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  1. Aviat0r

    problem to lauch the game

    This issue has already been fixed via Discord. ~Closed
  2. Aviat0r

    DX9 Fallback

    I'm sorry. I'm out of ideas at the moment. Never had such an issue. I installed a VM one or two months ago and set up everything I need. Didn't had any issues after I installed all the requirements which are mentioned in the Help topic.
  3. What about the second thing I said you should do?
  4. Aviat0r


    Please check this thread out.
  5. Did you check the Windows Application Event Log for any errors after this "sound"? Also please provide another screenshot of your folder like @Ultrakool suggested.
  6. Aviat0r

    DX9 Fallback

    Try to delete the BattleForge directory in the My Documents folder and restart the client. See if that helps.
  7. No. Take a look at the icons aside the directory/file name. You will see a double-sided arrow. This means, that the file/directory has been NTFS compressed. Somewhere in your file system you activated the NTFS compression. You probably got a disk space warning and activated the compression there. Right click the drive where BattleForge is located and click Properties. The on the "General" tab click "Advanced". You will see a few checkboxes. Uncheck the checkbox "Compress contents to save disk space" (see image). But be sure, that you have enough free disk space on the physical drive.
  8. Aviat0r

    DX9 Fallback

    Did you really install DirectX9? The first step of the setup is only extracting the files. I won't rely on the fact, that there're some d3dx9 files in your SysWOW64 directory. Try to reinstall DirectX9. Check the Help topic for further information about it.
  9. Aviat0r

    Game won't start after i press play button

    This seems to be an issue with your anti virus blocking the application. Check out our Help Topic to get further information.
  10. Did you decompress the files again? This seems the most problematic thing for me right now.
  11. Aviat0r

    Client freezes while “checking” then crashes

    Try to clear your cache and cookies or use another browser. Then download the newest Updater from forum. Unfortunately I can't see the version number of your Updater.
  12. Your base, bf1, help and plugins folders look as they are compressed by Windows. This can be a problem during the game start. Try to uncheck the "Compression allowed" option in the main directory and see if this works for you. Were you able to start the game before?
  13. Aviat0r

    Where are the sound files Crystal Fiend?

    We know where those sound files are located. But I wouldn't recommend to delete them because it can get you in trouble in the future. We will, at some point, check client files for manipulations. If we detect, that you're manipulating files, they will get auto replaced by our system. You will also get recorded in our database as someone who's files had to be reset to the original state.
  14. Aviat0r

    Verbindung Fehlgeschlagen/Connect Fail

    Did you do everything mentioned here: Troubleshooting If not, go through every single step and try it again. Disabling Windows Firewall isn't a thing. It won't block outgoing connections.
  15. Aviat0r

    Verbindung Fehlgeschlagen/Connect Fail

    Try to delete/rename the Launcher.exe in your BattleForge directory and restart the SkylordsRebornUpdater. Try again then.

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