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  1. Aviat0r

    missing libcrypto-1_1 but i have libcrypto-1_1-x64

    Please download the Updater manually. You're probably still using v0.3. There was a breaking change in v0.4. That's why the Updater can't update itself.
  2. Aviat0r

    Play on full screen

    Unfortunately this is a common issue. I don't have a solution for this issue. But you can try to play in windowed mode and use some software which has been mentioned here on our forums and on Discord to move the window in the top left corner and increase the size so that it seems to be a borderless window. There's nothing more I can tell you. Maybe someone else has a solution.
  3. Aviat0r

    Error ?

    Did you make sure that you read through our troubleshooting topic?
  4. Aviat0r

    Change music

    Well it is definitely possible. That's how we change the game to our needs. But it was a lot of work to find out how the system works. So feel free to try your luck again, but in the end you might get the aforementioned errors with the Updater.
  5. Aviat0r

    Change music

    I don't think so. But you may cause some trouble with game crashes due to not working game files. And you will also get error messages when the new Updater is getting released and you start a file integrity check (or an automated check is getting started).
  6. Aviat0r

    Change music

    This would be possible when changing the content of the game files. The game itself doesn't have sound files located in the file system. They get extracted upon game start. But if you would change the content (when you know how), you will probably get problems when we release the new Updater. Because it will check for modified files and redownload them to lower the risk of game crashes.
  7. Aviat0r

    Can't connect to the Server

    Nice to hear. Closing this thread then.
  8. Aviat0r


    To extend Kubiks answer a bit, you can find an option called fullscreen. Simply set this option to 0 instead of 1 and restart the game. It will switch to windowed mode again. 0 = Windowed mode 1 = Fullscreen
  9. Aviat0r

    Having trouble launching the game

    First of all you're using an outdated version of the Updater. Download it again from here and extract it. Place all of the extracted files in the same directory where your BattleForge client is located. In your current installation you're missing some files of the Updater. Make sure to not use the version you showed in the first picture since this one won't work anymore. Best is to delete it from your disk.
  10. Aviat0r

    TNF: ErrorInitializingDirectXFallback

    Then you didn't read everything. Check the topic again. Especially point 6. Friendly reminder: Writing all CAPS is usually interpreted as shouting to someone. Not that polite.
  11. Aviat0r

    Having trouble launching the game

    Can you maybe post a screenshot of your directory where you "installed" BattleForge, the opened Updater and the error message which is popping up? This would probably help a lot.
  12. Aviat0r

    Having trouble launching the game

    From where did you redownload the Updater? You have to make sure to use version 0.4 or newer. The current version is v0.7. In version 0.4 there were some breaking changes which forced a manual redownload of a newer version than 0.3.
  13. Aviat0r

    The Play Button Error

    Launcher.exe is missing as stated in the error message. It will be downloaded by the Updater if it doesn't get blocked by your anti virus. So check your anti virus and every other step which is mentioned in our troubleshooting topic.
  14. Aviat0r

    Virus detected

    You're the first one reporting a virus with the Updater. I can guarantee you, that the Updater isn't a virus. It is downloading files from the internet, yes. All files which are needed to run the game is the most recent version. And it also downloads a file called Launcher.exe. This file might be detected as a virus, because it is changing the memory of the BattleForge process when starting it up. This is the way how we make the game connect to our server. As we stated in our troubleshooting topic, you need to add an exception to you anti virus for the whole BattleForge directory. Otherwise it might not stop to throw these kind of issues. I can guarantee you, that our files are absolutely save and won't do any harm to your PC. If you don't trust us, we unfortunately can't do anything for you and you won't be able to play the game without having issues over and over.

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