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  1. BFP

    Prices will also depend on how fast you can collect bfp with the quests. And depend on what the most People want to "Play first" if they go for a pve or pvp deck.
  2. R.I.P in pepperoni green Progress bars in devplatform :D

    1. Kiwi


      I hope you know they're removed as they're all 100% working and no longer need to be worked on. All that is left for us to do is Daily Quests, Anti cheat, Maps and Rank Systems.

    2. rittindentod


      I know that :) just wanted to be funny :3

    3. Ultrakool


      lol :D it was satisfying to see so many 100% bars though you are right 

  3. Giveaways

    I don't want to really complain about it, yet i wanted to give a small info : lots of These giveaways are at around 00:00am or even 01:00am in the western european time Zone (Berlin etc.) which is really late for the People that have to go to work the next day. I know you cannot please everyone because there are People from many different timezones, but i think the majority should be in europe and would maybe appreciate if These giveaways would be an hour earlier or so.
  4. Games you play while waiting

    League of Legends, Might & Magic Heroes 7, Rocket League, Hearthstone On my phone i Play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.
  5. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    maybe this time i'm lucky x)
  6. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    There is no Need to Insult People just because they dont share your opinion I also don't think that your idea is a good one at this Point. There is only a Little amount of People that doubt that this devteam will make it in the next months. all the others are hyped and fully supporting and Standing behind the devteam. So there is no Need to "Show off", because the ones that inform themselves already know how good they are progressing.
  7. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    count me in!
  8. Game money in game The money of the game

    Not sure what you mean by this. As far as i know you wont be able to buy anything with Money in the game. You can only donate Money for the Server upkeep.
  9. PvE Teams

    I think teaming up with friends is already in the game since you can create a Lobby and invite the friends of your choice to the game. In a bigger Version like a guild this could be more exciting. I'm thinking of such things as guild battles (like a tournament between the members of 2 guilds) both guilds would for example Play the same random generated map and the guild finishing it faster wins. Of course lots of other ways of interaction are possible, that was just my quick thought on it.
  10. unit (warpriest)

    since it's a t4 Card it has Little to no Chance to be ever played in pvp. Only with maybe enlightment by pure nature.
  11. Bring back permanent Tomes

    You are right here, but don't Forget that exactly this time factor will also make it really interesting on the early days/weeks/months. Because nobody, not you or anybody else will have the perfect deck from the beginning. So casual Players, aswell as hardcore Players will Need their time to work on a functioning pvp deck and as a result you will Need to form a deck out of the Cards you start with and so do the others. Casual Players wont be overrun by fully upgraded decks in the first months. Also it was said (if i remember correctly) that the quest System will be giving you a good amount of bfp in about 1 hour a day, and some more to a Maximum of 3 hours or something. So there is no "endless grind" in Terms of getting bfp, which will also Keep the game balanced in the beginning (even for new Players and casuals)
  12. unit (warpriest)

    Are all those abilities supposed to be 0 Energy per use ? And do you mean "cooldown" by saying "Duration" ? I like the fact that u created a Kind of niche creature because the 4 shadow orbs required. This makes it rarely used but on the other Hand its abilities are strong enough to maybe reward you for going full shadow. Since i dont remember all the Cards and I haven't been a huge shadow Player myself I can hardly comment on how useful this would be in the end. But i like your ideas
  13. Bring back permanent Tomes

    I think bringing Hearthstone as an example isn't a good idea, because it isn't the way that u look at it. In hearthstone you have to grind for weeks and even months to get a decent deck if you dont want to spend real Money on the game. A decent deck in hearthstone (except for hunter) takes at least lets say 6k Dust. If you are not super lucky and get the exact Cards that you need in your Boosters you will Need to grind and do quests for a Long time. So the reason why Hearthstone isnt dead and why Battleforge wasnt dead at the start, is because of the ingame purchases. But i agree with you on the part that casual Player probably dont want to invest a lot of their ingame time in grinding. On the other Hand grinding isnt that necessary if you dont want to be a top20 pvp Player.
  14. Its the final Countdown

    Did you know how much extra Damage per target Artillery gains with the Lvl 3 Upgrade? Exactly, ist 48 damage per target BOOOM Hype
  15. Open Beta Information

    You should read through this thread again. all your questions are already answered if you read the comments before.