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  1. Really like the hole design of the new minefield. Fits perfect for Bandits and looking competitive 🙂 i would also name it just minefield instead of bandit minefield
  2. Thank you for the Topic Sonaris 🙂 Atleast for me a league is something what i am missing a lot. A league can really help connect the community for a long time. I thought about a league systems some months ago. I suggest less participants per league, therefor more divisions. I would prefer to play a shorter league with more seasons. A league with 10-15 player with 2 games against each other would take 20-30 weeks, IF everything goes well. Also i think the longer the league the more people will drop with various reasons. In my thoughts i ended up with 3 divisions, 8 play
  3. dont worry, you will see some fire frost action in the upcoming tournament
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