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  1. Perfect, i will switch it upp when i get new cards. have only played for some days so dont really have many cards yet. But i will get there! Yeah, fells like nature is a more beginner friendly but i like the bandits and its more fun with a little challange! Thank you for the help!
  2. i would like to get mine in there but its just so damn expensive for me, but i changed somethings around. so now it looks like this, what do you think?
  3. i have change my deck a bit more now, what do you guys think about this?
  4. Yeah i would love to try, as a said earlyer i'm open to play anything. i'm just a little short on cards as i just started to play. You have any tips on decks?
  5. Thank you for the tips, i made some changes right away like took away the second soulhunter and added unity. also added Rioters retreat instead of fire stalkers I need to play more to get more cards and bfps to afford buying other cards.
  6. Hello, thank you dont really know what i want to play, i'm open for anything just took the deck you start with and changed it a little bit. Yeah healing is a thing i would like to have more off thats a good idea. i will look on the market for them
  7. Hello, i just started playing the game a couple off days ago. And i would like to get some help and tips to building my first good deck. as off now i play a fire/shadow/bandits deck thats looks like this. i would just like some help to improve the deck. and tips/strategys on how to play it. I appreciate any help I can get, thanks. Xathe
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