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    Closed Beta Applications

    Hallo Skylords My name is BloodyHell...I’m from Germany and - obviously - I did not notice this thread before xD Well… now I will tell you why I want to play the closed beta. I played Battleforge from the beginning till the end. I had a short break in this time, but I never stopped loving this game. For a long time I was searching for an game like Battleforge, but I never found something like this. 2014 I found Legacy Reforge and because of this I got attentive to skylords reborn in 2016. After finding this side I spend a lot time reading the DevPlatform or other threads in the forum. I did not write much in the forum, but I visit the page nearly every day In the old game I spend a lot of time. I played like everyday...better said night.. ^^’ My favourite decks were pure Nature or all cards together (multicolored), but I played with every color. PVE was my favourite (especially Speedruns (: ). Yes I played PVP and I would like to play it good… but I am really bad in PVP... but I like it anyways xD I could spend a lot of time in the closed beta. Vacation is close and at the moment I have a lot of time, because it is way to warm to go out o.o Well… at least after 10am… xD So in the week I could be there at 15 pm - open end ^^ At the weekend I can play after 20pm. But the times can change but if this is the case I would tell you before I would say 20h till 30h will be possible. What I forget to say. In another game I was a betatester before. I love gaming and pay close attention to details. So… if there are any questions just ask Discord: BloodyHell Have a nice day

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