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  1. Update: So I bought the card again. And it worked. Played a few matches. Then I couldn't play the card in a match. When I relogged the card was gone from my collection. This is the 2nd card that I succesfully bought from AH (just after). So now the second card is gone too.
  2. NAME: Card not received after buyout auction, got empty mail SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Auction House REPRODUCIBILITY: First time it has happened. DESCRIPTION: Bought a couple of cards. This one just disappeared. Not sure if it happened while collecting the other cards, or if it never arrived in mail. SCREENSHOT: Screenshot of mail and search in cards, it's not there. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: So it's 1. mail never arrived, 2. it failed while pressing collect all, 3. it failed because I had 2 mails ready for buyout and I opened the first, and the second then failed. Not sure!
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