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  1. Thanks for all the amazing work again. The pvp general updates are really really cool and important. Some very useful things like not seeing queueing participants and loses or the happy hours. Regarding the nature balance updates I'm not sure though. Nature was the worst faction before and the patch somehow feels more like a nerf to me than a buff. All of the most important cards got significantly nerfed - ep, som, deep one; even parasite swarm. Instead there was a 10% dmg buff for ghost spears. But they are small units and surely want make the game for nature like this. Then there
  2. Is there a way to see how the single matches went? Would be interesting to see who won against whom. And what also would be pretty cool, to see some of the replays. So maybe make it mandatory (or at least give the possibility) to send the replays to the moderator of the league, or upload it directly somwhere?
  3. Yes, i meant only one match per player (and not a season where everyone matches 2 times - like most football leagues, thats my reference lol). bo3 is best i agree - later on we could also try bo5, if desired.
  4. Thanks for your interest and feedback everyone. Small league sounds good. And for the first round only one game per player as well. Id suggest 10 then (because 8 sound so much like quarter finals in a tournament xD; still finally depends on who wants to participate ofc). And maybe one fix climb and one which has to be decided via an extra match? Or 2 fix climbs. I also asked a few players online, but spread the word, the more participants, the better. Ill also talk to Hiko as well 🙂
  5. Hello and welcome everybody, First of all, thanks for the amazing patch yesterday! Really excited to see new things in the game. Id love to see some new possibilities to play some nice PVP matches. A cool new feature could be a Skylords League. The concept of a league is pretty simple and i guess there is not a lot to explain. A fix number of players, a fix or variable date to play and a mode (bo3 eg). Thats basically it. Of course there should be a rule book or something, so we need to work that out. For the organisational part I checked challonge and it offers pretty
  6. Amazing to see another tome tournament. Unfortunately I cannot make it today again. Keep it up and have fun 😊!
  7. Hey guys, I have problems downloading the test server (windows defender tells me its virus). Im trying to get it anyway, but if i dont make it would it be possibly to play my games on the normal server? Would be a pity to not attend the Tournament, im hyped for weeks Greetings Sonaris
  8. NAME: Freezing after Leaving a (PVP) Group SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: in the "pvp area", where you choose Maps etc. REPRODUCIBILITY: 5/5 DESCRIPTION: A few times now i left a group after a pvp sparring and it always hung up. Not immediately while leaving the group, but during the next action. For example when I klicked on "back" to get back to the sparring ground or whatever. Always the next action connected to possible matches (not trading area) hung the game up. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: I dont have one. Hope this helps
  9. Any chance this game will ever work again? I'm waiting for over a year now and lost my faith already.
  10. Hey guys, Sorry i have to ask again. So by having an forum account I'm already in the Pool of possible getting an Open Beta access? Or do I have to do something more? And do i get a message if i get access or how does it work? Best wishes
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