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  1. Is there a Chance your actual Name is Mirijam ?
  2. My Nick is german (Ritt in den Tod) and translates into "Ride into death" just (?) and i remember that i needed to make another Account for the game Seafight which is used to Play (kinda old browsergame by bigpoint and hella pay to win) and i came up with this Name because i knew i my ship would sink many times by the big Players Also there is no Connection between my Nickname and the movie with the same Name.
  3. I dont think he has to respond to every message he gets, also they stated already that they now realize that it was a mistake to Keep the People hyped with new ETAs. they just wanted to be as positive as it could be and didnt see that huge outrage coming by frustrated People. They said they want to avoid exact Dates and rather give out a large timespan in which it could be possible to release open beta. So i think they know how to Keep it going in the future.
  4. Glad to hear you guys learned from your mistake in the end. Its a fact we have to face that concrete Dates disappoint everyone when it doesnt work out at said date. some People handle disappointment quite well, others don't. And those People who can't handle disappointment are the ones who are putting you under pressure and Insult you and whatsoever. So its best to just avoid said disappointment by not telling concrete release Dates. We are all hyped anyways I'm really happy that you made the right decision and i wish you, your health and the Project best of luck for
  5. As for the first Thing, i don't really know either, but S or M stands for the unit size it is strong against S = strong against S (small) Units. that means your unit deals 50% more damage to small sized Units. same goes for M, L, XL The Bow says that your unit is ranged, while a sword stands for melee.
  6. R.I.P in pepperoni green Progress bars in devplatform :D

    1. Kiwi


      I hope you know they're removed as they're all 100% working and no longer need to be worked on. All that is left for us to do is Daily Quests, Anti cheat, Maps and Rank Systems.

    2. rittindentod


      I know that :) just wanted to be funny :3

    3. Ultrakool


      lol :D it was satisfying to see so many 100% bars though you are right 

  7. I don't want to really complain about it, yet i wanted to give a small info : lots of These giveaways are at around 00:00am or even 01:00am in the western european time Zone (Berlin etc.) which is really late for the People that have to go to work the next day. I know you cannot please everyone because there are People from many different timezones, but i think the majority should be in europe and would maybe appreciate if These giveaways would be an hour earlier or so.
  8. League of Legends, Might & Magic Heroes 7, Rocket League, Hearthstone On my phone i Play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.
  9. There is no Need to Insult People just because they dont share your opinion I also don't think that your idea is a good one at this Point. There is only a Little amount of People that doubt that this devteam will make it in the next months. all the others are hyped and fully supporting and Standing behind the devteam. So there is no Need to "Show off", because the ones that inform themselves already know how good they are progressing.
  10. Did you know how much extra Damage per target Artillery gains with the Lvl 3 Upgrade? Exactly, ist 48 damage per target BOOOM Hype
  11. You should read through this thread again. all your questions are already answered if you read the comments before.
  12. This surely is a good idea, however it doesn't solve the "Server stability" issue or thing but it could probably allow them to add more Players earlier
  13. I think what you are looking for is a "final answer" like a date when YOU will be able to Play. I don't think that they are able to say this at that point of time. As you already know they will add more People as time goes by, so that they can fix the most common bugs before they get 200 reports on the same issue which will just delay further development. So yeah, you and me and a lot of others will have to wait. But as i understood we are all (except for the blacklisted) able to Play in the open beta, earlier or later. And depending on how fast and successfully they can fix the bugs that on
  14. Also in Addition to what People said earlier : you really don't have to correct everyone when they say something that is slightly wrong. The more peacefully you react towards them, the faster they will calm down and be peaceful with you. I mean no Need to say that People are really annoyed by you fighting to be "right", because that has been said so often now. If you don't agree with someone you don't always have to tell them and explain yourself. And if someone responds to your question of "how do you mean that?" in a way that u can't work with, it might be better to just let it be and d
  15. Mine was most likely RittInDenTod. probably nobody will know me as i was mostly a pvp player but never made it to the top
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