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  1. I would definitively watch some as well
  2. A really usefull topic and you are right about the cards. I think a big problem in general is the lack of possible combinations. Like the revenants ability for Lost Souls or the transformation for Twilight. Nobody ever uses them and for good reason: They are mostly way too expensive for the result, it requires additional cards and slots to make most of the effects work (e.g. revenants blessing for Lost Souls) and you need way more micromanagement. Most of the time its just more rewarding to build strong units and support them with some spells. Also your mentioned underwhelming performance of pure decks is completely right. There is absolutely no reason to go for e.g. pure shadow or pure frost other than style points. Both have just one (!) pure card and shadow worm is just useless with its stats in pure shadow. But without being able to add additional cards this wont really change and people will keep playing splash decks. I thought about adding e.g. pure t4 spells which give strong shields (like winter witch) or restore all your units to full health (nature) so it actually becomes worth playing a pure deck.
  3. I am really looking forward to play again but i have more respect of the effort you are investing into this project and the real life stuff. As a student as well i can completely understand that exams and stuff like that has a higher priority. I cant really imagine to work on such a huge thing beside my studium and you guys have my full understanding. Actually, i thought about helping you guys out a couple of times but unfortunately my programming skills are limited to Python and i have no clue of reverse engineering, so sorry. Just take the time you need, ignore the haters and we will be waiting patiently the time it will take Good luck with your exams!
  4. Great Idea! I am definitively going to watch the stream or videos. Dont really mind what you are playing (fire nature is always fun to watch) but i would enjoy some shadow nature aswell :).
  5. Oh damn it, i have an exam right at that time
  6. Well thats an easy one: L_z is the angular momentum operator in z direction based on a cartesian coordinate system The equations on 1 and 2 are just a bra - vector multiple an operator multiple a ket - vector which you have to find by using the quantum numbers l,m and n to the correct spherical harmonic. You even have the definition of those given so just throw the spherical harmonics into the integral and solve it, right?
  7. IGN: Mirosius Role: Mid, Jungle, Support Region: EUW Currently unranked cause i dont play any ranked games (people there are just not relaxed enough) but that doesnt mean im bad
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