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  1. "What's it say?!?" Kapo you really know how to spice up the Contests by adding a custom map/experience. May my wildest dreams unfold! 🤩
  2. Awesome work! I love everything about the new card, beautiful artwork, cool model and interesting abilities. Thank you for sharing some of the process. It shows how much work, thought and love you put in this project. The upcomming PvP changes, especially the Happy Hour, sound interesting and might get me to play my very first PvP match 😉. Have a nice day!
  3. Thank you Kapo for this fun contest and for the detailed summary! If I should ever get kicked out of a team again for having a "too weak" deck to play on expert, I will simply send them my replay of my D12 (two common cards) Mo expert run 😄. Upwards and onwards! 🏆
  4. I absolutely agree with you! The Bandit Commander should not "resurrect" once you manage to destroy it. On the other hand, if it manages to flee through the tunnel while the Banits panic, it makes sense to me that he returns at the end, maybe even if you destroy the Raven Battleships quickly 😉. Just a thought.
  5. I really like the variety this event adds to the contests! Not being among the fastest players in the community, I see my time to shine here (potentially, he said 🙂). And I wanted to thank all the great players and staff members, who contributed to the prize pool! I appreciate it very much! Hopefully I can join your ranks one day too 😄.
  6. Awesome! So many well thought over changes in one update. Keep up the good work! As being a Dragonkin myself, I love seeing my family grow 😄
  7. These changes sound promising to me. I like that you take your time and try to view each intended change from every possible angle (PvE, rPvE, PvP) before implementing them. In my opinion it is very hard to see all the impacts on the game's balance a seemingly minor change might have before a large number of players starts useing / abusing the new effects. Keep up the good work!
  8. I do agree with the first point to increase the starter wells to 3 to get a more fluent gameplay right off the bat, which will decrease the waiting and repairing time. All the other proposed points of modification have no significant effect in my opinion. Here is why: The enemy raid party attacking and attempting to retake the Amii Elemental Node is so strong (at least on Expert Difficulty) and the space around the Nodes is so restraint, that you would have to bury well over 1'000 points of power to defend and hold one Node. The accumulation of this much power takes time, which in turn results in ever stronger enemy spawns. And in my point of view through experience the gain in enemy strength outweighs the proposed effects by far. You can test this by playing with the Wheel of Gifts in your deck and see if the effect of the Wheel is worth waiting for the power to play it. In my opinion it is not worth the wait. Simply being faster both keeps the enemy force smaller and shortens the time you have to deal with all the enemy spawns on this map. A win-win-situation 🙂. I think the mechanics of the entire map would have to be changed in order to change this situation and make other tactics more interesting. I do not see any reason for making such drastic changes. I hope this helps. Please let me know. Have a nice day, DD
  9. I do agree with point 2 to increase starter wells from 2 --> 3. This way we could have a more fluent start of the map. Points 1 and 3 are not needed in my opinion since power is sufficient from T2 onward to deal with all threats and the waves are managable on all difficulties, even with a low budget deck. Point 4 I would only add for Standard Difficulty, so new players get a better idea of what they are going to face and learn about the map. Players on higher difficulties should know what they are doing without plain view of the map 😉. Point 5 I would omit, since there is not much room to manoeuvre anyway. All I would do is move the maelstroms next to the Starter Bases' walls a little bit, so that archers on those walls do not get frozen by the maelstrom. I hope those explanations help you. Please let me know. Have a nice day, DD
  10. This is a beautiful entry level map editing opportunity. I love it!
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