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  1. had the same problem happened after i tried to create a game 1 minute ago
  2. NAME: party lead changes to a random person who is not online SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: party lobby REPRODUCIBILITY:4/10 DESCRIPTION: it seems when you are too long in a party lobby ( longer than 5 min) or when 5 people enter the party (when there is only place for 4) there is a chance you all get kicked from the lobby and the party lead changes to a random person who was not in the group beforehand you can't whisper this person and when you look that person up it says "offline" this would not be a problem if you could just leave the group but we can't because then we free
  3. NAME: Freeze after leaving a group SEVERITY: definitely 1 LOCATION: leaving the group doesn't matter where you at REPRODUCIBILITY: always DESCRIPTION: after leaving a group you are not frozen yet but if you click any button (i tried every button, mail button etc) even trying to type makes it freeze SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: will upload when i am back in the game ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: for now we just ask the leaders to kick us that way we can continue playing
  4. btw its not really a bug its just a dc becuz after i could play for a full hour
  5. just really unlucky servers were unstable for me whole day got some log ins dced 5 times in every pve after like 10/15min really enjoyed it! and 3:00am till 4:00am i played a full hour!! happiest man alive right now great job dev team and keep it up!!
  6. had the same issue just got in and tried it again a sec ago and it worked ooh nvm map loaded and right after i dced soooo close
  7. gotta do something in the meanwhile while trying to log in no?
  8. yes its normal.if you get in,it will connect withing a few seconds if it takes longer than that you lost connection with the server
  9. if every file is in 1 folder it should work
  10. losing this..... i could not believe they just dropped the game but NOW there is HOPE and i cant wait for the final product!
  11. ya dont uninstall just try what no fearek9 said
  12. this was my fav game of all time im just toooo impatient i geuss
  13. seeing " too many user on the server" for 1 hour now.. then finally a succes! and then i dc within 10 sec....
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