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  1. In this case the only way is to contact the moderation team on our Discord via the #contact-staff channel. A word about your post here: Please don't hijack existing posts for your problems and instead create a new thread. So they can be marked as resolved independently from each other. Thanks for your understanding and have fun playing.
  2. I don't know if this issue has already been resolved. If yes, the information might be good for people who have the same problem. As you can see in the login screen, the game asks for an e-mail address and password. Not username or character name and password. So this might've been your only issue.
  3. It's just a workaround to see if you do the right things when installing the game and also if your network isn't configured in a way which maybe blocks the game for outgoing connections. If the game runs fine on the other PC, you can investigate further what's the problem.
  4. There's no built in method for this because at the time the game has been developed previously, borderless fullscreen was not really a thing. You can check a topic here on our forums where a community member described on how to do something like this. But you'll need a 3rd party software for this to work. Btw. the forum has a search engine
  5. Did you go through all checks in our troubleshooting guide?
  6. Can you try to enable low quality sounds in the game options? If that works, try to enable them again.
  7. Can you please check your mailbox again? I'm pretty sure you got a mail with the card attached to it and you already collected it. And I think you didn't post (aka sold) a card there but bought one.
  8. Cool. Thanks for the reply. And have fun playing.
  9. Did you already start the game successfully at some point? Did you change any settings in the options dialog then? If yes, try to either remove the config.json file from your Documents\BattleForge directory or manually change values like "vismain -> optionssao" and set it to 0.
  10. The repository is hosted on GitLab, yes. But currently it is private and not accessible by non staff users. Maybe we can open the Issue and Milestone page in the future. But for now we will keep it closed until we at least released the first version.
  11. Hey powerspy, yes we're already working on a completely new and reworked version 1.0 of our Updater. We just stacked up the team by two more developers to help coding that new version. Most of the core features are already implemented and it's just a bit of finetuning and some more convenience features. A little feature overview: checking your client files for corruptions (which should solve or at least give a hint for problems) logging of the tasks the Updater is doing to be able to help in technical support when the Updater or the client has issues starting the Ma
  12. Did you try to reinstall the game? Maybe you have some corrupted files which cause the crash/freeze. VPN connections can help in stability because the actual server which creates the connection to our server is more consistent than a default ISP for normal home users. This is only milliseconds, but it can help. That's the reason why sometimes a VPN helps and sometimes not.
  13. Can you explain a bit further when this error message pops up? Is it during the updating process (that's what I can see from the Updating 179/179) or when clicking somewhere? Does it always download the same amount of files again when you restart it? I'd assume that's the case. If yes, make sure that you have sufficient permissions (write permissions) in the directory where you installed the application. You can try to run the Updater with admin rights in the first place and see if it works. If yes, you definitely don't have enough permissions as default user in that directory. You've pr
  14. Please write in English only here, thanks. Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? There you can see, that you have to install DirectX 9.
  15. Will there be Wheel of Gifts on the enemy's side?
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