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  1. or when i created a lobby and You ( mephisto) entered he gain the party leadership for some reason? i tought it was GM standard ? @MephistoRoss
  2. WIsh granted but every time they go on everyone else goes offline i wish there where more good movies
  3. no from private source i dont do the humble scam
  4. Idk what to do with them so i'll drop some here . Mr.Jezko | H0J26-XPDND-7INY6 Lock Parsing 2 | 23IEE-GG7P3-J8XCZ Don't Fall | 28RRF-E82BB-IGCB3 Dabda | 8793P-HFD92-WDWHF Qubika | PFITZ-LRKKX-CMGGM
  5. I have a server standing its 1GB(RAM), i can give you acces over it if you want. (minecraft)

  6. if i dont go i will get -350EUR on next paycheck...
  7. i'm sorry but if somebady is a bad joke its you. these ppl are working hard to get the game back to life. and you are just a person that cannot wait . you just suck. they dont even accept donations anymore so why would they be a scam. they are really doint this for the cumminty

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    2. anonyme0273


      'cause people like this just undermine the belief of everyone. 

      You start at the roots, if you want to tear a problem apart, to make sure it doesn't grow. - you make people believe so they don't spread negativity around to anyone who has doubts but hasn't yet decided

    3. Kaliber84


      You can tell him all you want but I doubt he'll change. It's best for the mods to decide if his behaviour is bad or not.
      I simply don't understand why we should bring this up again? As long as his comments were forgotten they did no harm.

    4. SunWu


      He's the edgy kind, just like his razorshards

  8. 1890 woaw... so far happy birthday BFR
  9. accepting donations :( ?

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    2. anonyme0273


      Yes... advertising BFR :rolleyes:

    3. TheSInEater


      hmmhmm i think i woud better advertise -,- free...  for the community

    4. Ultrakool


      It's just a joke ^_^ 

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