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  1. Aviat0r

    After extract it does nothing

    You didn't extract the archive. You just opened it with WinRar. That's a difference. Extract the Updater as well as the BattleForge.rar which you can see there into the same directory.
  2. Aviat0r

    Battleforge on OSX

    The only way I could imagine is, that Wine emulates the 32-bit application into a 64-bit environment somehow. Otherwise yeah, BattleForge can't run on MacOS. For the Updater (which is currently written in WPF, yes) there might be a solution in some time. I am working on a new version which could be converted to .NET Core when it is working on Windows. Then it should also be able to run on MacOS. But it will take some time until it is usable.
  3. Aviat0r

    launcher is missing

    Check out our troubleshooting page
  4. Aviat0r

    Game error

    The SkylordsRebornUpdater executable doesn't have an icon. It seems that it has been "destroyed" by some anti virus. Make sure to deactivate it as stated in this topic:
  5. Aviat0r

    Skipping animations

    Do you have another machine where you can install Windows on? This seems to be related to your hardware then.
  6. Aviat0r

    Client Download Corrupted

    Try to restart your PC and redownload again. The problem is definitely on your end. When downloading the same file multiple times in a row, Windows or the browser is caching those things. So the second, third, fourth, ... download will also be corrupted.
  7. Aviat0r

    Skipping animations

    Cool. Nice that you could fix it. Normally the disabled windows fps is set to 10. The activatefpslimit should be at 0 by default.
  8. Aviat0r

    Skipping animations

    Can you please check your config.xml file in Documents\BattleForge and see if the option activatefpslimit is set to 0. 0 means no limit.
  9. Aviat0r

    Skipping animations

    Also try to turn off VSync. It will higher your framerate a bit. But it shouldn't be a quality impact. Maybe it doesn't skip parts then.
  10. Did you add an exception to your Windows Defender? I also read the posts on Discord. You said you don't have an anti virus. But Windows Defender acts as anti virus and blocks our Launcher (not the Updater). You do have some logs, the attached launcher_log file, but I guess it is getting blocked when trying to modify the BattleForge process. Hence the content of the file which is not much.
  11. Aviat0r

    missing libcrypto-1_1 but i have libcrypto-1_1-x64

    Please download the Updater manually. You're probably still using v0.3. There was a breaking change in v0.4. That's why the Updater can't update itself.
  12. Aviat0r

    Play on full screen

    Unfortunately this is a common issue. I don't have a solution for this issue. But you can try to play in windowed mode and use some software which has been mentioned here on our forums and on Discord to move the window in the top left corner and increase the size so that it seems to be a borderless window. There's nothing more I can tell you. Maybe someone else has a solution.
  13. Aviat0r

    Error ?

    Did you make sure that you read through our troubleshooting topic?
  14. Aviat0r

    Change music

    Well it is definitely possible. That's how we change the game to our needs. But it was a lot of work to find out how the system works. So feel free to try your luck again, but in the end you might get the aforementioned errors with the Updater.
  15. Aviat0r

    Change music

    I don't think so. But you may cause some trouble with game crashes due to not working game files. And you will also get error messages when the new Updater is getting released and you start a file integrity check (or an automated check is getting started).

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