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  1. rittindentod

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello fellow Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings! I am Joel from Germany, currently 24 years old and working as a Chemical Laboratory. I want to be part of the testing Team since i heard about the project and registered on the forums few years ago. It is my dream to play Skylords again with my old and a lot of new friends i have not met yet I enjoy every part of the game, i remember myself sitting there for hours just spawning creeps in the forge and test things like damage and combos and enjoying this game at its best. Even though i did not participate in any alpha stages of any game, i played a few closed betas (e.g. Elder Scrolls online, which i still Play today; Hearthstone, etc) and lots of open betas of games and know how to focus on finding bugs/recreating them to report them as exact as possible. My daily timespan of testing would be 3-7 hours at the evening when i return from work. On Weekends i might play even more The main reason why i think i am a good candidate for this closed beta spot is because of my passion. When i am passionate about anything (and i am REALLY about Skylords) then i dedicate all my time i can spend on that thing and i will do all i can to make it succeed. No matter how you decide on my application i wish this project the best of luck and hope that we have the biggest comeback in the history of online games ever! Thanks to all people involved and all hypers My discord is Rittindentod#8584 See you guys in the forge!
  2. rittindentod

    The story behind your nick.

    Is there a Chance your actual Name is Mirijam ?
  3. rittindentod

    The story behind your nick.

    My Nick is german (Ritt in den Tod) and translates into "Ride into death" just (?) and i remember that i needed to make another Account for the game Seafight which is used to Play (kinda old browsergame by bigpoint and hella pay to win) and i came up with this Name because i knew i my ship would sink many times by the big Players Also there is no Connection between my Nickname and the movie with the same Name.
  4. rittindentod

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    I wished more Players were like you i trashtierdiamond or high plat everyone thinks he's the best and doesnt make any mistakes. I miss the times when i was better than this but now i have to get along with all those insane People. Why aren't you in my Team 4 times every game ? a sane Person with sense of logic and not being tilted from Minute 1 thats what i wish for Christmas this year mommy xD
  5. rittindentod

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    Okay so i didn't think about cleptomancy which for sure speaks for RNG. On the other Hand it got nerfed though so it's really not that powerfull early on. Additionally Ezreal has to HIT YOU with his q to proc it, meaning ist not just free loot or something. he has to "outplay" you. And even if it wasnt nerfed by now a rune doesnt make you a better Player. Or are you going to tell me cleptomancy ezreal on a Gold elo Player would win every lane against a platinum adc who doesnt Play cleptomancy ezreal ? On the firstblood part as i already mentioned above : a good Player wont feed his lane Opponent just because that one got firstblood. sure you might lose some cs, some exp and maybe the turret. But what you Forget is that you also could have help by your jungler at this Point of the time because LoL isnt a simple 1v1 game. Additionally its not "RNG" that someone gets firstblood before laning starts. its your Team misplaying if it dies to a jungle invade (for example). Now lets skip to hearthstone : As i mentioned earlier and you just stated it again you are talking about 1 single match. 1 single match that u were overrun by RNG. Even though i cannot see how the game went i am sure it wasnt impossible to Play around one or another Card (maybe not flooding the board completely etc). What i would like to Point out aswell is that unlike you said it is not a game of bigger wallet, neither of being lucky. How else would you explain to yourself that the so called pro Players Keep hitting legend every season with different decks. And now please don't say that other Players don't have to Cards to participate. they do, they just Play worse. Please Focus on your mistakes in such games rather than looking for a cheap excuse like "all rng q.q only stupid games" because thats ridiculous.
  6. rittindentod

    Is Open Beta running?

    is open beta up ?
  7. rittindentod

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    Okay so first of all it is nice to hear that you are so happy to Play battleforge/skylords when it's up but still i have a (quite negative) opinion to your post. I cut PoE and that other game u mentioned last because i dont know them very well and can only say Little about it. Anyways i wanna take a comment on your description of LoL and Hearthstone being full RNG (especially Arena in hearthstone) because i think you are just really frustrated of getting beaten by Players better than you rather than the game being full RNG 1. LoL is in my opinion little to no luck (rng) needed if you take away the matchmaking and Performance of your teammates because that's always "random". But on average your teammates also should be on an equal skilllevel to yours. New rune System (but also previous one) has nothing to do with RNG. also : you choose them yourself! so if you dont like them, Change them in a way you like them. The only Thing with the previous runes where it Comes to RNG was critchance. And lets be honest : no Champion except Tryndamere and Yasuo would run a lot of critchance. Also i dont quite understand how firstblood would win a game. A good Player could hold a lane even/Little lost when his enemy got firstblood. Then it is up to your Team (jungler) etc to Show how they perform. Firstblood basicly benefits one Player only with a good amount of starting Gold, but there are so many mistakes that can possibly be made to just make up for that, so since LoL is almost purely skillbased the better Team will win in the end no matter who got firstblood. 2. Hearthstone. I agree that there are a lot of RNG mechanics in Hearthstone. I mean the fact that it's a cardgame and you have to draw Cards makes it impossible to not have RNG in it. But wait, there's more! Once again it seems to me like you are just raging because you cant handle aggro for example or expect aggro decks to win to a good draw by control decks. If Hearthstone wasnt RNG you would win 100% of the games with the "best" deck if you are the best Player. But now it Comes to the part which i have to disagree completely with : ARENA. As a (almost only) Arena Player i wanted to let you know that a game like this could happen but it surely isnt normal. Yeah even if you picked the best Cards you could've gotten and played the best possible way it is possible to lose the match. but thats mostly the case at 9-11 wins. not at early rounds. I don't call myself a really good Player but i have experience in Arena and i manage to get 5-7 wins in almost any run. and 7 wins gives you atleast your Gold back + a "free" cardpack. What i want to say with this is that i think you are overreacting and badmouthing games that don't deserve it. It takes lots of skill to be really good in These games and if you are not good you blame it on the RNG cause that's easier for you to take than to say to yourself that you're not good enough for what you want to achieve. Take a step back and recflect on yourself if it was your Performance that lost those matches or completely RNG and you could do nothing about it like your Hands were cuffed. I think the answer is quite obvious. All in all take this more as an advice, than an Insult (because i didnt mean to Insult you) because i would tell this to everyone (if i had the time to) who complains about luck in These games. I have a lot of friends who like to complain about the enemy being lucky and i see it as the new trend instead of saying "damn, i think i missplayed this".
  8. rittindentod

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    I dont think he has to respond to every message he gets, also they stated already that they now realize that it was a mistake to Keep the People hyped with new ETAs. they just wanted to be as positive as it could be and didnt see that huge outrage coming by frustrated People. They said they want to avoid exact Dates and rather give out a large timespan in which it could be possible to release open beta. So i think they know how to Keep it going in the future.
  9. rittindentod

    ATK per second???

    If you hover over any Card you can read in the text how much a single attack deals. And the atk per 20 sec is a good combination to Display the damage and attackspeed. Also atk per 20 is a quite round number usually which is surely better than having attack values like 78 or for Units that consist out of 6 soldiers 6x7 (for example). I think atk per 20 is fine, the numbers are not too high, not too low and idk why someone has the feel that this Needs a Change.
  10. rittindentod

    Collect all cards

    Also if you counted easter egg and santa Claus as promo Cards that would be wrong. Santa will drop on Special occasions (Christmas most likely) and easter egg hast the droprate of a common Card.
  11. rittindentod

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Glad to hear you guys learned from your mistake in the end. Its a fact we have to face that concrete Dates disappoint everyone when it doesnt work out at said date. some People handle disappointment quite well, others don't. And those People who can't handle disappointment are the ones who are putting you under pressure and Insult you and whatsoever. So its best to just avoid said disappointment by not telling concrete release Dates. We are all hyped anyways I'm really happy that you made the right decision and i wish you, your health and the Project best of luck for the future, as always. Stay cool, stay HYPED and take a break when you have to
  12. rittindentod

    Cards Stats - i never understood

    As for the first Thing, i don't really know either, but S or M stands for the unit size it is strong against S = strong against S (small) Units. that means your unit deals 50% more damage to small sized Units. same goes for M, L, XL The Bow says that your unit is ranged, while a sword stands for melee.
  13. rittindentod

    Whats ur fav unit concept in BF!

    that's your answer to everything, huh :D? For me it was Enlightenment. because it always felt like playing a Joker Card that allows you to use anything you want right now. My favourite unit was the Juggernaut because of his unique Looks and his great ability.
  14. rittindentod

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    i think i had like 18 Reputation :3
  15. rittindentod


    Prices will also depend on how fast you can collect bfp with the quests. And depend on what the most People want to "Play first" if they go for a pve or pvp deck.

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