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  1. Hi i thought about how the daily quests dont really effect me and allot of players who done collecting cards and i think if there would be an option (like theres an option between pvp/pve quests) to switch the value you get to gold (i think about 3000-5000 per quest would be fine) there would be more incentive for me and the players who just need to finish upgrading there cards or just having fun with reforges to hunt the daily quests.
  2. I've started playing pvp fairly recently and everytime im in the 2v2/3v3 maps i face new kind of cheese every time 🙂 if its sunderer with life weaving in t1 or war eagles with disenchant and shields/lost shades with dryad (B)+ heals in t2 or even church of negation in t3 or a random t4 unit it feels like who ever runs the most op combo wins. ofcourse you can argue this things can be countered by other cards but it always feels like who ever runs the most broken combo wins. i could be wrong about this because i dont have allot of pvp knowladge but it feels to me that 2v2/3v3 is broken in a fun way dont get me wrong but still very unbalanced
  3. i think its the attack animation when the twilight abomination attacks a ground unit he has 3 different animations that also does different amounts of dmg and with a flying unit there is a slap attack so the dmg is the same its the animation that decide what the output is i think its also depends on animation time if its shorter it will do less dmg

    shadow mage

    the change is ok just dont mountaineer it and remove the ability to knockback M units plz!
  5. Viridya and Fallen skyelf are my favorite personaly i think im the only one who gonna mention these cards here
  6. Happened to me too did you find a fix?
  7. I've played the game for a whole week and everything was fine and two days ago I tried to start the game and didn't work, I assumed it was a bug with the server and yesterday I tried to log in and didn't work again , the bug is this: I put my email and password it writes success and freezes for 1 min and then writes this I tried redownload the game tried deleting files and rextract I tried the ducoments thing and i tried in options playing on the lowest setting did anyone had this problem and fixed it pls tell me how I can do it thnx for the help
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