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  1. Today we had to change some DNS and certificate settings for a bigger change we're planning. Unfortunately some users are experiencing some problems with those new DNS settings due to the cached data as well as certificate problems because old certificates are getting used on the client side. Only thing you can try in this case is, that you reset your router and then restart (not shutdown and boot up again) your PC. If it still doesn't work the only thing you can do right now is waiting for some hours or until tomorrow. We had quite a few users who had the same problem on Discord. And rig
  2. It's pretty unfortunate that Norton detects our applications as suspicious or even as a virus. We had some problems with that in the past, but it got better with the number of downloads and submits to various anti virus companies since they adjusted their heuristic data for our application. We made a few changes in the past to our Updater and also some client files due to upcoming updates and for security purposes. But we can assure you we won't ship any kind of virus to your PC. We wouldn't have any advantage with any kind of such software. But our problem is, that we can't push up downl
  3. Did you try to restart your PC and your router?
  4. Right now only the languages English, German, French and Russian are supported. Adding support for other languages isn't that easy. One big thing is, that you have to get all strings translated to the new language which is a lot of work. Moreover we don't have any Spanish members in the team. But there are also some other reasons why we can't add new languages right now.
  5. As long as there aren't any one sided trades and mails this normally isn't a problem. If you still get caught by our multiaccount system, you can ask for an unban. Maybe also send us all of those account names and e-mail addresses via Discord @SR Staff Mail. So we can note them down in our database. Please do not send those addresses here for privacy purposes.
  6. Did you play before the 18th of December? If yes, all accounts have been wiped because we moved over to release back then. This was announced long time ago. Simply create your character again and have fun.
  7. Huh? That is a weird problem and shouldn't happen. Is it possible that you just didn't see the Updater anymore? Or do you use some kind of window arrangement tools which aligns new programs in a corner of your screen? I tested the current Updater on many machines. With multiple monitor, single monitors, different resolutions, ... and this was never a problem. There're some issues, yes. But they're not related to positioning at all. They mostly have to do with downloading files and such things due to blocking firewalls, proxies, AVs, ... But glad you could fix it. Have fun playing.
  8. Did you run the SkylordsRebornUpdater once after installation? The test server files aren't included in the original installation.
  9. Thanks for you reply. Glad you could fix it. Have fun playing.
  10. Nope. The file is called _log_proxy_latest.log in your Documents\BattleForge\Diag directory. Remember to send it via Discord to @SR Staff Mail and not on forums.
  11. It should always update itself to the newest version - in this case v0.11. Windows 7 sometimes does weird things which also forced me to implement some "hacky" things to let the newest version run on there. Did you make sure nothing else is blocking the Updater from downloading files? We also had some problems in the past were a router restart helped in such cases. Also check if there's a SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe.upd file in your directory. If this is the case, try to manually reload it to SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe. Maybe do a backup of your current version before. Maybe it just can't ex
  12. RadicalX shouldn't be allowed to participate here. He's a staff member. In lottery like competitions it is also forbidden to participate as a staff member.
  13. Can you try to use a VPN to start the game. Some users have problems connecting to the server. There's no real reason why this is happening though. If it works with a VPN you can think about using it constantly. Otherwise you have to send log files which have to get checked. Log files should be sent via Discord @SR Staff Mail and not via forum since they can contain private and/or sensitive data.
  14. If you use the SkylordsRebornUpdater to start the game, the updates should get downloaded automatically. Can you maybe post a screenshot of the error message. Make sure that your screenshots do not contain any private and/or sensitive data like email or password.
  15. Which version of the Updater do you have installed? It should be v0.9 right now. If it is v0.3 or less, you have to manually update it. Everything above v0.4 should update itself to the newest version. Then make sure to start the game at least once completely and close it again. Try to change the language after it closed completely. If it still doesn't change, check out the My Documents\BattleForge directory. It should contain a config.json and maybe also a config.xml file. The config.json file should contain a language entry like on the screenshot. If it does, check if the value cha
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