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  1. Puppetmaster

    What about Seasons?

    i agree but i dont agree with fortnite. now really this is a very good idea but i think it needs a little bit more then that but still we need to keep that idea in mind
  2. Puppetmaster

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    you are making a great Job. because you spend life time in a game ,thats not that much popular and only 15 k will Play it YOU ARE SPENDING LIFE IN A GAME THAT I LOVE youre the best I WAS crying when EA sayed: the Servers are gonna be shut down at the 31 october 2013 since this day i felt betrayed by EA. since those year i have a hole in my brain. since then i was bored by new popular games like star wars battlefront 2 or call of duty ww2 my first game (where i was 5 years old ) was battleforge. the game was like a friend i played it EVERY SINGLE TIME when im came from school my father bought this game in 2009, because he likes Fantasy RTS games in 2010 my father let me Play the game , it was like a Feeling what effable was 2011 my father gave me battleforge Cards. with them i could Play with friends. there were envious because those Cards looked so cool 2012 my father made a juggernaut plush. IT IS SO CUTE. and as always i was playing battleforge 2013 phenomic was dead. i thought: oh noo. but i had hope that EA that the game would become alive but EA SAYED: we shut down the Servers. i was at that Moment dead inside and played the last times battleforge. then it was gone 2014 2015 HOPE: some guys make a game called BATTLEFORGE REBORN FINALY MY HOLE IN MY BRAIN IS FILLED 2016 i heard then nothing about the game. i guess i have a hole in my brain again 2017 i joined the SKYLORD FORUMS? WAIT A TRAILER, A OPEN BETA, WHAT WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE (later i found out it was 10, 7 guys who are gonna make this project THANK YOU. THAT YOU ALL GONNA GIVE Me THIS GREAT EXPERIENCE AGAIN NOW MY FAVORITE RTS GAME IS COMEMING BACK THANK YOU SKYLORD TEAM YOURE THE BEST GUYS (and Girls) THAT YOU PUT LIFE TIME AND EFFORT IN THIS GAME AND YOURE COMMUNITY from PUPPETMASTER (and sorry for this bad Translation because im German) i have to sleep now
  3. Puppetmaster

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    get well soon and good luck with the test Greetings from germany
  4. Puppetmaster

    unit (warpriest)

    how about that this creatures that you spawn lose health over time but you can expand the time through healing
  5. Puppetmaster

    unit (warpriest)

    1.the are damage makes 500 damage and makes a push away effect wich small Units like bandits push away so small Units have no Chance on it but the area damage does not hit flying Units and the area damage is as large as the Card Eruption 2. the propthecy ability summons at least two orbs Cards,of which at least one must be shadow,which means that you can also create 4 orbs Cards, such as overlord,lost grigon or soulhunter(Bandit Version) 3. is a Xl unit and is very strong against small,middle ( and not very strong but only strong against L Units) against XL Units it is good(ok) but with Support is it very strong (Support like Dragons) extra : the abilitys cost ability 1 = 100 energy cost ability 2 = 200 energy cost ability 3 = 150 energy cost that are the official stats thank you for reminding me
  6. Puppetmaster

    unit (warpriest)

    health : 3500 damage : 2500 weapon : axe (with area damage) movement Speed : normal attack Speed : 3 seconde per beat rarity : rare typ : shadow ( four shadow orbs are needed) energy cost : 300 ability 1 : berserk : gives the warpriest a 50% attack and attack Speed boost but reduces the health by 20 % until the Phase Ends (Phase Duration 15 seconds) (ability Duration 100 seconds) ability 2 : the devil Revival : revies ALL creatures within a certain radius but may lose health every seconds but when the creatures kill an Opponent they get 10% of their lhealth back which means they can extend their lifespan.(ability Duration 330 seconds) (Phase Duration 60 seconds but you can expand the Duration) ability 3 : the prophecy : create a random shadow creature (ability Duration 180 seconds ) do you like this concept idea. is it good or bad From Puppetmaster for the community
  7. Puppetmaster

    new card (the damnation)

    i have an idea , how about a Skeleton tank passive ability : self-destruct (when the tank is destroyed it creates an Explosion that emits toxic gas into this area) ability 1 : the Skeleton tank Crew (deploys the skleton tank Crew(which Spezial Skeletons are) but if you deploy them the tank cant use the 3th ability(unless you send the Skeletons back to the tank) ability 2 : fatal shot (as a result, the tank shoots a 4 times as strong shot which also has a poison effect(poison effect: damage over time) + ability reload time 90 seconds ability 3 : artillerie-mode (as a result, the tank can shoot further than before and this Explosion will create gas mines that explode over time and halve the movement Speed of the enemy) type=shadow(three shadow orbs are needed) rarity= Rare health:3250 damage: 2500 Speed:slow attack Speed: 3,50 seconds per shot the tank Crew health:1000 attack 250 Speed: normal weapon: bows and how do you like the idea tell me your Chance to the unit or if you find it cool or bad from Puppetmaster

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