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  1. its been 6 months since i played this game but now finnaly i have enough time to play it again. Im extremly proud of you all what amount of progress you were able to make . Respect you all. Wish you all a amazing day and Good luck with school or work ect
  2. i agree but i dont agree with fortnite. now really this is a very good idea but i think it needs a little bit more then that but still we need to keep that idea in mind
  3. get well soon and good luck with the test Greetings from germany
  4. hi ThomasMann 

    i answerd your questions about the warpriest and how do you like the answers that i gave you

    i still had to worry about how good the abilitys and the damage is 

    thank you for asking me These questions. this allowed me to edit remaining Status values

    from Puppetmaster

    for the community 


    1. anonyme0273


      I think a PM would have sufficed :P 

    2. Ultrakool


      this is awesome actually

      a pm wouldnt have sufficed ;) 

    3. nielsjuh33


      hahahaha I love this


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