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  1. Aviat0r

    Game crashes after logging in

    You probably didn't use the newest version of the Updater.
  2. Aviat0r

    card database not working for days

    This issue has been fixed a week ago when I first heard about the problem.
  3. Aviat0r


    Apparently you didn't read the troubleshooting post. It is mentioned there what you have to do when such an error occurs. Check step 6 in our troubleshooting post.
  4. Aviat0r

    Can't Start game.

    Check our Help topic for further information. Also make sure that you're using a newer version than 0.3 of our Updater. Current version is 0.7. If you still use 0.3, make sure to redownload it from our download topic.
  5. Aviat0r

    Can't start the game

    Redownload the Updater manually. We're currently at version 0.7. You're probably still using version 0.3.
  6. Aviat0r

    will there be a wipe?

    No there wasn't wipe. Except the one the Closed Beta Testers "received". For the public the wipe will come. But there's no date and time when this will happen.
  7. Aviat0r

    Launcher stops working

    In the past days people somehow managed to get into the game or at least trying to login and get a success message. After that the Launcher crashed. Reason was, that they were using an old Updater. Did you check that your Updater is up to date? Currently we're using v0.7. If it is not up to date (mostly v0.3 then) you need to manually download it from the download thread. https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4210-open-stress-test-all-you-need-to-know/
  8. Aviat0r

    Missing file MSVCP140.dll & VCRUNTIME140.dll

    To clear this up a bit. You need to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015. Make sure to install the 32-bit (x86) version of it since the game and our Launcher is 32 bit only due to compatibility and stability reasons.
  9. Aviat0r

    Pressing Play Button and Nothing Happens

    Yes we know about the problem that players are using old versions. And we tried our best to remove all references to any of the old downloads. Make sure that you always download the current Updater from the download topic. The Updater in v0.4 got a change which unfortunately forced the Updater of v0.3 to not work anymore. So everyone with the old version will have those problems. And we sadly can't do anything about it since it isn't possible for us anymore to make this old version being able to update to the newest version by itself. But glad to hear that you fixed your problem on your own. But in this case I could've told you that you Updater probably is way too old. Have fun playing the game. And maybe support us by donating on Patreon.
  10. Aviat0r

    Launcher stops working

    Did you check out our Help topic? 90% of all issues with the Launcher came from an anti virus software which is blocking the executable.
  11. As stated in the help topic it is essential for the Launcher to disable the anti virus. In other words: Add a functioning exception to your anti virus so it doesn't check any of the BattleForge and our custom made files. They don't contain a virus that will harm your PC. But the way they act is bad for every anti virus. And since we can't sign our applications with code certificates (because they cost a lot of money), it is even worse for them.
  12. Aviat0r

    msvcp140.dll vcruntime140.dll missing

    Did you install the correct version? Kubik silently updated the needed C++ Redistributable version. So you will now need C++ Redistributable 2015. You can download it here: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/download/details.aspx?id=48145
  13. Aviat0r

    Recent update

    Please try to run the Updater again. It should auto update to v0.6 and load the newest game files. If it doesn't work let us know.
  14. Aviat0r

    client error

    The issue with the Updater and Launcher should be fixed. The server received an update, but the Launcher didn't get rolled out to the clients. If you still have a problem let us know. The Updater should now also be v0.6
  15. Aviat0r

    I open my updater and it keeps closing

    First, make sure you have the newest version downloaded here on our forums. Second, if you're talking about "some numbers", it would be good if you could provide those numbers. Or even better, make a screenshot. I make a wild guess and tell you, that you're using version 0.2 of our Updater. You can check that on the top left. This version is totally outdated. So go and check out our download topic and get the newest version.

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