movie (Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie/Sponge out of water) lol
  7. This forum game is simple! It is exactly like the "rate the song" forum game but instead with Movies! What you do is you say your favourite movie then the person under your comment rates it out of 10 then says their movie and so on.. To kick off the game my favourite movie is "The Maze Runner" (not the series, only the first movie )
  8. Those were all giveaways for the closed beta.
  9. Read the title @Tam Hawkins, "Clearing OPEN BETA Plans". We are not in open beta we are in closed beta. If we were in open beta people would be able to signup. Even above the chatbox in giant red letters "Closed Beta is still in progress. Date for OPEN BETA will be announced soon!" to my understanding that post was called clearing up open beta plans for the people who were wondering how open beta would work in the future, because a lot of people (myself included) did not know how open beta was going to work with the whole signup thing and whatnot.
  10. There was no open beta yet. Were still in closed beta and waiting for open beta to arrive, its not open if you have to win it through a giveaway.
  11. ARK: Survival evolved. But now you should wait till its on sale if you didnt buy it during early access. It used to be 16.99, then 32.99 and now like 64.99 yeah get oudda here money milkers. though it is a great game.
  12. You forgot the calma after the "u".
  13. So happy for you all to join in! Trust me I am, if you were watching my streams then you would know why. Regardless ill see you all in the forge soon! Anyone wanna carry me on bad harvest? Hit me up
  14. Don't say sorry, it was fun for me we had quite a few people talking in chat. It was a great 3 hours and 30 minutes .