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Found 23 results

  1. McLongDickson

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    first i love BF and sry for my bad english... but for me the biggest problem atm is you get to fast to easy all you want thats why pvp and normal pve is dead. Rly i play this game a month? and have all what i want.. stonekin pure shadow twillight etc. pvp and pve fully upgrade... okay to be fair my loot luck on booster was good. Promo Mo for example. But you must only play rPVE maps thats all. For me personally they can increase gold and lvl requirement extremly. 3 or 4 times more. Then boost the lvl exp and gold on normal pve maps. And boost it extreamly for pvp. Nerf rpve. An then maybe people play pvp and normal pve maps more. Above all pvp. It sucks you have a pvp deck but you cant rly use it because only the top 10 players are in ranked and waiting for noobs. thats why 2 of my friends stop playing this game. Fully ups their cards for pvp and then you wait 30 min in ranked to get a top player. And only playing rpve is for them to boring. especially if you dont need more gold.. I know its a beta but maybe they can take it as idea or something. I hope you guys understand what i mean...
  2. ivpeykov

    Looking for mates to play with!

    Hi guys, it seems that everybody here has the game from like 3 weeks or so. I have forgotten alot of stuff from back in the day and I have a bad deck in the moment. So I'm searching for someone who could like carry me lol.. just someone who doesn't mind helping, you know untill I get a decent deck. I can't really get in any battlegrounds because I don't have a good deck and nobody wants to play with a noob, I get it lol. So yeah my nickname is: vanko1_60 . Feel free to add me or comment on this post so I can add you. Have a nice day yall
  3. Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2 - Game crashes upon finish message

    NAME: Game crashes upon finish message SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Match REPRODUCIBILITY: Random DESCRIPTION: As soon as you manage to win the match (tested only on rPvE) and "Victory" message appears, game may crash straight to desktop without losing a connection to server or anything else (freezing and then disconnecting -> forced log-out; error message; etc.). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: > Never happened upon "Lose" message, at least yet. > Seems to happen only in rPvE. According to what other people say, there is another case like a 'freezing midgame', but i think this is a bit different, because it does freeze and then disconnects you. This particular bug freezes the game - yes, but instead force-closes the app, aka crash straight to desktop. > _launcher.log, if so happens, ends with last following line "[22:35:50] Game: Packet forwarded to the server" (time in [brakets] might be different). > Small note, windows will create a crashdata.mdmp file in the game documents directory.
  4. Venomlord

    PvE New Defensive Game Mode

    Hello, i thought about an new game mode that brings some variation in PvE. The Idea is basically an "Horde mode" where the main Goal is to defend all the time. It could work like rPvE but insteat of going offensive an killing everything before the time is running out, you have to defend yourself againts waves of enemies that gets stronger over time. It could be an endless-mode where you see an timer and can check how Long you did survive Jet. Maybe also with an Gold reward that get higher the longer you survive. Otherwise it could also have an timer like in rPvE and if you are still alive after the timer is at zero you would win. And then the reward could be exactly the same like in rPvE. If we go with that possibility then you should also be able to choose the difficulty from 1 to 10. I personally think it would be an cool alternative for rPvE, because in most Campaign Mission aswell as in rPvE the best solution is to go offensive. But what do you think about this idea?
  5. odaifgh11

    when the PvE 12 players maps will open?

    I finished the story except for the 12 players when it's will open? I'm excited about it
  6. Hello Skylords of Lyn! I dont have anywhere to go look for fun decks (except for old Youtube videos, which is in 240p), I was hoping some of you would post your decks so both I and other people could get inspiration. My deck is 100% self-made so dont look at my deck as if it is a viable one, i just play with cards i feel like are cool. Please post yours and what type of deck it is for (PvE, PvP) Current deck - PvE (With cost - as of 09th October 2018 on the Beta): Treespirit (Green): 100 Windweavers: 139 Shaman: 900 Surge of light: 100 Aggressor (Green): 75 Crystal Fiend (g): 70 Curse of Oink: 50 Coldsnap: 525 Stonehurler (Red): 40 Stone Warrior: 35 Fathom Lord: 180 Rageflame (Blue): 400 Deepcoil Worm: 650 Brannoc: 300 Hammerfall: 10 Grimvine: 350 Grinder (Red): 400 Giant Wyrm: 90 Construct: 130 Deepgorge: 11 Total cost is about 4550 BFP (Prices change a lot, some times some cards are cheap and other times they are expensive)* Also attached screenshot of the deck:
  7. Since i did see quiet a lot of new players and the question "What should i play??". I did a little chart for the 4 Core Faktions. Shoutout to: Ultrakool, Limuts, Shred and kikispas for helping
  8. Kunzekalauer

    Bandits were underpowered.

    Hey guys, I just rediscovered that forum. It has been years and I am still dying to play the open beta, seriously I loved that game and I love the devs for actually putting all the effort over all these years into the revival of the Skylords So I wondered if you all agree how underpowered and underused Bandits were in PVP as well as in PVE. I mean even the random PVE maps were pretty much a free win if it was just bandits, in comparison to facing lost souls in RPVE9+. That was an absolute nightmare. Can you all imagine re-balancing the game over the years once it is all stable, no more crashing servers etc. ? I personally loved the Bandits and the playstyle they represented. What are your feelings about them? Do you disagree on my observation, do you feel like they were balanced? If not, can you think of ways to make them more viable in PVP as well as in PVE? Greetz from Kunze

    PVP-PVE Ideas

    I just saw a battleforge PVP gamemode and made think. Maby it would be cool (in the far future because battleforge is awsome the way it is) to do be able to do ranked pvp matches with like a 2, 3 and maby even 4 orb start. In PVP you only see 1 and 2 orbs units being deployed. It would give us awsome battle to be able to change those things. The suggestion for PVE is to be able to gain quick power in trade for less battletime to compleet the PVE. I think (hope) those are little changes to make in the future. Those little changes can make big changes in al of pvp and pve.. What do you guys think? Let me know!
  10. Geisterlicht

    I Love PVE :)

    I like PVE because of the kooperation with other Player. And i like to variate my strategies and decks for the missions just for fun. To build new Decks and creat combos for my playstyle is also very important for me .But I like mostly to Play with others and not single Player mode. Also i have to say i am not a fan of PVP competition ... i don´t like that.
  11. Fyrios

    Best cards in the game (?!)

    So I wanted to know what you guys think could be the best cards in the game. Since "best" is a bit of a loose term I made up 5 categories. Give me what you think is the strongest in PvP (1), strongest in PvE (2), Funniest one (3), Most versatile one (4) and just which holds a special place in your heart (5) You can mention one card in each category or do a ranking in each category if you feel like it. I mainly want to know what you guys think
  12. Hello guys, This looks like my old deck from back in the day, anything I can improve? Would love to hear your opinion
  13. N0SKYO

    PvE Teams

    Hey Skylords and Skyladies I was thinking about making some kind of a Team for PVE. Just like in other games that include guilds for example. The idea is about teaming up with friends and earn rewards as a Team or Guild... Feel free to write a feedback. Greetings MontyPython
  14. I want to cultivate Discussion on what the best pure nature cards are for each orb, and what spells are most cost effective. I will list below what units i find most effective and universal for most PVE and PRVE maps. 1 orb units Swiftclaw-high damage, can rush structures easily, and very good at killing units fast (medium units are generally easier to manage and don't get locked down from Small knockback) Shaman-your main ranged damage unit and healer, can attack air (I started replacing other ranged teir 1 units with shamans. Their heal+damage is still useful even in t4 as XL support units.) TreeSpirit(both)-Extremely good at defending and attacking, can take on most 2 orb cost units without problems.(These were added pretty late in the game's life. They have so many insane pro's you can actually use them as your only t1 unit if you have enough charges.) Dryad(both)-great unit for general buffs with both versions, a must have on maps that have specific enemies that are really hard to deal with early (her paralysis can lock a unit down indefinitely, provided you don't accidentally shoot the stunned unit,) Amazon(green)+Werebeasts- This combo makes Werebeasts regenerate 50% more, making them an amazing tank unit for long sieges and distracting enemy mobs (this unit combo is nice if you are trying to assist a teammate without needing to babysit your units.) WindWeavers- useful ranged units, can shoot two different units at the same time. (these used to be the mainstay of t1 nature, but since treespirits and swiftclaws can bust through bases and objectives faster, they are now more effective as wall defenders) 2 orb units pure Spikeroot-Great card to get along with having TreeSpirits (only shoots ground, but does tons of damage and has pretty high building damage) Parasite Swarm-At max upgrade state you can take medium cost t3 units (Since nature is about control, t2 is more about taking their best units and stunning the rest while you kill their buildings or required objectives) Burrower- great unit for killing buildings/objectives (if you spawn two and get them to spit on the same wall segment, it instantly destroys them) Deep one(both)- Amazing unit with very strong damage and health (both affinity catch's are great for pulling in units you need to kill first, or pulling units you want to capture without risking parasite swarm squads) Mindweavers(both)- very strong against air units (is a good counter to units with strong ice shields since their poison does direct health damage) 3 orb units pure Razorleaf- great siege and defend unit (for most cost effective strategy have two Tree Spirits linked with it for maximum damage) Fathom Lord- Great unit for killing bosses and extra large units (at max rank only costs 25 to paralyze) ThornBark- great linked fire unit for killing mid-late game mobs (can be used as offense, but their lack of range makes razorleafs better in offensive roles.) Deepcoil Worm- great siege unit, with awesome tunneling mechanic for moving lots of units around the map fast (generally great damage at t3, and the tunneling ability makes them invaluable for larger maps with struggling teammates) Swamp Drake- Great for maps that need hard to reach objectives killed (also good defense units vs other air units and ground mobs that can't retaliate) Timeshifter Spirit- Insane unit that cancels all ranged attacks and stops all enemy abilities from being use-able (doesn't stop monsters from spawning at buildings, so that's a bit disappointing) 4 orb units Colossus- Great unit for endgame bosses and units (has a nice roar that silences enemies) Grimvine- Good unit comes with nice root CC (more useful in splash decks as only needs 1 nature orb) Giant Wyrm- Strong air dragon that has high damage and does more damage the longer it attacks Primeval Watcher- good unit for defending against mobs (this unit is great if you want a low unit base defense solution vs trash mobs later in the game, otherwise there are stronger offensive options) Forest eldar-Great offensive unit that can heal friendly units (this unit makes other tier units scale better with a constant group heal) Grove Spirit- Great unit for healing units in entrenched positions (she has a channeled AOE heal, making her extremely cost effective) Spore Launcher- Great building killing Siege unit with linked fire. Buildings Breeding Grounds- A must have building that makes all your units cost less! shrine of memory- good card that is more viable with a spell heavy deck (if you use spells they go directly into void power, when using units their void power doesn't come back until they die) Fountain of rebirth- a good building for larger pve maps where your t1 and t2 fights are difficult (heals all friendly units in the game, so using it in co-op missions is a very good idea) Healing gardens- Great building if you are using regenerating units, and is a good combo with ranged units for base defense. Lifestream- insane damage reduction building. Reduces damage done to 20% in a given area, 40% of that damage is directed at this building (that means 60% of total damage received is completely negated) Living tower- great building with the linked fire mechanic (if you didn't bring windweavers you can set these guys up behind walls and they do pretty good damage.) Mark of the keeper- Great base defense tower that cancels all ranged attacks and abilities from being triggered Primal defender- good air defense building vs large amounts of units (can attack ground but is better to use units as they can attack after) Tunnel- a nice building for defense maps where you need to have mobile armies to defend multiple objectives (it's a nice card but deepcoil Worms are generally more versatile) Wheel of Gifts- Great building with extremely good buffs (you will want to make 3 in a game, as they each can activate 1 permanent buff) Spells Surge of light- Amazing AOE heal. This is the staple of nature spells, you will always want to bring this card, as it's one of the best scaling cards in the game. Creeping paralysis- great Crowd control card that has a longer CC than any other nature card. Curse of Oink- Great crowd control card, but you don't want to attack the units affected as they will become unoinked sooner. Ensnaring roots- great card that makes ground units unable to move (more effective against melee units) Enlightenment- Game changing card that makes you able to use ANY card in the game without the orb requirements Hurricane- useful card for killing and disabling large mobs of small units (some maps have insane amounts of archers that attack you at t1, otherwise not a very useful card later in the game) Mind control- Makes you able to permanently use an enemy unit (excluding unique map bosses and such) Parasite- Good against large mobs of weak units and air units (the parasite jumps to a new unit if it kills the targeted one) Noxious clould- Great card against large stationary mobs. Revenge- a good damage reduction card (makes enemies take 20% of their own damage, reducing your units taken damage to 80%) Regrowth- Insane healing card for t4 nature (best healing card in the game) Ray of Light- Good healing card that heals a Percentage of total health (heals 3% hp per second, so is better for high health units) If i left any cards out, I don't think they are very useful :P. Discuss!
  15. Geisterlicht

    Coop the fine diffrence

    I really thought after they have shut down the servers that there will come out more and better Games like our favorite BF. Also with fine Coop action and much more Units and Maps. But over the time i have to say no nothing like that happens. So with BF the best Coop Game i have ever played left us behind with our dreams of Coop combos, helping each other and variation of card stretegies. I have never thought that coop aktion would put so far into the outer ring of gameplay genres. Coop modes in games like Star Craft 2 just feel like a joke to me, cause i tasted the fine friut of BF what do you think ???
  16. Just like the title says, which pve monster would you like to have as a card? There are some monster you see in pve but there are no actual cards, just like the Bandit Overlord, Lost souls "Necrofury?"(dont know the actual name) or Twilight Horror. So which one of them deserves a card? I'd like to see the twilight horror as a T4 twilight card which needs some nice stats and 1fire, 1nature and 2 neutral orbs...
  17. lFrostAvatar

    Thor's Arrival

    Greetings Skylords, I want to share with you my Map Thor's Arrival, so once BFR is playable for all, you can try the map out! Now you might ask, "what is this map about?" Well to answer your questions I will provide you a short summary: The map Thor's Arrival is a single player PVE map where you have to beat Thor. When we enter the map the mighty god Thor arrived at a plateau. During the Map we have to fight us a way through a bunch of monsters to reach Thor. On the map you can reach Tier three and you can acquire 12 Power Wells. The fact that makes this map particulary interesting is that it is playable on every difficulty (standard,advanced,expert) plus the fact that Thor uses magic abilities to either heal himself or freeze your minions, he can even use a thunderstorm to damage everything you possess. Back in the days I put in this map a lot of effort in to provide such a cool gameplay experience for everyone. That being said I hope you will like that map as much as I do. But that's not all! For someone who wants to encounter a real challenge he can of course try out the "nightmare" version of the map. Here are some interesting additions about the nightmare version: - Stronger enemies all around the map - Thor is able to use another spell in addition to the others - Thor regenerates every two seconds four percent more life than before - Thor does have three servants, as long as they are alive Thor is almost unbeatable since he regenerates 95 percent life per second - Every servant has spells on their own Here you can already download both of the maps: Thor's Arrival Nightmare Thor's Arrival
  18. 1lancer1

    need story for PvE maps

    Hi Guys, im playing with the map editor and need a story for a PvE 1 player Campaing my idea was a camp. with earth (green) vs fire (red) you help the earth too get the fire out of there territory and i need more details about how they want "you" to do it the idea is that you send me storys and I make maps out of it so everybody has fun playing the maps ps: it can be a PvE with more players also. ps2.0: if you have questions s with greetings 1lancer1 and Vernichtungsofen
  19. YaBro0

    Random Cardpool for Everyone

    After I made the suggestion on stream I thought about all posible consequences and change some thinks and tried to clear up all possible questions or problems. Also I realised that my Oral Talent is actually to low to discuss in a non native language. So here I tried to explain my Suggestion. Suggestion - Every month, everyone will get a cardpool of one of the 4 colors (nature, fire, frost, shadow) randomly (not everyone gets the same, for everyone it's random) - The cardpool contains all T1 and T2 cards of the randomly selected colour - All cards will be on U3 with all charges - The cards can be used in PvE, PvP but not in Tome PvP - The cards are untradeable and their only use is to play with them - After one month you'll lose those cards and get a new pool - The activation of the cardpool is looked until you play a certain amount of time, around 10-15 hours (to prevent smurfs and don't overwealm beginners) Explanations (The following is only a quote) Since the majority of the people are mostly active in PvE and not PvP I can understand why so many tolerate a high amount of time to get BFP. So I will try my best to speak for the PvP players, because they are not that happy with the way the BFP rewards are going. In my case I don't have a problem with collecting my cards again with an easier access to BFP. However I have a problem with it if the time until I can finally play my beloved PvP in competitive ways again is too long and maybe no one cares to play it anymore. But what is too long? Of course everybody has to decide this for himself and it is clear that a mainly PvE player is willing to invest more time in things like grinding than a PvP player, because his favourite gametype is implemented in grinding far more than playing competitive PvP modes. What I and many PvP players fear is that either the amount of time you have to invest to play competitive PvP is so high that nearly no one is willing to do so and that the "good" PvP players are not decided by skill but by the amount of time they invested in the game, because they simply have better cards than people that are actually better in terms of skill but don't invest that much time. To make the amount of time you need to collect a competitive PvP deck which has everything it needs better to understand, I'll try showing how much time you need based on the old card values (which will most likely stay the same compared to booster costs) and 5 hours of playtime to collect BFP in the value of 1 Booster (5 hours for 1 Booster was set by a discussion in another Thread). The cheapest Decks to have are the splashdecks and of course the Pure decks are more expensive. The cheapest deck to have with all core cards is Fire/nature and costs (with 17 cards without T3 fully charged) 2500 BFP. For a Pure deck I picked shadow, because I rememeber the card values best and it's the most expensive one. Pure shadow (with 17 cards without T3 fully charged) costs around 12000 BFP. So for 5 hours of playing you'll get 250 BFP by old value (I know some say they will cost 500 BFP but with higher booster prizes card prizes will rize also). 2500 : 250 = 10 10 x 5 = 50 hours of playing till you can buy the cheapest full competitive deck. 12000 : 250 = 48 48 x 5 = 240 hours of playing till you have the most expensive full competitive deck. So we meet up in the middle by around 145 hours. I know that Pure Shadow has harvester which is special case but keep in mind that you will buy other cards on your way to be able to beat certain PvE maps so you will not be able to spend all you have on your PvP deck. That amount of playtime is only set by people which already know what they need. So until a new player realises that he wants to play PvP, starts understanding what he needs and collecting the neccessary cards, he will have to invest way more time and lose interest in mainly playing PvP. The scenario you set will most likely destroy the PvP section and mainly focuse on the PvE part and the PvP as a fun side part since only very very few players will go through the pain to collecting all neccessary cards to be competitve in Rankings. I know some will say nothing is set but the chances are high and I don't want the PvP section to become a lonely wasteland were only 40 old PvP highranks and some PvE players who come for a visit some times start playing. The difference between a main PvP and a main PvE player The PvE players goal is to solve a quests and complete maps in changing diffultieswith various decks and tactics. Therefore the quest system is perfect, because he needs to do what he likes most to advance further. (getting upgrades and BFP) The PvP player want to compete with other, measure his skill and be successful. He wants to claim higher and higher ranks while having the same equal chances like everyone. But to be successfull and qual (having the chance to claim ranks due to skill and not cards and upgrades) he is forced to do quests before beeing competitive. In this case it doesn't matter if those quests are PvE or PvP based, because his interest is not simply playing PvP but playing a fair PvP with equal chances were skill decides the winner. Just imagine a tennis match were you never have serve. Even though you love the sport, you won't like playing it competitive, because you don't have the same chances of winning. You are stuck with people who are worse than you under normal circumstances and can't advance further even though you have the skill to do so. Closing the gap for Beginners We all should know that this project can't live on for to long without new players, therefore we need to make it more Beginner friendly in every aspect of the game (PvE and PvP). Since Battleforge was once created to force people to buy content to be successfull, it's clear that the gap between Beginner's and experienced older Player can be enormous. Older players don not only have more knowledge and experience, they also have better cards and more upgrades. Of course we should never close this gap completely, because this would result in lesser interest in PvE since a main part of PvE is the journey to become better and earn BFP and cards. But giving everyone this cardpool the gap would be closed a little more while still giving the experinced player a advantage he earned for playing successfully. Also Beginners have some kind of testing chance. The process of finding beloved factions and their valueis much shorter and therfore new players will most likely keep more interest in the game. Why only one Pure faction? Like some of you might know, Battleforge started very unbalanced, because one of the creators main focuse were on the creation of Pure decks, which should be superior and contain simple reasons to play them. Fire (Attack), Frost (Defense), Nature (Control), Shadow (Sacrifise; that's actually what they said...). These decks are very well balanced compared to each other. However it's the synergy within the splash decks which became superior. Around 80% of the PvP rankings played mainly with splash decks and every PvE Map in the game is cleared the easiest with a splash deck. Of course Pure decks are not much weaker than splash decks but another reason for their rariety is their price. Because the creators focused on creating Pure decks in the beginning, they knew whta cards were neccessary and made them harder to get. Therefore Pure decks contain the highest amount of Rare and Ultra Rare cards, which makes them so expensive. This would decrease the price of Pure decks a little and also add a little more variety. Economics/Market Place Now this is imo the biggest issue people could have with this suggestion. But wait, it's not as bad as some might think. The easy access to T1 and T2 cards will almost definately leed to a little decrease in price of those cards in the beginning. At this point it is in my eyes very important that the card pool cyclus is not too short, becasue this could leed to even further longer lasting decreased prizes. Imagine you are a new player and you get a shadow pool.You really enjoy playing it but next month you get a completely different faction which you enjoy not as much. So you have to wait at least one month to play your favourite again and the chances are high that you need to wait even longer. Would you really not buy T1 or T2 cards anymore? I guess you would. While casual gamers are not forced to participate in the market anymore, they will be debauched to do so. Think about that people will still get BFP rewards, while playing with this cardpool. So they will most likely spend it for playing their favourite main instead of just buying a T3 or T4 with you can't be sure if you can use it with your next random cardpool. The first way is to get free and start owning those cards you started loving and lost again. Little sidefact from me. With 77 Rare and Ultra Rare cards T1 and T2 contain much less than T3 and T4 (139 cards). Also T1 has not a single Ultra Rare card, which means that the economic impact is the smallest with those tiers. Also T1 and T2 have most of the time the biggest value when it comes to actual gameplay. Therefore it would be something great if those cards had easier access in the AH. Any questions and issues with the suggestion will be added in the starting post and we'll try solving them.
  20. GrimMrGosh

    media BF Reborn Animation

    Hello! I am a huge fan of the game an have recently gotten into digital media (Art wise). Its more of a "Retro-Cartoony" format for the time being so I am working on Expanding my Efforts. Being that I was a Big fan of the game when it was in the hands of EA. I would love nothing more then to assist with its return. I plan to make an (If not a Few) Animations! The only real obstacle is coming by things such as Audio clips, 3D model References, and (If the need arises) Guidance/Advice. Well this wont be simple. Having someone to assist in "Finding" or "Providing" me with these Resources will definitely make make a world of Difference. I am Not an Animator, But am merely Experimenting/Learning as I go. Hopefully I can get something out before the game opens to the Broader Community. Thanks for taking the time to Read this -Grim
  21. Wigglezz

    My Deck(s) for PVE

    I apologize in advance if this isn't in the right topic slot. Feel free to move it. Hello all! Like some of you, I played battleforge for the PVE experience, as it proved to be tough at times. I especially enjoy playing on the hardest difficulty with four people, as it can get the most chaotic by then. What I would like to share is my 5 decks that I used primarly for that! Each of them had their purpose (though some were clearly better than others. This also includes the random generated PVE maps. Stoneskin Restoration: This was by far my strongest and most common deck to use. T1, 3 and 4 were all a breeze to annihlate anything on that level. With windweavers and shamans to start things off, I easily pelted through any army. T2 was my only bugger point, but with spawning dens (if I remember the name right) and juice tanks (though not really useful in the RGPVE), I stagger through it and reach my T3 in great time. Sometimes I pop aggressors if the situation becomes dire, but for the most part, I stick with dem bows and healz. Once I hit T3, I became a train. With MO leading the charge, Wheel of Gifts and the Incredible MO providing all the auras, I was poping big summons out by the second. By the time T4 came around, I had perma paralyze and freeze, so unless the enemy had a shield against that, there was nothing they can do. I'm going to be reviving this deck in BFreborn, but with a few changes (I never had a worldbreaker gun... and I don't know why). Standard Frost: Like most frost decks, this was sustain after sustain after sustain. Like stoneskin, T2 was my hard point. Only had the mountaineers (the cannon guys) to knock down foes and blast through buildings. Didn't have spawning dens to reduce costs and Juice Tanks are useless in RGPVE. Once you hit T3 though, that Avatar of Frost. Mmm. That thing crushes anyone in its way, and if you know how to kite, it's nigh invincible. Like stoneskin, T4 was just a barrel roll, but less so. Constructs, Dreadnoughts and... forgot what the giant twin cannon machines were called. Coupled that with the Worldbreaker Gun and nothing stops this force of fun. Surprisingly, the Worldbreaker Gun was my only defensive tower in that deck. Rush Shadow: This deck was a gamble, because it highly depended on the situation. Best used (for me) in RGPVE, my shadow deck had the one thing none of my other decks had... a good T2. The Harvester was the backbone of my army. It was big, tough and a lovable rascle. Though sadly, my T4 suffered. I tried to build it as a disintigration deck, and like I stated, it was a gamble. I love the Harvester though, as it was by far my best T2 option. It was really strong, but expensive as hell. Fire: By far my weakest deck, fire was actually the first one I ever built. Sadly, the weaknesses of T2 return, but in greater force (other than the two siege units). The only reason why I didn't straight up sell it was because I loved fire dragons, and their insane damage boost when they keep attacking stuff. The Meteor towers, mimicking the Worldbreaker Gun, was fun to play around with too. The Juggernaut was pretty nice as well, but for me, it was shadowed by my stoneskin's MO and Frost's Avatar of Frost. The T4 wagon was fun to play around with as well, since it had two guns. I felt like it was a tank unit straight out of Company of Heroes. It wasn't my best, but it was fun. Bandits: Another weak one, sadly. It was stronger than my fire, but not by a lot. The only love I had for the bandit deck was the Corsair. A battleship that actually fires its main gun without having to pay anything. It was weird how Bandits had lifesteal above other factions, but I didn't question it at the time (and still don't question it now). I never really enjoyed any of their other units, considering they were the first fusion of cards. The only real fun T4 was the Tortoise thing, and that was when it went berserk. Other than that, not much to say here. I realize that this isn't really much strategy for PVE maps or decks, but I felt like I should share this with you guys. Like many I hope, I built my deck based on my own intuition and experience, not through some guide that another made. My friend did the same and I loved his "Link, the Hero of Forest" deck. We beat every expert mode 2v2 map (with some difficulty on a few maps) and completed the highest level of RGPVE (though only once. We couldn't do it again afterwards). When I did play with pugs, I proved myself as a good player; I won't say that I was the best, but I wasn't the worst. Hopefully I can live new experiences in co-op with you gents/ladies in BFreborn. Feel free to share what made your deck work in PVE in here. If there's another topic on this already, then I apologize again. Until then, folks!
  22. Marco_The_Flawless

    Nerf some cards and card restriction

    Hey, i was thinking that some of the cards ar too OP. If you for instace could nerf the range of the Firedancer it would be great, cuz´ i think it is too great in thought of cheapness, range and low tiered. This is for the PVP part. For the PVE part i think that it´s somehow boring that everyone uses Lost Spiritship, and if you are not ice/shadow and for instance fire, you´ll be just "there" cuz´ the Spiritships are just plounding their way through the PVE. My point of this is that i think you could have some "Card restictions" on some other tracks. For instance with "No flying objects" or "only use ..." or "clear all enemies with x amount of power", or "tire 2 only" or something like that - different game modes. Sincerely Marco_The_Flawless
  23. What was your favourite part of Battleforge, and why? Also, if you have one, what was the thing you didn't like quite so much, or even hated about Battleforge? Anything from the maps, card system, trading system, uniqueness of it all, etc. The most amazing, and possibly my favourite part of Battleforge was the uniqueness of it. I had searched for hours trying desperately to find a game similar to Battleforge after it was shut down, but had no luck. But, another thing was probably the forge! Possibly half of my game time was just mucking around in the Forge, whether waiting for people to join my match or not, when I was bored, anything. I just loved setting up battles between 'factions', like Ice and Fire, with small units being the main army, and one large unit being the overlord or something. Just those little things made it something spectacular. Anyways, that's enough about my experiences and likes, and little to no dislikes from me, how about you guys?

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