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  1. Very very good work, keep it up. The game is so much better now and will even get better in the future im sure. New PvE Campaign content, im hyped thats what im looking out for the most. And if you even get voice lines in to make it feel more alive, its WOW. Its a shame that no big Youtube game channels make some Videos about your game, because as now its slowly becomes a new game. Keep it up! 😉
  2. If a Twilight Abomination (spawned in the forge) attacks a ground XL unit, the unit lose around 1200 lifepoints. If it attacks a fyling XL unit, the flying unit only lose around 1000 life points. Is that a bug or a feature? Units used in the forge: Twilight Abomination (spawned from the summon enemy Tab) Overlord (Tier 3) spawns with 4000 lifepoints, after the first hit he has 2808 lifepoints left Giant Wyrm (Tier 3) spawns with 3530 lifepoints, after the first hit he has 2553 lifepoints left You can multiply the output with various ground & flying untis.
  3. Hi, i played The Soultree on expert and build 1x wheel of gift with the ability "Gift of Juvenescence" after that i spawned the normal Ravenheart card and then used the power "Reassemble the Ravens". Ravenheart gets the "Gift of Juvenescence" but the Ravenships dont, if the wheel of gift ability is cast before. If the wheel of gift ability ist cast when the Ravenships are spawned, they get the buffs. You can reproduce the bug in the forge, just build wheels, activate the ability and after that spawn the Ravenships. They will have no buffs. Also it says i cant load
  4. Hi, is there a chance that you bring skylords to steam? Would be nice attention for a "free" game. Or is it not poddible due the law?
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