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  1. This is really awesome. As a PvP player, the map balance is especially great!
  2. Thanks! Edit: just seen the game, that was absolutely hilarious haha, great 'game'
  3. I don't, where can I find em?
  4. There is another thread, and maybe you can stalk this thread to get the replay site up and running :-)
  5. It's also quite effective to use Parasite Swarm. It can take over Skyfire Drakes and Scythe Fiends, deal great damage against Enforcers/Gladiatrix and can even snipe Firedancers over cliffs. Just be careful, because they have a very low healthpool and one shot from a Drake + Eruption and they're dead. You can send Energy Parasites to distant places, forcing the Fire player to summon a Skyfire Drake. Even if this kills your EP without leeching a well, it will force 100 power for the Drake far away from the action. Ghostsspears + Spirit Hunters are a quite strong early game combo. Don't use Burrowers, if you want to attack just use Deep One instead. Whatever you do, don't rush/stay in T1. Pure Fire T2 is extremely strong against Nature T1.
  6. I'm by no means a top-player, or even close to that (rank 65 with pure nature), but I agree with the sentiment. On smaller maps you at least get to decide whether or not to rush, but on the larger map it basically forces you into an instant T2 that you will probably lose. Although I can understand that it's not a high priority, I actually really like your solutions. Especially the Mana Wing one as it isn't really useful in PvP right now, but it's an awesome unit :-) I would be fine with buffing some Fire and Shadow T1 cards as well, of course. A diverse T1 fight is always great!
  7. I had three nice games recently, I added them to the post :-) The one one Wazhai is a nice nature T1 vs Shadow/Frost T2 base trade, the other two are Root Network games. The one vs. Imperial Knight is him practicing with a Stonekin deck and the one vs. Tygwar is vs. Shadow/Frost. MarbSlonk vs KnightofAlbania.pmv MarbSlonk vs Imperial_Knight (1).pmv MarbSlonk vs Tygwar.pmv EDIT: My ELO is ~110.000, around the 65th place in 1v1, in case it matters :-)
  8. NAME: Smaller Abyssal Warders don't get Wheel of Gifts buff DESCRIPTION: As said in the title, the smaller versions of the Abyssal Warder don't get any buffs from Wheel of Gifts. The original, XL version does, however. REPRODUCIBILITY: Both ingame and in the Forge. Both affinities.
  9. I completely agree with the current proposal. Giving them a different version of looter later on sounds great. As synthc suggested a slight decrease in power cost or stat buff in the meanwhile would be fine. Great work!
  10. Same for me. Excluded BF from the virus scanner, running as admin and so on, but cannot log in.
  11. I'm quite sure I ran BF perfectly fine in 16:10. I have a 1680*1050 monitor and I never had any problems with it, so it should be fine I guess. I also never edited any files or changed settings.
  12. I was Hero (first blue rank) and can help up to that level with pure nature. I'd like tips/help on playing pure nature (especially T1) from anyone that plays at a higher level though. I usually ran a root network deck.
  13. I got it, thanks guys!
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