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  1. Brooooooooooooo Please fix Rageflame (Blue)... Lol
  2. Taking quite a while to fix that, no? It would be really nice... Lol
  3. I would totally agree, however, when I am trying to do all of these impossible tasks of doing maps or high level rPvEs in unbalanced cheesy scenarios... I need these advantages. I am not a very good player, lol... So I kinda need that.
  4. Yikes... I don't like the breeding ground changes or shrine of war... Lol It now messed up one of my decks and now I gotta rebuild... 😞
  5. Not sure if this is a recent event as I don't play these cards often... But freezing enemies via RageFlame(Blue) and then trying to do Stone Warrior(Blue)'s ability on those frozen units no longer works. It appears that it doesn't read the targets as "frozen". Kinda destroys the synergy with these cards... Lol
  6. Honestly, I played it with a decent deck... But it was not that hard at all. lol, If anything the Expert should actually be marked as the Advanced. Usually Expert maps have stupid gimmicks just so you can beat it... Lol. I feel like calling it "Expert" will scare newcomers. 😞
  7. Aw... Why on expert? Why not make an event that's just for fun and not difficult? 😞
  8. Where do I submit? Also, is there a location on my PC where I can grab the replays?
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