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  1. I'm curious since we have all the factions designed but FIRE/ICE, what do you think there faction design would be. With Amii being buff/debuff choice I wanted to throw Ideas of what would be fire/ice big thing. This is mostly for fun and wanted to pick at peoples mind. This would be my design idea for Fire/Ice I feel with Ice and fire having more technology based units and soldiers. I feel they could be a technical unit/smaller unit focus. More focus on outputting damage with smaller aggressive units as we really lack a infantry focused faction (bandit's is about as close we get.) wi
  2. Better suggestion. Allow people to pick their dailies, but commonly picked dailies get -5 to total BFP (70 instead of 75), while low percentage ones get +10/20 (95). To get people doing stuff on advanced/expert (blight would be an good example of an instant reroll.)
  3. As the title says, bonus exp for fighting them as they're the strongest force in RPVE. They generally take longer for the same results for a way harder intro. T1->T2: Twilight windreaver x2 + large bug + ice shield aoe dude + long range dancer T2->T3: Mind controller + Angels + trees + more of the previous I'm fine with it being more annoying, but with them taking longer. Feels like it should be more rewarding. I know in RPVE1/2 it's just better to restart the map, since the time wasted isn't worth it.
  4. Death: Brain Decay: Will take life points from the corpses, up to 300. This pool will slowly drain out of combat, but it's killer (or closest target) will lose control attacking the closest enemy. (300 life points = 3 seconds). Fire: Unit gains Minor Swift (50% less speed than a normal swift unit). As they stay in combat (3 seconds) they gain a bonus 150 damage Ice: Unit builds up an ice shield for 150 hp when outside of combat. If switched the shield will last for 20 seconds. Nature: Unit gains Regeneration and gains reach Upgrade: Pay 25 energy to give them an extra 150/150, can't
  5. Generally blue ethereal storm + blue revenant for 20% + 50% damage reduciton. It's a very expensive but safety net because if you go 2xblue/2xblack you can blood heal and generally get your army in tip top shape in the middle of a fight.
  6. Every time I see someone running it on expert, I commonly see the same issue. They just have poor decks designed for it. So I'm writing a guide on how to do it since there isn't any. Map 2, can be one of the easiest maps if players know what they're doing with the right card setup. So I'm going to break it down. The first thing you will need is a proper deck. I will say there is THREE must have cards. Coldsnap + Frostbite (any color), this is to help control Viridia when she spawns in so a light blade can get into position and undaze itself (also it will save you from bad player
  7. I guess if there was a setting to turn off the ability to make your units offering immune in the settings, it'd be fine.
  8. It's a personal computer but I also host dedicated servers, this was also before the massive ram shortage so it cost me as much as getting 16GB now.
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