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  1. IThank you for trying to help me. Its just frustrating. Now i instaled Avast = Same shit. I deinstaled BF = Same, I deinstaled and deleated everything and look now = the same 🤮🤬
  2. I click on it I click on it No History ?
  3. Hi Friends, the last 2 (mini) Updates just didn´t want to finish. Today the same. Did i miss sometthing? Everything else ist working properly . 1/ now for 30 Minutes. What should i do? Thx
  4. hi i instaled a new Windows 10 (x64) and cant logg in now. See the screen attached. I did all the things requaired, that was said in the Forum but still the same. PLS help
  5. yeah but its a lilte too "working class" unfriendly. When im avay from 07:00-19:00 and get on my pc from 21:00-23:00 i will fall behind some kinds who have time to play whole day and make multi acc.
  6. Hi mates and thx for bringing such an cool game back. I hope i see you in the forge soon. PS.Can i have an beta key pls Check out my old videos, Commentary done by Farrock. My Old BF Chanel
  7. Check my old BF videos, my nick was EKImko.

    I hope i see you guys in game.

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