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  1. Try to keep those modifications realizable, remember that developpers don't have acces to lots of coding, we need to find a simple way to smooth things. To be clear i'm mostly a PvE/Speedrunner player, and also an old PvP player+. For speedrunning you need lots of cards (much more than PvP) because you need 1 deck/map. And you also need charges too. For PvP you can play different colors but people often prefer to stick to 1 or 2 gameplay. Moreover a 120 level deck is not needed you can be perfectly fine in PvP with a level 100 deck. Some numbers i'm actually using : PvE :
  2. Battleforge.xlsm This is my Excel sheet for my Dashboard feel free to use it. You'll have most of the cards' informations.
  3. Replays updated from my run of March Convoy 06:59.1 -> 06:52.0 Empire 27:49.7 -> 19:04.6 Sunbridge 13:11.5 -> 12:33.1 Crusade 09:45.3 -> 09:43.6 The Gun of Lyr 08:47.2 -> 08:43.6 Defending Hope 20:37.6 -> 20:36.7 Blight 22:57.7 -> 18:24.1 The Insane God 10:55.1 -> 06:07.3
  4. Why don't you reset all the cards, gold, exp, market in the database for the release, and keep the remains Tables ? Or if there are too many Tables just insert data of the Users Table in the new database. Account and mail will be preserve this way, and even if you have got thousands of non used account, it's only 1 row in the database, their cards and all informations linked to that account will be erased.
  5. Then the new players will stay, and old one will quit. I wonder which side has the most members
  6. I shared all replays of the best runs i did those 2 month on this topic, if you want to look.
  7. New Update 13/03/2019 : I added a second link in the Ranking PvE Page : ALL my best replay (.pmv) during the past 2 month on every map in expert.
  8. Because sometimes i fail with the phoenixes and i prefer to have a backup than fail the run.
  9. I finally finished to create and update PvE Deck. I played many map this weekend ^^ i had to train on some map again to be able to create viable missing deck. Except for Blight i don't remembered well how to play each position, and i couldn't find a team for this map yet.
  10. Very good idea DasToggy. Altough i would never play in a regular tournament, i'll may play in this one.
  11. No Speedrun for the map Introduction ?
  12. Yeah sorry actually they are all my own decks. Best time are not made with them, that's why there is my Own time + the Best Time for information ^^. I don't know the decks they were using, but i'm improving my own when i find or learn an upgrade. Moreover i don't run every map at the moment, and i'm still learning and training on all of them. And i don't update every day those deck (pretty long to do), some were made only with memory -> Insane God. Dashbard Update : - New Tab : Ranking PvE, with time + link of map replays - Updated More PvE Deck (
  13. I agree with RadicalX and Treim on their analysis of the actual meta and the card, but i don't think it's that bad. There is lots of map where Amii Monument is just like winning 20s to 5min. (Example : Convoy without Amii Monument we still can finish the map in 7:10 vs 6:50 with ?)... Of course you'll need more skill to play maps without it, and like you all want to say : "The way they were designed to be played..." Actually i remembered the beginning of BattleForge when you had only the 200 first cards, with just 2 upgrades/cards, and when you had to farm every specific map to
  14. Just wanted to up this topic. Themes decks are the best for new players
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