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    Closed Beta Applications

    It's Yaestlayer straight from Finland. i'm 18-year old Bartender in training. i play video games more than can be called "healthy" even tho i'm student with little money problems. I finally got enough money to support people that are resurrecting one of my favorite childhood game that sadly EA shutdown. I'm Funny (for Finnish standards) that enjoys designing and making games better (balancing). also I draw a lot for hobby. I play at least 6 hours a day. when I'm tired of tryharding in league or other salty games own personal time is best. so i think I could play atleast few hours a day. I'm veteran video game player and i love strategy games. Battleforge was one of my favorite childhood games (before i knew how to speak/read English) I thought, that I was good in battleforge. even thought i prob didn't understand all the spells and minion specialties. I think, I spend around 500 hours back in the day "can't confirm." I loved PvE but I played a lot of pvp. (always at disadvantage because didn't know how to read English) I have been in Betas and Alphas before. but this time I have real Passion for the video game. Yaestlayer#3518
  2. yaestlayer

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    So it begins

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