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  1. Gweddry

    2 - Daily quest doesn't progress

    Yep, it was definitely below 10 minutes. Did I miss something or is this requirement not mentioned anywhere?
  2. Gweddry

    2 - Daily quest doesn't progress

    NAME: Daily quest "Play a set amount of matches in any game mode" doesn't progressSEVERITY: 2LOCATION: Forge, QuestsREPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYSDESCRIPTION: The mentioned quest's progress isn't increased upon one player Battleground level 1 difficulty completion.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The quest didn't reset from yesterday (are unfinished quests supposed to keep their progress?), currently stuck at 2/3. I have completed 1 player Battleground difficulty 1 twice (first attempt with crash after pressing close in the victory window, on the second attempt forge loaded fine), yet no progress. The quest "Your daily dose of heroism" has however increased its progress appropriately with each of the games played.
  3. Gweddry

    3 - Cannot delete an empty deck

    It's fixed, thanks. Edit: On a second note, some of the deleted decks reappear now.
  4. Gweddry

    3 - Cannot delete an empty deck

    NAME: Cannot delete an empty deck SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge, Decks REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: A deck that doesn't contain any cards is impossible to delete, silent failure. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Easily fixable by adding some cards to the deck and deleting it afterwards.
  5. Gweddry

    3 - Lost all bfp

    Yep, lost all my bfp about 20 minutes ago.
  6. NAME: Cannot upgrade uncommon and rare cards SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Forge, Inventory REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS (on my account) DESCRIPTION: Any attempt to claim/purchase upgrades for uncommon or rare cards results in failure. The checkbox "click to select card for claiming" is enabled, "claim" button enabled, plays the sound on click but silently fails after. Doesn't consume any gold. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For common cards, I have been able to both claim/purchase upgrades and apply them. I wasn't able to test ultra rares because of rank restrictions.
  7. Damn it's been a while man lol I'm really looking forward to playing again, hopefully I won't be too busy when open beta launches. Also theyoutuberguy haha

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