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  1. NAME: Stuck Kyle (King of the Giants) DESCRIPTION: This bug comes in two flavors: 1) Kyle gets stuck at the end of the mission, near the cave, Jorne might attack him but deal no damage, or not attack at all. As a result game can NOT be finished. "Fat Kyle Bug" (see screenshot) 2) Kyle and Jone get superimposed at Kyle spawn and walk together, upon arriving at the end point they go out of bounds (out of terrain near the cave). As a result game CAN be finished, but takes additional time (appx 7minutes). "Imposed Kyle Bug" (no screenshot available for now). REPRODUCIBILITY: Rando
  2. This is unfunny for 48 hours i was not able to get in to the game and play 1 match.
  3. Does it happen in game on login or launcher?
  4. EXAEX

    lag crashes

    Watcher is right in game is laggy. It is a server/user ping or server performance issue. Me and several users have noticed in game lags or even freezes that happen constantly but most notable are units map movement and chests but this is expected in "stress test" Very common problem is that when you start a mission, save a deck, finish a mission, spam click orb, or randomly, the game freezes and if it does not unfreeze in 5 seconds it is perma frozen until you terminate the game or DC.
  5. Hi guys. I wanted to add some known issues that i came across and or other ppl: -Unit movement is buggy -chests are hard to open (when all opening requirements are met) -some map terrain might be clipping (in fog) -random in game freeze that cant be lifted (back to the login screen with you) -random short freeze that solves it self after few seconds -freeze when trying to lock a deck -freeze when trying to save a deck -freeze when spamming orb button when you do not have enough manna -after cut scene plays game might be lagging a lot -login, disconnect (most common bug kno
  6. EXAEX

    freezing game

    Can confirm. Also it can freeze when you lock the deck or randomly in the game while playing a mission.
  7. Hello skylords. To launch the game you have to copy updater files in to the BF folder where BattleForge app resides. Then you have to launch UAC with admin rights. The exe will generate extra files, at this point you antivirus will go off and remove the launcher. You have to either disable your antivirus before clicking UAC or go to the antivirus and add UAC/ laucher to the "white list". Another option is to dequarantine it and add an exception to the antivirus. After you have launched AUC, cmd will pop up and close, then the updater will launch. After some time you can click play and enter t
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