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  1. Kybo

    Inflation Incoming!

    Hello. Another suggestion about a thing I completely forgot was in the original game: Tome Decks Those were paid for with BFP but removed from the game after some time and not useable with your normal collection. These could reduce the amount of BFP in the game, prevent more cards from entering the game, and make for a challenging and exciting game mode, where even new players without large collections can participate.
  2. Kybo

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    I really like ths idea. Sounds like great fun. We'd just need to make sure there are no other broken combos entering the game this way.
  3. Kybo

    Inflation Incoming!

    Greetings I'm a new player myself and I can't say anything about former prices. But as far as I can tell, boosters already make for the best BFP-sink. The BFP used to buy them is completely out of the game. If older players would receive less or no boosters from quests then they would be more incentivised to buy boosters again or buy cards from other players who in turn use the money to buy boosters. This way increasing the amount of BFP leaving the came and reducing the rate at wich new cards enter the game. Effectively reducing the rate of devaluation for both. In the end the amound of BFP entering the game should somewhat be equal to the amount leaviing the game through bought boosters. This ist what their value is tied to after all since they have no other uses.

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