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  1. Aviat0r

    Account of my friend got completly deleted

    We already took a look at this problem. But we don't have any clue of what's going on. You say, that he recreated his account with the same mail as before. But there's only one KirisuKuro member registered. And this is since 17.12.2018. We do have another registration with the name Kirisu, but with a totally different mail address. So either you want us to waste a lot of time or he didn't tell the truth and he's missing something. Ask him, with which mail address he registered before. I can tell you, if it is the right address or not. The IP address of both Kirisu accounts indicate, that it was probably made from the same internet connection. So he actually made two accounts which can count as multiaccounting instead of asking staff for help before doing any action on your own. Maybe he's also available via Discord so we can talk/write to him directly. Ask him for his Discord name (or maybe you know it on your own).
  2. Aviat0r

    Game closes itself after pressing Play

    Check the log file in MyDocument\BattleForge folder if there's any error. Maybe you have some broken game files and reextracting the archive would help (may do a restart of your system before that).
  3. Aviat0r

    Reset all progress !!

    This has already been answered on Discord. No need to make a separate forum topic. Especially when this has discussed several times now. https://discordapp.com/channels/173414671678832640/173414671678832640/536310015204655110
  4. Aviat0r

    Game closes itself after pressing Play

    Can you please check if there's also an active Launcher.exe process in task manager at the moment the BattleForge client closes?
  5. Aviat0r

    How to build an Amii monument at T2?

    Go to your game options and enable the "Save all replays" setting.
  6. Aviat0r

    Multi-Accounting Question?

    It shouldn't be a problem because you trade a card for a card. On manual check (if there would be any problem) we would then see, that the trade is valid because you don't trade Windweavers for Harvester or something like that. Just don't do any suspicious things like sending cards to a user without receiving something. That's not that normal. But still, there're some other checks we do to not flag your account accidentally.
  7. Aviat0r

    MSVCR120.dll can't be found

    What about reading our topics. Everything is written in there. You just need to read.
  8. Aviat0r

    Launcher Crashes as soon as i start it...

    Of course there's an option to get this file manually. But I won't send it here because it will only stop the symptoms and not the cause. Next time we provide an update you would've the same issue again. So I still think it has something to do with your Anti Virus blocking the download. In 99% of all those cases it was the Anti Virus software. So try to figure out this bug. And is you application also crashing or is it closing gracefully? Maybe check Windows Event Log --> Application Log for errors.
  9. Aviat0r

    no Auction Hall

    "It doesn't work" isn't the best explanation for an issue, is it? So I'd say you should be more precise about that and try it again in your next post.
  10. Aviat0r

    Launcher Crashes as soon as i start it...

    Ok. So when you start it, it should update to version 0.4 like in the screenshot. Is there also a Patcher.exe in your directory? And can you check if there's a file calles SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe.upd at the moment the Updater is closing itself?
  11. Aviat0r

    Launcher Crashes as soon as i start it...

    Currently we don't provide any logging of the Updater. But I will implement this in the next releases. Which version of the Updater do you use? You can see this at the upper left corner. Maybe try to download the newest Updater system from our Download topic. The way the Updater works has changed a bit since the beginning of the public phase. So you might use a version which is too old and is not able to update itself properly although this should work.
  12. Aviat0r

    Lost Booster

    You know that there's a search bar at the top of the inventory? I'm locking this topic now since the issue has been resolved.
  13. Aviat0r

    Game freezing on new units or areas.

    You're writing, that the game has problems after reinstalling Windows 10. So the problem is definitely on your side. That's for sure. Unfortunately we don't know your system and we also don't know which hardware you're using. But it seems, that you have some graphics driver issues. Check if there's a newer driver version for it or maybe reinstall the current installed version. (You could also try an older version) Go to Device Manager and check if there's another device whose driver isn't installed properly. And for the last step check our troubleshooting page. Maybe you missed a point which would solve your problem, e.g. DirectX or some special graphics settings in the game itself.
  14. Aviat0r

    Too many friends (201) prohibits logging in

    I'll remove the friends from the dummy user then.
  15. Aviat0r

    Cannot start the app

    Check the Download page and redownload the Updater. Extract it again into your BattleForge folder and replace all existing files.

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