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  1. Here's a test print of the Ice barrier 3d model, with another model for reference (thank you @Kiliangg ) Im gonna try and paint one of them to the best of my abilities, see how that goes. I can see it now, a Battleforge miniature game... a man can dream
  2. Any chance i could persuade you to send me a stl. file of the Ice barrier model to try and print? I would gladly post some results Im gonna try and wrap my head around the tools provided, but it's really not in my expertise.
  3. That's awesome! Im really curious as to how the conversations went with EA when they first started the project. Either way, great to see the game getting some well deserved attention.
  4. That's fantastic! Dont got a clue how the get the "mass converter to GLTF" program to works though.
  5. Oh man, if only i could get my hands on some of the Battleforge models in the STL format... I could go hogwild with the printer :p
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