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  1. Mirosius

    PvP Evening Stream?!

    I would definitively watch some as well
  2. Mirosius

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    A really usefull topic and you are right about the cards. I think a big problem in general is the lack of possible combinations. Like the revenants ability for Lost Souls or the transformation for Twilight. Nobody ever uses them and for good reason: They are mostly way too expensive for the result, it requires additional cards and slots to make most of the effects work (e.g. revenants blessing for Lost Souls) and you need way more micromanagement. Most of the time its just more rewarding to build strong units and support them with some spells. Also your mentioned underwhelming performance of pure decks is completely right. There is absolutely no reason to go for e.g. pure shadow or pure frost other than style points. Both have just one (!) pure card and shadow worm is just useless with its stats in pure shadow. But without being able to add additional cards this wont really change and people will keep playing splash decks. I thought about adding e.g. pure t4 spells which give strong shields (like winter witch) or restore all your units to full health (nature) so it actually becomes worth playing a pure deck.
  3. Mirosius

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hey everyone! My name is Mirosius and I am 22 years old Physics student from Germany. In my free time i am really interested into programming and spend a lot of time learning it myself. Developing a game like Battleforge fascinated me from the start and about every part of the changelog in the dev posts on mondays i would love to know more about. My curiosity for stuff like this really keeps me excited and hyped about the course of this project. Besides that I would call myself an expert in Battleforge. I played the game for around 4 years up until the bitter end and played equally PvE and PvP. I know all the maps, game mechanics and almost all the cards really well. Even though my study is consuming a lot of time i am available almost every evening from 5-11 pm CET and also on weekends. Thanks for all your effort and for bringing this awesome game back! Greetings Discord: Mirosius#6502
  4. Mirosius

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    I mostly agree with you. I quit Hearthstone a while ago for almost the same reason. Too much RNG and after a year of playing for free i couldnt keep up with the release of expansions, so i didnt have the core cards for most of the viable decks. You should definitively try Starcraft 2. I just started a few weeks ago and the learning curve is insanely steep but the reward is that theres almost zero RNG involved. If you loose a match to another player it is 100% your fault. The maps are symmetric and you always start with the same conditions. It can be a bit frustrating at the beginning but i like it a lot.
  5. Mirosius

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Even though i have no problem with waiting another month i also wouldnt mind joining the beta right now
  6. Mirosius

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    I am really looking forward to play again but i have more respect of the effort you are investing into this project and the real life stuff. As a student as well i can completely understand that exams and stuff like that has a higher priority. I cant really imagine to work on such a huge thing beside my studium and you guys have my full understanding. Actually, i thought about helping you guys out a couple of times but unfortunately my programming skills are limited to Python and i have no clue of reverse engineering, so sorry. Just take the time you need, ignore the haters and we will be waiting patiently the time it will take Good luck with your exams!
  7. Mirosius

    Twitch Channel

    Great Idea! I am definitively going to watch the stream or videos. Dont really mind what you are playing (fire nature is always fun to watch) but i would enjoy some shadow nature aswell :).
  8. Mirosius

    Stream Giveaway 15/06/17

  9. Mirosius

    Official Stream Incoming! (11/02/2017)

    Oh damn it, i have an exam right at that time
  10. Mirosius

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Here is my story: I remember founding the game someday in 2010 by browsing the internet for free RTS games. Except for Minecraft i didnt play any video games until that time. So i installed the game on my old laptop and was hooked immediately. I didnt even care, that i had to run the game on the lowest possible settings and still had fps spikes and dcs from time to time. Im still intrigued that i remember myself playing the tutorial as if it was yesterday. Magma Hurlers were the first card i fell in love with and i just couldnt get enough of watching them throwing that fireballs. From that point on my best friend had a hard time with me because i was annyoing him like every day with Battleforge and told him how awesome it was until he finally gave up and tried it out. Luckily he enjoyed it too and we started playing together almost every day. We were playing completely free until we saw others players with those giant creatures and awesome cards. We tried to get good cards without spending money but someday we gave up and spent some money to finally get our dream deck. PvE was always our way to go and we never had a lot of interest in PvP because we loved trying new cards and building new decks. It was an amazing time where we talked about the game in school almost every day and just couldnt wait for school ending to play Battleforge again. We both were pretty young at that time and so we were pretty silly and premature. We always hyped us to get those one card we still missed. It was mostly about cards like Forest Elder, Thunder Wagon or Ironclad which were just looking awesome. So we started selling other stuff to get them or sometimes even spent more money. We were changing our decks and cards frequently and just couldnt get enough of trying new things. With time passing by we got a lot better in PvE and could master most of the maps on expert difficulty and played a lot of rPvE Level 9 of course to get the upgrade tokens. After that we started to get more and more interested in PvP because we ignored that completely until that time. It was just insanely fun when we started playing 2v2 the firt time as total beginners. We had no clue how to play PvP and just started blaming each other for being so bad at the game. Most of the games actually ended with us trolling each other with cards like Portal Nexus. Even though we were loosing most of the games we were just laughing all the time and enjoyed the game. Soon my friend started loosing interest in Battleforge unfortunately but i still kept playing for a long time. I started to inform myself about PvP and watched a ton of replays and videos by that time. So with me knowing the theory of how PvP works i got a lot better and even climbed the ladder a good amount with my old Shadow Frost Deck. But i got bored after some time of the defensive and reacting playstyle and switched to Shadow Nature, which i kept using until the end because i enjoyed the aggressive and skill dependent playstyle. I still played the game until half a year before the shutdown of Battleforge was being announced and came back some days before the end to play this awesome game one more time. I was shocked and really sad when the servers finally went down and couldnt imagine that i would never be able to play Battleforge again. So months went by when a year ago my friend sent me a message that he found a project called BF Reborn while randomly searching the internet for Battleforge. I was completely stunned and couldnt believe my eyes when i saw how this project was actually succesfully reviving the game. I open the Forum every day to check for updates and my hype never expired. At this point i really want to say you guys a huge THANK YOU for all the great work you have done so far in your free time. I actually thought of helping the project somehow but sadly my programming skills are limited to Python. Im looking forward to the moment, when i can construct my deck again, play the awesome PvE maps and compete against other players with my Shadow Nature Deck. Keep up the good work and I believe that you guys will make this game more awesome than ever before.
  11. Mirosius

    help me with school plz

    Well thats an easy one: L_z is the angular momentum operator in z direction based on a cartesian coordinate system The equations on 1 and 2 are just a bra - vector multiple an operator multiple a ket - vector which you have to find by using the quantum numbers l,m and n to the correct spherical harmonic. You even have the definition of those given so just throw the spherical harmonics into the integral and solve it, right?
  12. Mirosius

    League of Legends

    IGN: Mirosius Role: Mid, Jungle, Support Region: EUW Currently unranked cause i dont play any ranked games (people there are just not relaxed enough) but that doesnt mean im bad
  13. Mirosius

    What deck did you play?

    Switched to Shadow/Nature after i got bored of Lost Souls and ended up playing it mostly.

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