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  1. If I’m ever actively playing again feel to message me and we will set up a spare match, Chorba. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who enjoys that particular T3 I haven’t played in ages but I will try to find time to play in the Fight Club sometime, sounds really awesome. Unfortunately this week is not going to work.
  2. Hey Chorba Windhunter was kind enough to reach out to me and let me know about this post. It really warmed my heart to hear you have fond memories of watching my replays back in the day and still remember to this day. Windhunters suggested deck is pretty close to what I'd play but there was never really any final version of the deck. I will try to share my favorite iteration of the deck. T1: Meta: Windweavers, Spearmen, Dryad, Shaman, Roots, Hurricane, Surge of Light Off-meta: Werebeasts, Amazon(Green), "Primal Defender" Windhunter already mentioned that it
  3. [quote='Aazrl' pid='2076' dateline='1435260907'] And it will come to a moment, where main pvp cards will be nerfed, because they were the strongest cards on PvE. Would you like to play fire and get nerfed few important fire cards because they were quite strong in PvE? Or would you rather have a possibility to say that it will not be cool for PvP players? [/quote] I think you misunderstand me, PvP balance should always trump PvE balance since it has a far greater impact on other peoples enjoyment of the game. My point was that if a card happens to becomes less viable in PvE due
  4. I still don't get it from the PvE perspective. Everyone you are "competing" against/with use the same cards, if one card gets nerfed its the same for everyone and everyone have to adjust. If i was playing PvE id want people to regularly nerf the strongest cards so i could have the opportunity to find a new way to beat X map.
  5. [quote='Aazrl' pid='1958' dateline='1435188392'] That's why I enjoy buffing over nerfing. If you buff A card, the B card will not be removed completly from the game and there will be option to play A card over B card. If you nerf A card, A card will not longer be useful anywhere. [/quote] Really want to stress a point here nerfing a card doesn't mean it will become useless. But to argue your point, say card X is very strong to fix it you could either nerf card X or buff card Y+Z+X+B+N+M to get them on the same level and actual be viable options. The easiest and safest route is t
  6. @Titan: Can you please enlighten me how you can destroy balance in pve ? I don't understand that concept unless a map actually becomes unbeatable following some balance change.
  7. [quote='SunWu II.' pid='1750' dateline='1435093976'] i think microskills aren't important in that matter. Intelligence, experience (knowing the meta as good as possible) and objectivity are more important. Of course the players in the council should have some high-rank experience, though. I don't think the forum would vote for a beginner, the best PVP players are widely known. To ensure that every faction is represented, there would indeed have to be some kind of ministry for each one. Luckily there are a lot of quite highranked players who know every deck or at least more than one.
  8. Nice to see you guys Ndclub and Marbslonk :D First of ill sign any petition to remove Curse Well from the game. Secondly about Mental Omega's suggestion to vote people into the council. My biggest concern about elections is twofold. First of all, the voters, should everyone be allowed to vote ? If so how do we prevent people from using multiple accounts to vote for themselves or someone they agree with. Secondly should everyone be allowed to run ? If so you might end up with people who doesn't have the micro/skill to play the game at the highest level. On top of that how
  9. [quote='Aazrl' pid='840' dateline='1434729291'] Nerfing a card forces me to play another card. Buffing a card gives me a possibility to try other card, but my card is still as playable as earlier. That's why I feel that buffing cards is better option, but require much more work. [/quote] Sometimes nerfing just one card will make several other cards viable. A card like Lyrish Knight used to be a cost efficient counter vs pretty much all S/M/L units alike but after it got nerfed people have to bring several other cards instead. Another example from the newest version of Battleforg
  10. Imagine we nerf XYZ card because its too strong in pvp, and because of that nerf XYZ isn't strong enough to do speedruns with anymore. Did that break pve speedruns or fix it ? Does it really matter ? If XYZ isn't good enough everyone have to find a suitable replacement. I'm not sure what you want balanced in pve tbh. For a speed run there is an optimal deck and if you nerf any card in the deck something else is going to replace it and your gonna have a slightly different version of the original deck.
  11. I don't think anyone else mentioned having elite players voting on the suggestions the "Councils" proposes. For cards like Wheel of Gifts and all basically all T4 cards i think it would be fine if everyone were allowed to vote, but for important pvp cards including almost all of the t1 and t2 cards i don't think someone who doesn't play high level pvp should be allowed to vote.
  12. My suggestion: Have 3-5 high level players be in charge on making balancing suggestions. Any suggestion they agree upon will have to pass a vote before they can take effect. The only people who should be allowed to vote are people who are top 20 1v1 and top 3 2v2.
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