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  1. Irysunna

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    Then the new players will stay, and old one will quit. I wonder which side has the most members
  2. Irysunna

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    I shared all replays of the best runs i did those 2 month on this topic, if you want to look.
  3. New Update 13/03/2019 : I added a second link in the Ranking PvE Page : ALL my best replay (.pmv) during the past 2 month on every map in expert.
  4. Because sometimes i fail with the phoenixes and i prefer to have a backup than fail the run.
  5. I finally finished to create and update PvE Deck. I played many map this weekend ^^ i had to train on some map again to be able to create viable missing deck. Except for Blight i don't remembered well how to play each position, and i couldn't find a team for this map yet.
  6. Irysunna

    The Stress Test Rookies! 23.02.19

    Very good idea DasToggy. Altough i would never play in a regular tournament, i'll may play in this one.
  7. Irysunna

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    No Speedrun for the map Introduction ?
  8. Yeah sorry actually they are all my own decks. Best time are not made with them, that's why there is my Own time + the Best Time for information ^^. I don't know the decks they were using, but i'm improving my own when i find or learn an upgrade. Moreover i don't run every map at the moment, and i'm still learning and training on all of them. And i don't update every day those deck (pretty long to do), some were made only with memory -> Insane God. Dashbard Update : - New Tab : Ranking PvE, with time + link of map replays - Updated More PvE Deck (5 left) - Added 2 Flags (PVE and PVP) in All Cards Tab in order to see the top cards play in my PvE or PvP Decks
  9. Irysunna

    nerf amii monument

    I agree with RadicalX and Treim on their analysis of the actual meta and the card, but i don't think it's that bad. There is lots of map where Amii Monument is just like winning 20s to 5min. (Example : Convoy without Amii Monument we still can finish the map in 7:10 vs 6:50 with ?)... Of course you'll need more skill to play maps without it, and like you all want to say : "The way they were designed to be played..." Actually i remembered the beginning of BattleForge when you had only the 200 first cards, with just 2 upgrades/cards, and when you had to farm every specific map to win them. Expert Mode was SO INSANE, everyone were new players and map were so hard with old deck ! I don't really miss those day... Playing 1h30 to fail on a map was painful ! Grinding for upgrade 20 times/day on a 12 players maps when other side were failing T_T or when you don't have upgrade at the end... For me "Upgrade level 3" brokes PvE long time ago : Nowadays Windweavers + Shaman can nearly finish every maps alone. And today we have plenty of cards to break record : Nether Warp, BH, Bata... Nerf Amii Monument and then what ? Speedrunners will just be 20s-5min slower ? But for new people you just forced them to learn the old way. I don't miss those day were i was obliged to run slowly. After playing 100 times on each map i'm happy to be able to cut the 4th orb sometimes. Less fail, less farm, no need to play hours and hours (i'm not in school anymore). Moreover there will be a reset, more farm again and again. You want to nerf cards ? Then Go release the Vanilla game ! Then wait 6 months between each extensions. That way maybe you will love to have Amii Monument. For me it's a Gift for all those years of playing without it.
  10. Irysunna

    Cyruel's Decks

    Just wanted to up this topic. Themes decks are the best for new players
  11. Irysunna

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    I forgot to give the link but i already posted some deck (both PvP, rPvE, and Speedrun) in the PvP section. I'm not OK to be able to see speedrunners' decks ingame, but lots of people don't care of sharing (that was my case actually). And when there will be a reset i want to have a backup of my decks.
  12. I'll make more update now that i'm back on the game due to ranking Thanks Devs !
  13. Irysunna

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    I' can't agree more with Pritstift ! And Moreover, as a speedrunner too, now that i saw their new record, i can't wait for training again in Guns of Lyr trying to understand how they made it. Even if i don't have yet a team of 4, i still can train on my side with a friend and search for new strategies now that i know it's possible to be that fast. Just knowing their time is a Hudge difference ! i can look closer at new timing on replays, at wave spawning, at the energy you can and can't have at that moment... My best time is 7:30 on this map , i'll have a headache to think differently. Then just try to figure out how they made it ! If they show me their deck right now it will be unpleasant... i'll be sad, and miss the opportunity to guess by myself. But as soon as i'll have a good clue and if they told me i'm correct, i'll ask top teams to train with them. @Urmeli/Navarr : You just have to guess their deck first, and make yourself known in maps you can train.
  14. Irysunna

    The Guns of Lyr - 2 players farming

    Dwarven 2p 11 08.pmv Dwarven 1p 16 19.pmv You can go faster with luck -> but it such a safe map you can't fail, just take 3-4 more minutes if you need ^^
  15. Irysunna

    The Guns of Lyr - 2 players farming

    I do The Dwarven Riddle with a friend, same between 9k-13k Gold/run and 6k5 exp, but with an average time of 11:00. I think it's faster than making Gun of Lyr, and it's far more easy to finish even with mistake. When i solo Dwarven, average time is 16:00 -> 13k exp but ~6k gold/run...

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