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    i just bought a booster and it does not show anywhere but bfp are gone. has anyone ever had this ? after multiple relogs booster apeared. maybe something in the system. still has anyone ever had a booster disapear on them ?
  2. it says invalid client version ? never seen that one before. i have no updates pending
  3. not just me then. i logged in fine yesterday night, today all logins are succesfull but lose connection right when i enter forge.
  4. how did u get it to work? mine seemed to have stopped working 4 hours ago
  5. the updater still wont launch? we in an update? it worked fine for me earlier today
  6. same problem but i geuss they are updating been so for about an hour. worked fine for me before that. pretty sure it will pass
  7. played a game just now dced right after i got rewards (A) so happy i got to play now cant log in again to claim boosters haha the joys and sadnes in the moment i love all the work u guys put in the game keep up the good work
  8. i do believe i read that they will reset after beta yes
  9. BF is the best game there is there is no question about that but rushign it for chirstmass to but it online and it fails would be a let down so i rather have them work their best and put it when its ready wether that is christmass or next easter. aslong as i know bf will return i will wait
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