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  1. So many adjustments again - thanks for the great work! The biggest change for me is that hotkeys are activated when a player first presses a key. The game feels so much nicer and smoother now. It's a high-quality change, in my opinion.
  2. Mock-up #1: Name: Shadow Arrow Tier & Orbs: T3, 2 Shadow & 1 Neutral Type: Spell Power: 80 Spell Effect: Sacrifices a own unit to create a shadow arrow with a 20m range and dealing 8 times their power cost up to 2000 dmg in total. Reuseable every 20 seconds Notes: - I miss a more precise soulsplatter - I think this spell should be T3 because in PvP it could be very OP (I dont play PvP but could well imagine it) - I could imagine an affinity with bullet impact and with energy refund on enemy unit death Mock-up #2: Name: Eclipse Tier & Orbs: T4, 2 Shadow & 2 Fire Type: Spell Power: 350 Spell Effect: Darkness All enemy units in the game are restricted in their vision radius for 30 seconds.They can only see 5m away and take 15% more damage. Buildings are not affected by this effect. Has a 60 second cooldown. - I could visually imagine a change in brightness for the whole map
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