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  1. 6, i'll keep it going, but @BurningWorld I wrote the number 1, not 7, so i wasn't wrong, you just stopped the train and made it start again!
  2. Thanks very much for the reply, makes sense, i didn’t see why people were saying and I did doubt its legitimacy, thanks for clearing it all up for me.
  3. 2581 may as well hop onto this train while its in my station, keep ‘er goin
  4. Hey, dont worry, this isn’t a question about when it is or how long the beta will last, I get all that. I’m hearing a lot about it being released on the 23rd, I just want to ask where is this coming from? Is there somewhere on the forum that specifically states the 23rd or am I too blind to see it? Many thanks cant wait to relive the memories
  5. Yo, just seen the new Mid March open beta date. I'm happy to wait for as long as I need to relive my memories of this game, but I just want to ask if this new date is a confirmed final release date or is it subject to change like the last one? I just wondered. Either way, I'll be patiently waiting for the finished product, keep up the good work devs
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