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  1. in my experience: it works better if only a few ppl are online. probably something with the serverload. Try to play tomorrow before going to work. Works for me like a charme
  2. its not just hardware-resources but also coding. i think noone can answer you this question...
  3. hi all, now i can confirm: 21:9 ratio works great with skylords reborn! Have fun :-)
  4. In graphic settings, ssao on "very high" caused some problems for me. I reduced it t "high" and problem solved. my specs: ryzen 1700X, nvidia 1080, win10
  5. Please put me on the 1vs1 list. Open Beta - I can allmost feel it :-)
  6. Ah ty, indeed this does look promising And yes, great deack name
  7. Thanks for the replys! Well I stated a question at the wide-sceen-gaming-forum as suggested. You can find it here: http://www.wsgf.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=31123 Lets see if someone answers it. I realy wanna play battleforge again :D. Lets hope that the devs can make some nice progress in the next months.
  8. Hi girls and gents, as a matter of couriousity, because i m using one of these monitors: Will 21:9 widescreen resolutions (like 3440:1440) be supported by the game? Does one of the alpha testers have such a monitor? And if so, how would be the positioning of the minimap and other HUD elements? Greetings!
  9. 1401 no way nature gets burned, green power :-)
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