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  1. Thank you for your answer. It really helped a lot. I will try a little more variation for different maps and maybe I can finds something which works great for one specific map. Furnace of Flesh + Cultist is great. Thank you for this one!
  2. Yes that would be an option of course but is it actually worth it to kill 1 Satanael to heal, lets say 2-3 units. I mean in early t3 you dont not have a lot of those expensive units.
  3. As I played along I realized that I actually do not really know when to use what. The only thing important for me if I got t3 shadow or nature is if I have healing in my group or not. Satanael does plenty of damage but with 3 shadow orbs I cant heal them properly. If there is no nature deck in my team I mostly use nature as t3 I know there are some shadow "healing by damaging smth" cards but I do not know which one are the best and how to use them properly.
  4. Yes thats right.. I knew, for example, that I need to decide if I want to take a shadow or nature orb on leveling to t3. (Satanael or Deepcoil Worm and Equilibrium) My thoughts were, as I built the deck, that I could act different depending on the situation but I do have some unused cards till t4 then tho.. Thank you I´ll work on that.
  5. Hello everyone! I am pretty new to the game and the first obvious thing a beginner wants to do after he played for 1-2 hours is building a new deck. For me aswell. So I tried to create a Shadow/Nature deck out of scratch with cards I already had or which I bought from the marketplace for almost nothing. And that worked for me in standard missions or lvl 5 random maps ^^ As I played along for several hours more I was focussed on improving my deck. I added more expensive cards like Mo, Grim or the Wyrm but as I used my deck in harder missions I felt like it was not strong enough and had useless cards in it. I won some lvl 9 PvE maps but I also had 3 teammates to help me out. I also felt like (especially when I saw some other PvE decks) that my deck has no targeted direction what I want to do with it and almost none of the cards play along together. I had the problem that searching for good cards which fit your deck is very hard, especially when you don´t even know half of them. I think this is a problem a lot of beginners have. So I am asking more experienced players to help us stop building stupid decks with just some random cards thrown in. I think my deck is close to most beginners decks when it comes to this problem. Maybe someone can help. ^^ (Deck Level is almost at 70)
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