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  1. MarbSlonk

    Balance Proposal: Thugs

    I completely agree with the current proposal. Giving them a different version of looter later on sounds great. As synthc suggested a slight decrease in power cost or stat buff in the meanwhile would be fine. Great work!
  2. MarbSlonk

    Error Code - 1

    Same for me. Excluded BF from the virus scanner, running as admin and so on, but cannot log in.
  3. MarbSlonk

    Widescreen 21:9 support

    I'm quite sure I ran BF perfectly fine in 16:10. I have a 1680*1050 monitor and I never had any problems with it, so it should be fine I guess. I also never edited any files or changed settings.
  4. MarbSlonk

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    I was Hero (first blue rank) and can help up to that level with pure nature. I'd like tips/help on playing pure nature (especially T1) from anyone that plays at a higher level though. I usually ran a root network deck.
  5. MarbSlonk

    What unit would you like seeing a promo version of ?

    Mana Wing or Abyssal Warder would be epic
  6. MarbSlonk

    Global Warming Rework

    [quote='Silverdragon' pid='8586' dateline='1437499029'] and it seems like u can also not judge about pvp at all. you would destroy the complete balancing by letting fire units take more dmg. at least when u dont raise the HP of the units by the same amount and then they would just be better with live weaving. so ur suggestion is just bullshit. if u dont have an idea from pvp and balancing then u shouldnt try to suggest things for pvp and balancing. [/quote] I think he means that Global Warming makes ENEMIES take x% more damage. You could try to make a more constructive comment as well, you sound extremely offensive.
  7. MarbSlonk

    New cards?

    [quote='Shadows' pid='4343' dateline='1436791193'] the game already has many cards to new cards only create new promos in the days of Christmas Easter party type etc. [/quote] New cards, if well designed, can only improve the game. The sentence "if well designed" is incredibly important here though :) [quote='EpicStormer' pid='4412' dateline='1436803057'] Look at legacy reforge if u want new cards i believe that we waited too much for bf to come back for them to change it... [/quote] Legacy Reforge is not just making new cards, it is a completely different game. You may have nice ideas for new cards for Battleforge instead of wanting to play Legacy.
  8. MarbSlonk

    Say something about the person above you.

    Assumes Groping is bad at maths
  9. MarbSlonk

    Say something about the person above you.

    Has more posts than I have in half the time ;)
  10. MarbSlonk

    Say something about the person above you.

    Is #464 Seems to like numbers
  11. MarbSlonk

    Where are you from?

    The Netherlands/Holland as well. We Dutch people seem to be overly represented around here :p
  12. MarbSlonk

    Say something about the person above you.

    Is refusing to explain what crea- nevermind. Seems to like to spit fire
  13. MarbSlonk

    Say something about the person above you.

    Had a good point about my creativity (touché :p)
  14. MarbSlonk

    What will become of the balance?

    I agree with you LagOps, but I still think there are a lot of cards that can be both viable and fun to play with while not hardcountering or shutting down tactics from your opponent. Take Sunken Temple and SunWu's criticism: the card is bad (and trust me, I did test it). It is slow, the critters are weak in late T2 because they are a S/S squad and you bind 100 power. Combining the card with SoM makes it more expensive than a Harvester, while being a lot weaker and allowing the opponent to go T3 before the first critters are summoned. Just straight buffing it might turn it into a win-more card: if you're behind it won't do anything, if you're ahead you will outright win the game. So, in order to compensate Nature's weak early T2 (taking SunWu's point of view, which I mostly share) you might make the critters free. Or make the building cheaper and keep the cost. Giving the creatures a M-attack might also help, or making them immune to knockback. All solutions might need to critters to be weaker (stats). This way you 1. Aid a faction by strenghtening certain weak spots; 2. Make a card viable yet fun; 3. Keep the card balanced and non-situational. Keep in mind that Sunken Temple is an example and that all proposed changed are examples as well: it is the idea that matters, not the specific card!
  15. MarbSlonk

    Say something about the person above you.

    Is falling back to his old level of creativity ;-)

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