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  1. IIRC there's already a small banner which gets shown and fades away when you click "Delete all". But you didn't answer my question. Are your points available when you log out and in again?
  2. Did you by any chance change this file manually? Or did you clear it before you uploaded it? Because it is simply empty. Maybe just delete the file a check if it gets recreated. When does your game crash? When creating/joining a lobby or when you start or end a match? When your game crashed and you can't fix it by deleting the file (probably it won't work), please upload the file called _log_proxy_latest.log in the Diag subdirectory right after the crash. Don't start the game before you saved that file.
  3. Did you recently delete any of your decks? Can you please post the file called sr-recent-decks.json in your Documents\BattleForge directory? If you don't want to share it publicly you can also open a ticket on our Discord in the #contact-staff channel. However it shouldn't be a problem to post it here. Do you also remember what you did before you received that message? Did you delete a deck maybe?
  4. It can happen that those points aren't shown until you log out and log in again. Did you try that? If yes, we have to investigate your case further.
  5. For a first possible solution, can you try to reset your router if you still experience these problems? Unfortunately the teams has been very busy so the answer took a bit longer than usual.
  6. As Dallarian already mentioned it would be good to provide logs and also the minidump of the crash. Make sure to not start the game again after you crashed until you saved the logs. You can find both in your Documents\BattleForge\Diag directory. Check if your internet connection is stable. Even the smallest hick up in your connection can disconnect you from the game. Try to play with a wired connection if you're currently using WLAN. At least for a small tests with a few rounds. The game is from 2009 and doesn't have a reconnect feature unfortunately. So once you loose connection, you can
  7. With boosters you have a chance of getting high value cards for a low amount of BFP whereas you have to buy those high value cards in the auction house for a lot of BFP. Chances to get high value cards, e.g. promos, are pretty low, but still existent of course. You can read more about booster rations here. So with boosters your chances are high to get good cards right at the beginning. But you can also be unlucky (like I was) and only get common cards which aren't too good (but of course still usable depending on the matches you want to play). Especially in the beginning it might be
  8. What is your post about? Instead of complaining here and posting false statements, you should've read the release announcements and the post from @Ladadoos. There you can see, that this was announced almost since the beginning of the open stress test. During the open stress test there were several situations where people abused bugs which lead to an unstable economy within the game. And this was one of the main reasons we decided to do a clean start for everyone once we fully release the game. And this full release happened almost one year ago in December 2020. There won't be any mor
  9. Nice. Have fun playing. I'll close this topic then.
  10. You're lucky. I just rolled out a newer version of the still "old" Updater. No more admin privileges are needed with this one. However if you installed the game into a directory which is write protected by Windows (e.g. Program Files), you still have to manually execute is as administrator.
  11. Do you still have the original ZIP archive? If yes, that's perfect. Otherwise you'd need to download it again. Then you should try to reextract the game files from it. It seems that you accidentally removed/changed some other files or they got corrupted by something else.
  12. Did you really only remove the files starting with "sr-" in the base\pak subdirectory? I have the feeling that you removed more than that. Maybe the whole directory?
  13. Can you please try to remove all files in the base\pak subdirectory which start with "sr-"? Then start the Updater and let it download all files again.
  14. Can you please try to remove all files in the base\pak subdirectory which start with "sr-"? Then start the Updater and let it download all files again.
  15. This is unfortunately not possible. The game doesn't have a reconnect feature and it's possible that we won't ever be able to implement such a thing. EA initially didn't add that to their game. It is on our backlog to check that, but this is also a lower priority compared to other things we're working on.
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