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  1. Hey Volin, thanks for the great answer. I know the term "perfect Deck" is kinda irritating and wrong. But normaly there is a core meta, and you descriped it perfectly to me. Since in BF i only played the Nature / / Nature / Shadow /frost Meta or stuff like that. With the unlimited stacking Wheels. So Batariel Core is new and interessting for me, and i saw like 20 different approches. I guess i gonna safe me up like 30-50k Bfp and start building. Only one Thing, since i need a good Coredeck for starting up, any suggestions or is my Batariel approach fair enough to get me through campaign and towards the second / third deck?
  2. Heyho guys, anyone who can show me the full meta Batariel Deck? Greetings
  3. Switching to the password tab with the "Tab-Key" seems to cause the problem as it seems
  4. Hey guys, i recieve the message, that i need to activate my account. When i get the Mail it says my account doesnt need a activation, since it is allready active. Sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum for this. Regards Omni Never mind, it just worked after i went for the contact us link.
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