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  1. Totally agree! (That aside, I guess I was poking fun at apparent popularity/running joke of Magma Hurlers as this is named "The Archer's Tournament" which SMJ cards says there are a total of 34.)
  2. Yeah, too bad this clearly is biased against Magma Hurler!
  3. So if one was to go all Shadow/Frost/Fire/Nature for the 3 different card choices/tiers, one would be able to play Tier 2 spell at T1? Does the above mean that we are only allowed to play Tier 2 spell after we cleared the respective camp and build 2nd orb and likewise build 3rd orb for Tier 3 spell? I think that seems to be the intent but confusing to me since you have your starting orb.
  4. On paper, Intel Intel HD4000 is DX11.1 and Intel UHD 630 is DX12 so they should work from that perspective... Try reading/following this:
  5. I would consider myself as one of the "nostalgia players". Now, while I saw early news of SR, I wasn't keeping tabs on it so I only joined earlier this year (I guess I am now getting closer to almost 1 year mark of joining). So at least of the balance changes that I have seen, I thought SR team was very mindful of PvE impact even as they made changes for PvP. I don't think it makes sense to do it any other way and feels to me, some just don't want any change. So how many unique players for PvE vs PvP and how many players actually play both? Just wondering if there is only a handful
  6. Power cost is just one factor but it totally matters... I don't know if it is possible but if hypothetically Enlightenment costed 0 power? Even if I don't PvP, I can see how completely broken it would be in PvP and PvE... Because you essentially you have access to any (T4 but could be lower tier) card at T3 and pretty much almost any orb beyond 3rd orb is just "throwing away power" (the only disadvantage in this scenario would be the few sec of delay from casting Enlightenment first then the card you really want to play as opposed to meeting the orb requirements and casting what you really wan
  7. Almost down to the wire last minute if anyone still want to participate in event! Pretty nice pictures there! I know I didn't expend any effort and just took one of my general PvE dekcs... *hide in shame* /jk
  8. I gave this a shot and I must agree it is easier and more forgiving than original (although I still took my time not know what exactly to expect). So I accidentally let Rogan get drawn out and went attacking camp at 3rd orb all by himself before when I was planning to. I think I might had been in deep trouble or at least would had suffered lot heavier lost on original version but things went a lot better than I expected. Like original, the only "tricky" part is keeping Rogan from attacking one thing to next until he is completely surrounded (I think it just means don't engage too e
  9. Geez... Everyone so far does so well. I think I got less than 50 cards correct on my first attempt and part of the problem is I can't spell a lot of them properly otherwise I guess I might be able to reach the 100 cards mark. Thanks! Is still fun!
  10. Depending on what you want... 4k BFP can mean a whole lot or not very much but if you aren't even sure where you are going, you probably shouldn't spend too much of it (for example: what if spend a decent chunk/all of it then you decide you want to play something else and you can no longer even play those card(s) out?). T1 Nature is slower than other starts and I think issue is Windweavers just costs more power and they aren't good 1:1 (they shine in big fights with their multi-shot ability) but still T1 Nature has no problem completing rPvE 9 at least. I think T1 Nature is pretty
  11. I agree with the reply from more experienced players than myself on that void return is important and it was covered. You may be able to get by without it for cPvE (campaign PvE) but for higher difficulty rPvE which has a hard time limit, you probably want something (unless you are going to depend on luck that other players will bring a Shrine of War, which does often happen to me but not always). First of all, I'll say I no idea if you plan on sticking to order or what you plan for 4th orb. At this point of the game, I went with Furnace of Flesh without Cultist Master
  12. Is taking me way longer than that (as usual, that is why I am stick to my in game avatar of Construct). Looking forward to seeing how others manage it to do it crazy fast and flawless (or a lot better) execution (than me). Sounds like you might be in contention for that. Good luck! Hmm... I might want to get my entry before I forget because there isn't much time left.
  13. Nice deck! I have been toying with Shadow T1 and I know for sure the problem is in the player (me). That aside, I stopped using Green Peace for a while partly to experiment with other decks and partly due to not working well with team mates. Maybe is because my double Gemeyes (with Ice Barrier and Home Soil) doesn't have the same damage output or could well be I am not placing/timing them correctly? Got any tips on Green Peace usage for 2p or 4p rPvE?
  14. Yeah, glad is just new card/driver not knowing is pushing pixels/frames way faster than is needed. As far as I know, actual HW for older features do end up on chopping block but the idea is to emulate it (by driver translation or what not) because newer HW is that much faster and that gives flexibility to change/hopefully improve HW architecture (best case is emulation is X% slower but newer HW is Y% faster and X <= Y). However if a feature does end up on CPU... depending on resolution that could easily tax CPU (e.g. ~124 million pixels/sec at 1080p 60fps). Although as said, I don't th
  15. True although I suppose for this theme maybe: FK (B)*: Help carry other, puny and helpless Skylords to victory by freezing their enemies also and making them indestructible also! *Disclaimer: I know is all fun and games here but feels like this could a tool for trolling other Skylords...
  16. Sad Grinder didn't make it into list/deck... I say that is the only reason why someone plays .
  17. Feels pretty quite lately so is nice to have an event. Managed to do a valid entry with “perfectly balanced” so I guess now the hard part... Advanced feels a lot easier than I used to remember it, maybe is all the wells get lot more juice?
  18. Welcome, enjoy, and have fun!
  19. Maybe try uploading your "_log_proxy_latest.log" (see attached image for path)? Although if you are playing on integrated graphics you might be out of luck. If you are lucky, maybe you just need to install graphics card driver and/or DX9 runtime.
  20. I spy with my little eyes a huge spooky eye just in time for Halloween! Boo! Keep up the good work! Thanks!
  21. Nor did I it was easy and in fact I am openly questioning the repeatability of such feat. You are right there is no good definition but I would roughly define that as someone with some basic knowledge of most cards and keep some tabs on market prices of cards. I can see a player with extensive knowledge and market inclined could accomplish such a feat. For example, maybe players who can do expert maps with tutorial deck could put all their early in to trading and have it snowball easily quickly. And/or buy terribly under appreciated cards which they can use while they try to flip
  22. I have played over 6 months by now and I did some light trading (typically buy low-ish and sell average-ish) but I open my daily boosters rater than sell. I should be able to get non-promo 1x collection but I have focused on getting cards I use and charges. I think I have my budget deck within a day or two and worked up from there (I still mostly use my more budget decks). Yeah there is no limit on trading so it is also possible to do this all in a day (4x + promos) but setting expectations to more repeatable by the average skill trader/player, I think 6 to 7 months feel right (may
  23. Higher power somewhere is telling me Church of Negation "is the way" (is this my 2nd random CCC draw for it?). Actually, I did find some time to attempt a last minute run with buildings only and did well enough to get Stronghold from achievement but not higher than what I submitted already (messed up late game, accidentally saved Rogan before clearing twilight camps for more points etc). Is nice when I can participate and cross out some achievement quests. Wished more people tried but nice to see some new blood. Thanks!
  24. I know I messed up a few things on what I submitted and there is another approach I want to try but not finding time and event is close to ending. Come on people (or maybe Sky creatures?), we need to unlock that sweet sweet full booster code (or we'll just get a still good but not as good mini booster code). Just do what you feel comfortable with!
  25. Was thinking along those lines but I'll stick to thinking is to test our resistance to the temptation of the shiny golden ring... um... I meant chest!
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