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  1. I have a problem that after logging in (fortunately ) when the game finishes loading the game crashes. I found the followinf info in the log: What is that Error 10054? Is it client-caused error or server error?
  2. I'm trying to login for about 5-6 hours and if it ends in success the game then crashes on the forge or on opening the world map. Does anyone else have such a problem like mine? Before I was able to even advance with pve maps without problem (actually my limit of luck is 1 map played without crash )
  3. It seems like the servers responsible for login, chat are now pretty stable, but the Game server is (almost?) dead at all times :/ Crash or freeze on every map. Also randomly shows error message with prefix "pg" so I guess this may be some Postgres bottleneck :/ Edit: [string "bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/pg_section_browser.|..."]:160:attempt to index a nil value [1] nil=nil; [2] string = "[string "bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/pg_section_browser.|..."]:160:attempt to index a nil value"; stack traceback
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