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  1. The Bonus Awards: Play Solo and stay on T3 -->Don't have more than three orbs at the same time. To win this, you need to be faster than other participants in this category. (This award will only be distributed, if more than two players participate for it) What are the rules for playing solo?
  2. Can we get a clarification on Pure Decks? Viridya, Mo, Brannoc, etc. are they usable?
  3. This sounds great, for every new player that will encounter this and make it easy for them to progress through their achievements. Glad i could suggest smth useful
  4. Indeed, to keep it consistent with the achievement, it is a good and clean idea for the stars to indicate the highest difficulty won filling the prior "grey" stars/markers up until the difficulty achieved. As for the widget, it's a cool addon to it. Regarding the alignment of the stars being in a straight line and smaller, inputs a cleaner aspect and not bloated up, which is indeed the feedback that a player should get from the map/UI. As i mentioned before, the dots were just a placeholder to describe the idea (which was put together in a rush). While the dots are smaller/clean
  5. Never mind it was cleared out on discord, the repair cost of those buildings is 0.
  6. The feature itself would still be useful. I presume next time you would enter a new game/map, it will load up updated with the stats, if you played a map before.
  7. As the title reads, if you use Matter Mastery on a Tower and you start repairing that tower, you will not get the repair cost refunded to your Void Power. I know that repairing a building refunds 100% of the repair cost to your void power.
  8. As the title reads, you can lose control of your Bandit Sorceress when you are using her 'Installation" ability. How to make it occur: In a multiplayer game, if you use installation on an allied tower/building, the player who owns the building can use the ability to evacuate the Bandit Sorceress and he will gain control over her and you will lose it.
  9. I used the "Stars" system for this example as a placeholder, alot of people encounter the difficulty system in games that is pointed out by stars , self-implying that the more stars the more difficult it is. It is self explanatory that each map has 3 difficulties with this example, every colored star points out which difficulty you've done. Now as a further approach to make it easier for players, the lobby could point out the difficulty accompanied by stars as seen in the below example: As an alternate possibility, the difficulty mentioned followed by stars, t
  10. Again the "Dots" were an example, take them as placeholders, i'll sketch up a new draft for an even easier UI feedback towards the player, although my idea will have further modifications.
  11. I totally agree, i just used the book as an example
  12. Well it's self understandable, if you have only one "Dot" that means you need to play it on the next difficulty, it should be the easiest way to indicate the missing maps without too much of a fuss.
  13. At the moment the only way to find out which maps you have left to complete on a certain difficulty, is to check the achievement , but even that does not display all of them. Now looking at the indicator for a player's rank, a simple idea came up, although not sure if it's easy to implement given the limit of the development tools. When a player completes a campaign map, a small dot or any other indicator that comes to mind can be used to show his progress on that map. A clearer way of understanding the idea is in the picture below. Each map will have 3 Dots (in my example) for
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