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  1. dahm, since i resized the img this piece of information is lost. The encounter was approx. 10min before the post, if this helps. I vaguely remember that exactly ONE GM was online or at least displayed in that channel at that specific time.
  2. NAME: [System]: Chat Message SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge & Ingame REPRODUCIBILITY: None, is triggered from outside and not reproducible. 2 times observed DESCRIPTION: [System]: <Type some random text here> appears ingame and in the forge SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Look at the Red [System]: Messages ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: are this "printf"/debug test messages from devs/mods? if not someone found a way to broadcast or message directly to users via the [System]: chat
  3. NAME: "Critical Error: Assertion failed!" SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Starting rPVE REPRODUCIBILITY: NONE DESCRIPTION: Starting rPVE invokes a Whitescreen and an Error Message SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not sure when exactly the Error started. My assumption is while pressing "start the game" Errorrating 2, since i havent reproduced the bug and it could be due to server shutdown. pressing the OK button resulted in another error message. was either a .net or visual studio 20XX message saying something about virtual methods. dissapeared in a fraction of a second May be due to shutting down the Servers. Approx. 30s later a Discord Notification popped up: InsaneHawkheute um 19:07 Uhr @everyone Hello Skylords! Our servers are off for now, on purpose, we're doing a maintenance that is quite important on our end. We'll let you know once servers will be back online! Thank you for your patience!
  4. Ill add this one as another trade bug. Trading was not possible. Sadly i forgot to make a screenshot of the error message. I dragged the card into the trading window, the card dissapeared from the window and a couple of seconds later i either closed the trading window or an error message appeared. But it wasnt "Player is already in a trade, please try again later!" The Screenshot is from afterwards, Grimvine IMG disapeared from the cards Tab.
  5. Same happend to me twice for the second Map (Siege of Hope?).
  6. NAME: Inbox daily reward/ achievements Error SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Mails REPRODUCIBILITY: NONE DESCRIPTION: Unable to collect loot from mails After finishing the second map (Siege of Hope), three unread "reward" Mails pop up. Trying to collect the loot induces an unkown error (Red part in the console). For each "collect all", one "[System]: Uknown Error!" shows up. After about 5-8 trys the client freezes. This happends with all three mails. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Restarting the Client resolves this problem, Items are collectible afterwards Image:
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