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  1. Taken from the PvE pdf file. "Unity - Iteration 3 - Change to only affect own-units." I think by changing the spell to prioritize your units first would be a much better change rather than that of making it "own-units". This way you can also help allies somewhere else on the map and not be selfish. If units from multiple players are clustered up, then the spell will pick as the first targets your own units, and in case you have less than the limit it can expand to other player's units.
  2. There is currently a bug where if you deploy the Incredible Mo (select the Insidious Mo Aura) and after that you use Mind Control on an enemy unit, the converted unit will maintain the debuff (Insidious Mo Aura) even though it became your unit. The weird thing is that in the Forge this does not happen, only in maps.
  3. DESCRIPTION : On the singleplayer map “MO” after the checkpoint which allows you to go for the Banzai Lord, issuing an attack ground order to MO will cause him to just move to the targeted point without attacking anyone along the way and once he reaches that point, he will stand idle even if he is attacked by enemy units. Until that checkpoint the attack ground works without any problems, Mo will attack any enemy units until he reaches the targeted point. Again this affects only MO, if he is in a group of units, issuing the attack causes every unit in the group to act normal attackin
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