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  1. Please download the newest Updater manually from our download topic.
  2. Yes. Renaming the user doesn't change the directory name. If you want that directory name changed, you need to do some manual Registry interactions. If you still want to change the directory name, you can maybe start here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-client/user-profiles-and-logon/renaming-user-account-not-change-profile-path
  3. Did you try to extract all the client files from the archive again? Maybe you got some corrupted files. Right now there's unfortunately no way to check if your files are valid or not. I am working on such a feature at the moment.
  4. If you want to create a directory on the C:\ drive by directly using Drag&Drop as Zyna mentioned, you probably lack permissions (Windows UAC). Simple solution is, to manually create a directory on the C:\ drive (eg. "BattleForge") and the only extract the files into this newly created directory. This should work as expected.
  5. Restarting doesn't mean that you should uninstall/delete the game from your hard disk. It simply means, that you restart the game. If this doesn't work, you should make sure, that you're using the newest version of the Updater. Check the top left corner. You should see v0.9 there. If you're using the newest version and it still doesn't work, upload your log files. You can find them here: Upload the _log_proxy_latest.log so we can check it.
  6. Simply restart your client completely. This should fix it.
  7. Thanks for reporting the bug. It happens, because we internally switched to another form of config file. We need to find a working solution on how to handle this special case for the MapEditor. As a workaround you could try to do the following steps. Replace the existing pcre3.dll file with the file from the downloaded BFR Client.rar archive Start the BattleForge executable with the parameter -online. Simplest way is to start a command line or PowerShell and call it like so: BattleForge.exe -online (CMD) or .\BattleForge.exe -online (PowerShell) The game will start up, bu
  8. What's the version of your Updater? You can find that info in the top left corner.
  9. The exception for the anti virus shouldn't be needed anymore since a few patches. In case you receive any anti virus alerts, please let us know immediately. For a quick fix you could then readd the exception to the anti virus to be able to play the game. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you mean with pre-order? If you're asking, if you can already play the game, then the answer is yes. We're in an Open Stress Test right now where everyone is allowed to play. But all your progress will get wiped
  10. Release also means, that everyone will get an account wipe and start from scratch then. So if you start right after the release, you can make the same progress as everyone else. If you start delayed, the points @Zyna mentioned will apply.
  11. Can you see the current version of the Updater? Did you recently play the game or do you maybe use a very old version? If it is v0.3, you need to manually download it from our download topic.
  12. If you're using Windows 10 and you uninstalled a third party anti virus, make sure to also add an exception to Windows Defender. Windows Defender will always activate again when a third party anti virus isn't available anymore.
  13. This is normal behaviour. Our Launcher.exe injects some code into the BattleForge client to redirect the traffic to our servers. This is kind of suspicious for an anti virus software. Hence we told you guys in our troubleshooting topic, that you need to create an exception for the whole BattleForge installation directory in any kind of anti virus you're using. We won't harm your PC in an way, but this is needed that you can play the game. If you don't want to create an exception you can mostly likely not play the game.
  14. You should now be able to change the language via the Updater again. Simply start it to get the newest version 0.8.
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