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  1. oldblood

    new bug ?

    Thank you, did not know
  2. oldblood

    new bug ?

    Hello I tried to create a new game, "oracle", and i couldn't. When i create a solo game this appears, and i can't join a multiplayer game.
  3. oldblood

    2 - Login Error code

    i got the same problem
  4. oldblood

    Have not received account confirmation email.

    exactly the same here
  5. oldblood

    Unofficial New Faction/Cards Idea

    Be carefull with the balance, fire/frost is a faction, slow in early t2 (pvp), same of this cards my change it. Becaming a too agressive faction, with strong defence, will make it too powerfull . But really nice idea, it would improve the gameplay, the more cards, the more stratagies.
  6. oldblood

    if we could suprise the oponent

    the first idea was to be able to change your deck when you could see the first card or the name of your oponent deck. imagine if you are playing pure shadow and the name and the card that we can see tells us the deck you are using, then the oponent could react acordingly to your deck, but so do you. so it doesn't matter anymore because you could just trick the oponent.... it was stupid, my bad i'm sry
  7. oldblood

    if we could suprise the oponent

    It was really stupid sugestion i apologise for this. I wasn't in my right state of mind. And yes probably we could " show an easteregg + 19 empty deckslots.... and then put in his lost soul cards". Maybe in tournements would be nice but it's too much work to do for one case scenario. I will check Aragon's thread. Thank you for the reply everyone.
  8. oldblood

    if we could suprise the oponent

    My ideia is if in the moment of the loanding of the screen we could see the oponent deck and have the possibility to alterate our deck acording to the the deck is using. of course the adversary could do the same. it would make the macth more unpreditable. both players would have to play blingness. what's your opinion on this or is this absord? (i apologise for my english)
  9. oldblood

    Best cards in Battleforge?

    perhaps stormsinger

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