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  1. Just find a way so people like me who are interested just for PvP won't be forced to play PvE, thank you
  2. thesikaleon

    Maybe add a Report Player option?

    i found out i can use but I get message "Report error"
  3. thesikaleon

    Maybe add a Report Player option?

    This is what i get after 1/3 ranked games.
  4. thesikaleon

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    there is no birthday for something that isnt born yet Give us any ETA of release would be cool, like 6 months, 1 year or a lifetime. But give us an ETA
  5. thesikaleon

    Opening Tournament

    Count me in 1v1 and 2v2
  6. thesikaleon

    Say something about the person above you.

    he will reach 800 posts in less than a week :D
  7. thesikaleon

    Say something about the person above you.

    forum lover
  8. thesikaleon

    Introduce Yourself!

    [quote='RadicalX' pid='1486' dateline='1434994288'] Heyho, I am RadicalX and some people should know me from the past. I was a very dedicated PvP player (reached the top spot in 1v1 & 2v2), but I played PvE aswell from time to time. Nice to meet you all! I'm really hyped to play the game again. :D [/quote] hey man!!! nice that we are almost all here again :shy:
  9. thesikaleon

    Say something about the person above you.

    wants to be a forum mod
  10. thesikaleon

    Say something about the person above you.

    So many cards and he likes Hype Wagon? :D
  11. thesikaleon

    Introduce Yourself!

    [quote='GreenSapphire' pid='7866' dateline='1437338195'] Sika is here
  12. thesikaleon

    Introduce Yourself!

    Didn't notice that thread and made another one, anyway I will never stop to be a noob lamer.. :D Hello people!!! thesikaleon here If you are veteran players you probably know me, playing just nature/frost and always shout on forums that "whatever is ingame is fair, and there is no lame" Was in top 5 at 1v1 and 2v2 for a long time. I was the admin of battlefore.gr where people used to upload replays at the late years of the game. When this game is online i can set up a replays website if its needed. I am so excited!!! [img]http://bfreborn.com/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.png[/img]

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