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  1. TheGodKiller

    In game money boosters and more

    [quote='TheGeekProject' pid='8067' dateline='1437395905'] [quote='ladadoos' pid='7458' dateline='1437263473'] [quote='Arokon' pid='7456' dateline='1437263405'] Yes. It will be great. Your idea is awesome! +1 from me :) [/quote] Please explain to me what his idea/suggestion is. [/quote] To get boosters from the game money a.k.a the money we use to get from playing (solo etc) [/quote] But why removing BFP? It's still going to be a real thing. It's not like we'll get 1000 BFP after 1 day or something, they will try to make 1BFP from the old Bafo equal to 1BFP in BFR. But being able to buy boosters with gold isn't that bad. I just think we won't need it.
  2. TheGodKiller

    Graphic Designer for you !

    [quote='FRMIMo' pid='7997' dateline='1437390354'] EDIT : [img]http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/30/1437390252-godkiller.png[/img] Done in 40 minutes for @TheGodKiller [/quote] even better than expected :D
  3. TheGodKiller

    Gallery of MIMo !

    best signature by far ;)
  4. TheGodKiller

    Graphic Designer for you !

    Oh boy didn't anyone notice that on the signaturen of @ladadoos there is written laladoos? :p EDIT: yea I saw that it's fixed :)
  5. TheGodKiller

    What unit would you like seeing a promo version of ?

    Guys why haven't anyone suggesties this yet? We need a promo Grim Bahir! It was already the coolest looking card in my opinion, so just imagine it being even more awesome :p For the buildings I think that frost would need Worldbreaker Gun, shadow Church of Negation, Fire Mortar Tower and I don't know about nature, maybe Living Tower?
  6. TheGodKiller

    Where are you from?

    FarRock is also from US, BheadR is the third Begian here :D @ladadoos Thx for the list btw, that's very helpful :p
  7. TheGodKiller

    BattleForge Card Layerset

    Imagine if the amii power well would be implemented, everyone would play bandit :p Really well done btw :D
  8. TheGodKiller

    Please remove BFP, give us all cards instant!

    I didn't play form day 1 at all, maybe after a year of release or something and I started with a very good deck because I got the cards from a friend who payed for them. At first I thought it was cool to play all the easy maps with colosus or a juggernaut in my deck. But when I finished every PvE map I found it boring cause I didn't have enough skills for PvP, so I quit BF for a couple of months (I was so stupid ;( ) I came back later and I started with a smurf account where I didn't send any card to. So then I started from nothing, and I enjoyed it. So no need to say that I dislike your idea.
  9. TheGodKiller

    Tech-Alpha Question

    [quote='Ultrakool' pid='7004' dateline='1437214693'] [quote='TheGodKiller' pid='6998' dateline='1437211589'] [quote='WotdeFack' pid='6602' dateline='1437136990'] I think they will choose testers around when the alpha comes out, in 2-3 months.. [/quote] I thought they said that the tech alpha would be released in July and afaik, it isn't August yet. [/quote] july was an early estimate given by hawk. Definitively, they will release alpha at the end of summer= ie. latest 21 Sept. At first I thought end of July isn't feasible at all but with all the work @fiki574 has been doing I'm very hopeful :P [/quote] Thanks for destroying my hope ;( Jk but did they say it will defenitely be released at the end of summer, like in waiting even tho they are already finished the things they had to do, or will they still launch the tech alpha as fast as possible?
  10. TheGodKiller


    [quote='Ultrakool' pid='7006' dateline='1437214881'] I kind of like the idea, maybe not definitive leagues as Lag Ops pointed out the cons of that, but "ELO ranges" where you can only be matched with players in your ELO range. ex: only silver ranked, gold, blue etc. And i don't quite remember if you could hide your "status" : in the forge, searching for game , etc but that would help a lot, since players will not be able to wait for the strong player to be in a game before searching etc, which AFAIK was happening a lot . [/quote] There was a way to say that you was AFK or something but defenitely not to hide what you were actually doing. Implementing such system would be very good and helpful because I did it all the time although I wasen't ranked that high.
  11. TheGodKiller

    Favorite BF replay !!!

    [quote='WotdeFack' pid='7001' dateline='1437213351'] Sorry, heres the right link http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4EkOmKmN_S8 [/quote] Wow that mine+ hurricane combo to destroy the wells in the beginning was really effectieve :D
  12. TheGodKiller

    Favorite BF replay !!!

    [quote='WotdeFack' pid='6949' dateline='1437176185'] [justify]http://youtu.be/4EkOmKmN_S8[/justify] [justify]i like how they get all the way up to tier 3[/justify] [/quote] Your link doesn't work :(
  13. TheGodKiller


    Leagues wouldn't be good in my opinion. It wouldn't change that much in the lower Leagues but if a pro would be looking for a match in the grandmaster one, how long would it take for him to find a match? If he is the best player at that moment he will search for a match but if let's say the #10 player wants to play as well and he sees that the pro is also looking (you can see that in your friend list) he'll simply wait till the pro goes offline. So I think that Leagues would be very bad at the top of the ladder. And as LagOps says, the matchmaking was already good when it was bases on the ELO of a player.
  14. TheGodKiller

    Tech-Alpha Question

    [quote='WotdeFack' pid='6602' dateline='1437136990'] I think they will choose testers around when the alpha comes out, in 2-3 months.. [/quote] I thought they said that the tech alpha would be released in July and afaik, it isn't August yet.
  15. TheGodKiller


    [quote='WotdeFack' pid='6794' dateline='1437155407'] tal it isnt guaranteed your money will completely go to charity though [/quote] I consider keeping the BFR servers up a charity that benefits us :D

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