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  1. Just find a way so people like me who are interested just for PvP won't be forced to play PvE, thank you
  2. thesikaleon

    Maybe add a Report Player option?

    i found out i can use but I get message "Report error"
  3. thesikaleon

    Maybe add a Report Player option?

    This is what i get after 1/3 ranked games.
  4. thesikaleon

    Happy Birthday Skylords Reborn !

    there is no birthday for something that isnt born yet Give us any ETA of release would be cool, like 6 months, 1 year or a lifetime. But give us an ETA
  5. i should stop play MOBAs i guess People who refuse as to go straight in competitive PVP say that "original game was about to farm PVE for your cards/upgrades". They forget that the original game had the option to use real money for your cards. Anyway doesnt really matter cause IMO they will never release this game. Its so long without any progress... I hope to be wrong..
  6. Original BF we had the chance to buy our cards/charges with real money. We couldnt buy upgrades but we could buy the best cards for a fast PVE farming. Now you want us to start from zero without the chance to buy a boost. So give us instant PVP, and you PVE players can farm as much as you like. All players who enjoy playing PVP want to have instant 120 lvl deck only for PVP. On the other hand the PVE fans say "No" . WTF? You dont really care to play PVP what is your problem? Why you care about whatever happens in PVP ? Yeah i know the reason : You know you will play PVE non stop and you will get your upgrades/cards faster so you will have a chance to win some games in PVP cause of your higher lvl deck. GZ NOOBS!!!
  7. thesikaleon

    What's wrong in this world?

    Only disagree at this point. It is wrong. Keep it for yourself or not, its wrong. Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool.
  8. thesikaleon

    What's wrong in this world?

  9. My post is not aggressive at any way, neither yours. Peace and Love I love this freaking game more than any PVP game playing ever. Problem is that i love only the PVP part and i bought all my cards with real money to skip the boring PVE (still forced to play for the upgrades). After the BFREPLAYS website was down i set up and host my own website for community to share replays. I was the admin of battlefore.gr where people used to upload replays at the late years of the game. I consider myself more than a good PVP player cause i was playing 24/7 and paying without any donations for the website server. This doesnt mean that my opinion is more important that others. I never said you force anyone to play or that you will miss me if i dont play this game. Actually I am really happy that I get an instant answer from a developer. I explained i am 34 years old with family and have no time to play something real boring (PVE farm) for many hours. Cause i wont join PVP if i dont have all the cards i need at full upgrades and charges. What I said "give me instant PVP or i wont install" is not any kind of childish offensive troll-threat, its just a fact. You may dont care, fair enough. Playing in an "almost private" server a 10 years old game is not for casuals. You will have many people online the first days, couple months. Then they will get bored and move on (maybe play a new android game ). The "2% kind of me" hardcore gamers (not casuals) will play PVP battleforge forever. BTW are you sure its only 2% that want separate PVP from PVE so we can straight play PVP with a 120 lvl deck? Make a poll, publish it at facebook, send to all members email and get your poll result after 3 months If your decision is final i will just wait and hope for a change in the future, if not.. Starcraft 2 is still here. Peace and Love, gl
  10. posted the same a year ago Hope game to be released soon and developers understand that in order to have a decent number of players they need to give us instant pvp. If i am forced to play PVE farming cards i wont bother install this game. I was in top 5 at 2v2 and in top 10 at 1v1 when this game was full of active players. Developers need to understand that top PVP players wont come back if they will be forced to farm PVE. Back original battleforge we could buy with real money all cards and we need only upgrades. Playing PVE with starting deck without the option to buy a Shaman with real money makes PVE hard and needs much time we dont have. I am 34 years old now and have wife and kid. Even the younger player back then he is now at least 25-26 years old.
  11. thesikaleon

    Release Date of BFReborn

    Stop posting in forums. Stop asking for company manager. Give us the game to play!!! You have the money from donations, you host the game, we play. Why it has to be more complicated? PS: Dont hate me!!! its off-topic board here
  12. thesikaleon

    Opening Tournament

    Count me in 1v1 and 2v2
  13. thesikaleon

    [NEW] Final Poll: Forum Colour Scheme

    I love how the white supporters will get pwned here!!! No offense you awesome skylords They asked for another topic hoping to change the result. It is obvious that almost all the Official BattleForge Forum Colors supporters will go for dark than bright colors. I will repeat myself here: Dark rulez !
  14. thesikaleon

    Poll: Forum Colour Scheme

    Companies like Blizzard definitely know better. Dark colors allow people to stay more on a website and read wall of texts without get tired, its eye friendly. Its "less professional" yes, and they want you to feel like that to be more user friendly. On the other side all online stores use bright colors to make them look more professional and gain your trust. Same for domain sellers, hosting websites etc Even Blizzard use white color when comes to support https://eu.battle.net/support they want to gain your trust. But never the forum http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/ , its dark. If its a gaming forum the best way to go is dark colors.
  15. thesikaleon

    Poll: Forum Colour Scheme

    Not true, almost all professional game forums are dark (example: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/)

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