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  1. Would totes laugh if say, stone of torment was actually viable. They might want to start their play through though, I have a feeling that run might take a couple of days (and be a 70+hour replay)
  2. Are the points accrued each time the card is cast? or only once per time a unique card is cast? Example: does casting Surge of Light 4 times equal 4 points? Or 1 point?
  3. That's quite a relief to hear nothing is being taken away from Forest Elder. I still maintain that an XL pure nature unit needs stampede
  4. Strongly disagree with the Forest Elder (g) change. You mention in the deep dive that Green lacks potent burst damage, particularly against structures. One of the very few tools at Green's disposal Is/was Forest Elder (g)'s damage buff, to allow the army to be that little bit stronger against buildings (and units) I have been saying quietly amonsgt my group of friends but not in forums or such that green needed a mobile breeding grounds (Like how fire has wrecker, for the rallying banner) So I am excited to see that yet again more of my quiet ideas are being implemented but I am
  5. So is it on the Skylords team to Disclose the code when it's ready?
  6. Congrats everyone Tries not to cry *sad skylord noises*
  7. So many of these links are broken :C
  8. Noob question but I searched the forums and the answer wasn't pinned to the first page... How does one access the test server?
  9. How do you review your own replays? I've got a few saves, but Don't know how to view them to make sure I submit the correct one. The way they get named automatically doesn't make it easier to find the replay I want to submit
  10. Ragenarok

    Custom cards

    Yeah, I used a combination of the above and photoshop
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