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  1. Oh, I have so many Ideas for the Frost/ fire tribe, my fanmade collection ideas fall into a tribe called Steamcore. But when building steamcore, you have to look at T1 first. A building is only as strong as it's foundations. Which currently means start red. And I don't like that.
  2. I want to start by saying: I'm more of a campaign and RPVE enthusiast than PVP. In fact, I detest PVP in most games, more often opting for co-op / horde / survival modes where offered. Furthermore. Frost isn't even my preffered colour at T1. I like them more than Shadow and fire, Even though I try to like all colours equally, but I do, 70 % of the time start on Nature. So as someone who cares little about the game mode where swift has the biggest impact and as someone who isn't 110% enthusiastic about blue to man the ramparts and defend their honour with my life. But I can, from a point of logic see and understand that swift makes frost 100$ unviable for pvp, where maps are needlessly large and covering a large distance more rapidly can in some cases determine the outcome of the game. Maybe they don't need 4. But they something. Just to put them on the map. One other possible fix it to give every unit in the game swift after it is not in combat for 5 seconds. Here are some facts: Frost has zero swift units at T1. Fire has 4 swift units at T1 (yes, I am counting both affinities of Nomad, they are different cards) Nature has has 4 swift units at T1. (Again, two affinties of amazon count, they both have swift. Shadow has 4 swift units at T1 Frost has 8 units at T1 Fire has 10 units at T1 Nature has 12 units at T1 Shadow has 12 units at T1 *Opinion* Maybe, JUST MAYBE, Frost would have gotten some love with the Amii expansion if EA didn't pull the plug. With the exception of one colour, each of them seemed to have had to have "wait their turn". Back to facts: Shadow only received additional T1 cards in Renegade (the first and biggest expansion) and Amii (where it was literally just a release of the teaser cards, because the development was halted) Fire received additional T1 cards in Lost souls and renegade (But not Amii) Nature is the above mentioned exception and has received additional units at T1 in every expansion. Frost saw the same amount of love as fire did when renegade launched, but has seen no additional units since. Not even in amii. Frost is not only the only unit to have not have swift at T1, they're the only colour to have "Slow" as a passive keyword on their units. At T1, right the way through to T4. And to add injury to the insult, as the embodiment and incarnation of frost, they have literally nothing to make enemy units move as slow as they do. Like fire's Scavenger, which has crippling bit *Opinion* This makes construct and battleship useless after the battle you drop them in to is over.
  3. Not a worry. Considering it doesn't impact gameplay directly, it doesn't seem high priority
  4. Mail message reads that the auction was cancelled and the card will be returned to you, when it actually appears to have sold, and instead has the attatched bfp. While this doesn't affect the core gameplay, I fear any bug concerning the auctionhouse could affect a greater part of the game's eceonomy. Additionally, it's somewhat annoying not knowing what card was sold
  5. Ragenarok

    1- Error: "Upgrade combine failed"

    Both Myself and an IRL friend (He doesn't use forums much) have both enoucntered this error and after so many log-ins, or, at some specific point in time the error seemed to have been resolved. I have upgraded and combined my werebeasts (card affected) and he has been able to upgrade and combine his lost horror (red) (his card affected) TL;DR - Two reports this error is resolved
  6. Ragenarok

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    melee units is spelled wrong, on the cardbase it's spelled meele
  7. Ragenarok

    What unit would you like seeing a promo version of ?

    Breeding grounds, juice tank, resource booster, construction hut are by far 80% of the buildings I see
  8. Ragenarok

    Promo Which card would you like to see added as a promo?

    Promo abomination, promo bloodhorn?
  9. Ragenarok


    Granted. However these crimes are only committed on the annual "purge" Where all crime is legal for 24 hours. I wish We received a blue/red faction
  10. Ragenarok

    Promo Which card would you like to see added as a promo?

    I've never eve seen Avatar of frost in game yet since Open stress >_> The proposed changes do sound cool though :3
  11. So it's the same as this error? Just a different card?
  12. Ragenarok

    Guild Management in Battleforge?

    You're welcome to use the new #looking-for-group text channel on discord. My post in the discord group will hopefully pave a new way for people to team up.
  13. Hi all! Just wanted to generate some discussion and see if there was any interest - This is of course all purely hypothetical. If you could see any card have a promo variation of it added to the game, which card would it be? why? and what would you like to see on the promo that the standard card doesn't have? Here are the top 5 of my ideas I want to share. Feel free to follow the same template of formatting for the sake of consistency. #1 - Shaman Replace the skull on his back with a leaf. Add a kilt to hide those buttcheeks. Recolour his horn helmet and the skull on his staff to green. #2 - Frost mage Retexture the ice, make the outlines more detailed and darker Retexture the particle of her attack animation so there are long shards of ice sputtering out of her ice lance and generally make it a deeper blue. Change her hair from brown to silver. maybe also change hairstyle the 2 above suggestions are both very highly sought after "staples". I think having promo variations of each would be nice because it might do something to reduce the price of the regular versions. and would make these already rare promos HIGHLY desirable. #3 - Magma Hurler Retexture the "stone" (arms, legs ect) to more closely look like obsidian by making it darker. Change Hands and feet (make them bigger) Retexture particles, make The inner part of the fire a darker red and the outside brighter. #4 - Ashbone Pyro Replace grey bandages on right arm with purple metal gauntlet. (Matching shin guards and pauldrons) Remove "transparent flame" effect (to better show off the existing detail on top of the skull) Add purple fire geyser to top of skull (like it is pouring from the cracks) Replace cloth kit with metal kilt (to match shoulders and shins) Add a flaming purple cape. #5 - Soulhunter (unsure which affinity) Replace "knee pads" fixed to shoulders with skull pauldrons Add bronze/ dark grey metal chest plate that represents the exterior of an iron maiden / sarcophagus Remove metal tubes and handwrap and replace with metal fingerless gauntlet / wristguard (so it doesn't interfere with his claws which IMO are cool and don't need change. Unless colour to match chest plate) EDIT: Add some spines down his back and onto his tail. Nothing over the top. Maybe spines that look like his teeth What do you think of my suggestions? Have any of your own? I'd like to hear them. Try and keep it almost dotopoint form. Use keywords like "add", "remove", "replace", "retexture", Modify ect

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