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  1. Yes i also always got the impression that its supposed to be a flagship unit with its mechanic and heavily featured artwork/promo card, and it was a good card in general at the start. I feel like its splashability with only one frostorb required broke its neck, since it was decent in pve and a powerful stable in frost pvp, but it made the shadow frost deck overwhelmingly well rounded and strong. I also really like your Tramble mechanic idea, i can imagine an epic feel charging into a camp with 4-5 knights knocking down small and medium units and doing considerable splashdamage, us
  2. Ty for your input Xanatoss and bringing me up to date. I don't want to get to nitpicky but i'd like to talk a little bit about your brought up points. Stonekin pvp: Most meta deck lists i've seen with stonekin dont even feature lyrish knight since you have many great other options. Saying it synergises with ice barrier and burrower implies its for offensive use, but the only real synergy there is the attack buff of the lyrish knight near buildings because you also play barrier next to burrowser so you can homesoil? Thats like arguing every card that can attack synergises with ice barrier
  3. Good day everyone. I'd like to start a balance discussion around lyrish knight, i could find a recent topic related to my favourite unit in this game. A little while before the game got shut down the card got pretty heavily nerfed since it was too well rounded in pvp especially in shadow frost decks. Sadly it never really got rebalanced to a viable state as far as i can tell, except for being a niche counter to xl units in t2 pvp in combination with frostbite. I think thats a shame, since the card perfectly embodies some aspects of the spirit of the frost faction with its traits (
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