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  1. Babonja

    Not able to start (0xc000007b)

    hi i instaled a new Windows 10 (x64) and cant logg in now. See the screen attached. I did all the things requaired, that was said in the Forum but still the same. PLS help
  2. Babonja

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi my name is Jasmin, im 34 i live in Germany and im i wuld pls like to participate in the CB please. For my beta exp i was in the CB ,OB or early acess in the folowing games: - The Division (tsting), - The Mighty Quest for epic Loot (testing), - Paragon, -DOTA 2 - Heroes of The Storm - Whate makes me so special hmmm, I´m a dude with an girly name . I hope thats special enough. And yeah i was addicted to bf , and I often doneted BFP and cards for the Communitiy chalanges that was held on the end of BF. Free time is a problem i can do 1 hour per day becouse of te work, Fridays 3hours + and on Weekends 10-15 Hours In BF i played pvp and pwe. PVP i was mostly Bane sometimes above it. PWE i was playing all collors but my favorite was Nature. Rooting deck till t3 then Collossus, Elders and Wyerns get the job done. My discrd is : Babo #1291
  3. Babonja

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi guys,girls and those in between, I want to tell you a story how BattleForge helped me in a ruff time. If you belive me its up to you. But hell who wuld come with thiss kind of story in the first place. It was in the year 2011 in Bosnia. I had an accident at work, got an spinal surgery was 6 months in the bed (god bless my BT mouse), at that time in lost my job, no monney for me or my wife. At that time i decided to sell some of my Promo Cards for real monney. You cann judge me, but that helped me comming thru that shitty time. I sold Promo: 5x Mo,Rogan,Viridya,3x Harvester,Swamp Drake, 3x Jugger,Firedancer, Knight, 3xRasorleaf, Construct and 4x Ravenheart for 580$ leaving me with one promo of each. - I think i got te numbers right , cannt remember. In bosnian currency that was exactly 1084... Bam (Bosnian currency) witch was equal of my 3 month payment. Thx to the buyer Trenton L. i hope you read thiss buddy. It helped me to buy a smile on my Wifes face. She was the one who was mocking me that i play BF to much And BF got her the Dress she wanted. She in not mocking anymore when i play . (atleast not that much ) I realy want to stress test your server beccouse i was a real BattleForge junkie, my IGN was EKImko in PVP i was Bane Rank, a pure Nature Player I had started a Pure collor PVE maps walkthu on Youtube with Farrock modarated it to help new players (greetings Rock), looking forward to continue it. Heare are the videos, enjoy: Encounters With Twilight Expert - Pure Shadow Encounters With Twilight Expert - Pure Nature Encounters With Twilight Expert - Pure Fire Encounters With Twilight Expert - Pure Frost I can prommise to play after work 3-5 Matches and on weekends im going play much much more. Battleforge has an spetial place in my heart but Im also a Father now. Discord name: Babo Patreon: Babnja Pls lett me in, im officialy aplying for an CB place. see you in the Forge
  4. Babonja

    Open Beta *Memes* Collection !

    Sry guys
  5. Babonja

    too much grinding ?

    yeah but its a lilte too "working class" unfriendly. When im avay from 07:00-19:00 and get on my pc from 21:00-23:00 i will fall behind some kinds who have time to play whole day and make multi acc.
  6. Babonja

    Quest suggestions

    Go T3 in a PVP match. Summon a T4 Unit in a PVP Match.
  7. Babonja

    ADS ???

    Its OK,, and it will keep the game alive.
  8. Babonja

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    Hi mates and thx for bringing such an cool game back. I hope i see you in the forge soon. PS.Can i have an beta key pls Check out my old videos, Commentary done by Farrock. My Old BF Chanel
  9. Babonja

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    yeah i spended around 70-100 Euro

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